Singer-Songwriters, Live!
live:  /lɑɪv/  adjective (of a performance) shown or broadcast to people watching or listening as it is happening, rather than being recorded to be shown or broadcast later
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Upcoming Shows, from February reaching into early July 2020

Seen at least on-line, and look promising, or know well and like them
♥♥Seen or know well enough to know they're great

About the above legend...
If I haven't given ♥s for a show, that doesn't mean I think the show won't be good, or even great... If I don't know the artist, and didn't have time to do much research about them, I'll still include them on the calendar if they definitely seem to fit into the genres I'm trying to track.

2020-03-14 (Sat)Massy Ferguson ♥ w. Lydia Ramsey ♥♥, Heels To The Hardwood ♥ [CANCELLED DUE TO COVID-19]The Tractor Tavern
2020-03-14 (Sat)Grace Potter ♥♥ w. Bailen ♥♥ [POSTPONED DUE TO COVID-19]The Showbox, Pike Place
2020-03-15 (Sun)Mary Gauthier ♥♥ w. Jaimee Harris ♥The Triple Door, Mainstage
2020-03-15 (Sun)Jamestown Revival ♥ w. Desure ♥ [POSTPONED DUE TO COVID-19]The Showbox, Pike Place
2020-03-16 (Mon)Corey Harris ♥♥ [partially seated] [CANCELLED DUE TO COVID-19]The Tractor Tavern
2020-03-16 (Mon)Adam Williams Band (album release) w. Kate Dinsmore, Nick Foster Band ♥ [CANCELLED DUE TO COVID-19]The Triple Door, Mainstage
2020-03-17 (Tue)The Paperboys ♥ [partially seated] [CANCELLED DUE TO COVID-19]The Tractor Tavern (6:30pm & 9pm)
2020-03-17 (Tue)The Warren G. Hardings ♥ [POSTPONED DUE TO COVID-19]Nectar Lounge
2020-03-18 (Wed)Frazey Ford ♥♥ w. Alec Shaw ♥ [POSTPONED DUE TO COVID-19]The Crocodile
2020-03-18 (Wed)Drive-By Truckers ♥♥ w. Kelsey Waldon ♥ [CANCELLED DUE TO COVID-19]The Showbox, Pike Place
2020-03-18 & 03-19 (Wed & Thu)Wilco ♥♥ w. Young Fresh Fellows [POSTPONED DUE TO COVID-19]The Paramount Theatre
2020-03-19 (Thu)Old Salt Union w. Simon Kornelis [CANCELLED DUE TO COVID-19]The Sunset Tavern
2020-03-19 (Thu)Danny Barnes ♥ w. Marley's Ghost ♥♥ [RESCHEDULING DUE TO COVID-19]Ballard Homestead
2020-03-20 (Fri)Wye Oak ♥ w. Lomelda [POSTPONED DUE TO COVID-19]The Crocodile
2020-03-20 (Fri)Gabriel Delayne ♥♥ w. Dravus House ♥, Larsen Gardens ♥Fremont Abbey
2020-03-21 (Sat)Warren Dunes (Julia Massey) ♥ w. The Hoot Hoots, The Salmonberries [CANCELLED DUE TO COVID-19]The Sunset Tavern
2020-03-24 (Tue)Altan ♥♥ [POSTPONED DUE TO COVID-19]Kirkland Performance Center
2020-03-24 (Tue)Jenny Don't & The Spurs w. Wildcat Rose, Mike Giacolino (of Hyways) ♥ [CANCELLED DUE TO COVID-19]The Tractor Tavern
2020-03-25 (Wed)On a Winter's Night featuring Christine Lavin, John Gorka ♥, Patty Larkin ♥, Cheryl Wheeler ♥ and Cliff Eberhardt ♥The Triple Door, Mainstage
2020-03-26 (Thu)Michigan Rattlers ♥ w. TBA [CANCELLED DUE TO COVID-19]The Tractor Tavern
2020-03-28 (Sat)Caitlin Canty with Noam Pikelny ♥♥ w. TBA [RESCHEDULED DUE TO COVID-19]Ballard Homestead
2020-03-28 (Sat)The Hackles ♥♥ w. Blackberry Bushes ♥♥The Beery House
2020-03-31 (Tue)Esme Patterson ♥♥ w. Glass BeachesFremont Abbey
2020-04-01 (Wed)Izaak Opatz ♥♥ w. Kassi Valazza ♥Conor Byrne
2020-04-01 (Wed)Jordan MacKampa ♥ w. TBAThe Tractor Tavern
2020-04-01 (Wed)Katie Pruitt ♥ w. TBAThe Sunset Tavern
2020-04-02 (Thu)Sarah Shook & The Disarmers ♥♥ w. TBAThe Tractor Tavern
2020-04-02 (Thu)Horseshoes & Hand Grenades ♥ w. The High Seagrass, Spare Rib and The Bluegrass SauceNectar Lounge
2020-04-03 (Fri)KT Kapugi ♥ w. Snowapple ♥The Beery House
2020-04-04 (Sat)Pimps of Joytime ♥♥ w. Scott Pemberton BandNectar Lounge
2020-04-04 (Sat)Peter Mulvey ♥♥ [RESCHEDULED DUE TO COVID-19]Fremont Abbey
2020-04-05 (Sun)Coach Phillips w. Olivia Awbrey ♥, Izumi GotoThe Sunset Tavern
2020-04-08 (Wed)Austin Plaine ♥ w. Anthony da Costa ♥♥The Sunset Tavern
2020-04-08 (Wed)Joe Henry: Solo & Acoustic ♥♥The Triple Door, Mainstage
2020-04-08 (Wed)Sam Bush Band w. The Travelin' McCourys ♥♥Nectar Lounge
2020-04-09 (Thu)Jesse Daniel ♥ w. Margo Cilker ♥The Tractor Tavern
2020-04-10 (Fri)Sierra Hull ♥♥Kirkland Performance Center
2020-04-10 (Fri)Nick Jaina w. Olivia Dear (Millerschin)The Beery House
2020-04-10 (Fri)Hot Tuna (Acoustic) ♥♥The Neptune Theatre
2020-04-11 (Sat)Brandy Clark ♥The Showbox, Pike Place
2020-04-11 (Sat)La Fille w. RacomaThe Auditorium (UHeights)
2020-04-12 (Sun)Sawyer Fredericks ♥♥The Triple Door, Mainstage
2020-04-13 (Mon)Dan Mangan ♥♥ w. TBAThe Tractor Tavern
2020-04-14 (Tue)Ben Watt ♥The Triple Door, Mainstage
2020-04-14 (Tue)The Round (179) w. Nick Drummond ♥, Larsen Gardens ♥ and Jaspar Lepak ♥ and w. live painter and spoken word poetFremont Abbey
2020-04-15 (Wed)Ruthie Foster ♥♥The Triple Door, Mainstage
2020-04-17 (Fri)Don McLeanKirkland Performance Center
2020-04-18 (Sat)Dan Rodriguez ♥♥ w. TBAThe Auditorium (UHeights)
2020-04-20 (Mon)Chely Wright ♥♥The Triple Door, Mainstage
2020-04-21 (Tue)Nicole Atkins ♥♥ w. TBAThe Tractor Tavern
2020-04-21 (Tue)Oh Wonder ♥ w. Winona Oak ♥The Showbox, Sodo
2020-04-23 (Thu)Mighty Oaks ♥♥The Crocodile, The Back Bar
2020-04-24 (Fri)Anna Burch ♥ w. Long BeardThe Sunset Tavern
2020-04-24 (Fri)Marisa Anderson (guitar instrumental)  ♥♥ w. Tara Jane O'Neil ♥♥, TBAFremont Abbey
2020-04-25 (Sat)Alice Boman ♥♥ w. TBAFremont Abbey
2020-04-25 & 04-27 (Sat & Mon)Two Evenings with Josh Ritter ♥♥ [BOTH NIGHTS SOLD OUT]St. Mark's Cathedral (sponsored by STG)
2020-04-30 (Thu)Kurt Vile (solo!) ♥♥ w. Cate Le Bon ♥♥The Neptune Theatre
2020-05-01 (Fri)Claude Bourbon w. Riverside ♥The Beery House
2020-05-01 (Fri)Margaret Glaspy ♥♥ w. Kate Davis ♥The Crocodile
2020-05-02 (Sat)The Secret Sisters ♥ w. Anna Tivel ♥♥The Neptune Theatre
2020-05-02 (Sat)Kuinka ♥ w. Dude YorkThe Crocodile
2020-05-03 (Sun)John McCutcheon ♥The Triple Door, Mainstage
2020-05-04 (Mon)Jill Cohn ♥The Triple Door, Musiquarium, 5pm
2020-05-04 (Mon)Sarah Harmer ♥♥The Triple Door, Mainstage
2020-05-07 (Thu)Laura Marling ♥♥Columbia City Theater
2020-05-08 (Fri)The Wailin' Jennys ♥♥Benaroya Hall
2020-05-08 (Fri)Daniel Lanois & Heavy Heart ♥♥The Neptune Theatre
2020-05-08 (Fri)Kevin Devine ♥♥ and John K. Samson ♥♥ w. WorriersColumbia City Theater
2020-05-12 (Tue)Six Organs of Admittance ♥ w. TBABarboza
2020-05-12 (Tue)Cass McCombs ♥♥ w. Steve Gunn ♥♥Neumo's
2020-05-13 (Wed)Lilly Hiatt ♥♥ w. Logan Ledger ♥♥The Sunset Tavern
2020-05-13 (Wed)John Moreland ♥♥ w. Will Johnson ♥♥The Neptune Theatre
2020-05-13 (Wed)LP ♥♥The Paramount Theatre
2020-05-14 (Thu)Basia Bulat ♥♥ w. TBAThe Sunset Tavern
2020-05-14 (Thu)Della Mae ♥ w. Maya De Vitry ♥♥Nectar Lounge
2020-05-15 (Fri)Waxahatchee ♥♥ w. MirahThe Neptune Theatre
2020-05-15 & 05-16 (Fri & Sat)Noah Gundersen ♥♥Ballard Homestead
2020-05-16 (Sat)M. Ward ♥♥ w. The Lost Brothers ♥♥The Neptune Theatre
2020-05-17 (Sun)Watkins Family Hour ♥♥The Neptune Theatre
2020-06-13 (Thu)Pretty Gritty ♥ w. Three for SilverThe Beery House
2020-06-14 (Fri)Tanya Tucker ♥♥The Showbox, Pike Place
2020-07-21 (Tue)Jason Isbell & The 400 Unit ♥♥ w. Billy Strings ♥The Paramount Theatre
2020-07-25 (Sat)Trampled By Turtles ♥♥ w. CAAMP ♥♥Marymoor Park, Redmond
2020-07-29 (Wed)The Decembrists ♥♥ w. Fruit Bats ♥♥The Paramount Theatre

Past Shows

blue backgroundDidn't find out about a show or cancellation until too late to list. I'm very sorry. 😔
Seen at least on-line, and look promising, or know well and like them
♥♥Seen or know well enough to know they're great

2020-03-12 (Thu)Robin & Linda Williams ♥ w. TBA [entirely seated (!)]The Tractor Tavern
2020-03-12 (Thu)Gill Landry ♥♥ w. TBAFremont Abbey
2020-03-11 (Wed)Patti Smith and her band ♥♥The Paramount Theatre
2020-03-11 (Wed)The Wood Brothers ♥♥ w. Birds of Chicago ♥♥ LOW TICKET ALERT (sorry for late posting)Kirkland Performance Center
2020-03-10 (Tue)The Lone Bellow ♥♥ w. Early James ♥♥The Neptune Theatre
2020-03-10 (Tue)The Round (178) w. Cumulus ♥, Glenn Haider (of Racoma) ♥ and Sarah Pasillas (of Antonioni) and w. live painter and spoken word poetFremont Abbey
2020-03-09 (Mon)Palmer T. Lee ♥♥ w. Humbird ♥♥Hotel Albatross
2020-03-08 (Sun)Vishtèn ♥The Triple Door, Mainstage
2020-03-08 (Sun)Storyhill ♥ w. Brittany Jean ♥Ballard Homestead
2020-03-08 (Sun)Amanda Shires ♥♥ w. L.A. Edwards ♥♥The Crocodile
2020-03-07 (Sat)Cathedrals XXXI Colin Hay ♥ w. TBASt. Mark's Cathedral
2020-03-07 (Sat)Christopher Paul Stelling ♥♥ w. TBAConor Byrne
2020-03-07 (Sat)Iris Dement ♥♥ w. Ana Egge ♥♥The Triple Door, Mainstage
2020-03-07 (Sat)Michaela Anne ♥ w. Asher Deaver (of Old Coast) ♥Ballard Homestead
2020-03-07 (Sat)Tomo Nakayama ♥ w. Anna Arvan (I Love You Avalanche)The Beery House
2020-03-07 (Sat)Local Songwriter Showcase featuring Carolyn Cruso, Stephanie Anne Johnson ♥♥ and Debbie Miller ♥Seattle Folklore Society
2020-03-06 (Fri)The Ballroom Thieves ♥♥ w. Harlequin Gold ♥The Crocodile
2020-03-06 (Fri)Polecat (Farewell Show) ♥Nectar Lounge
2020-03-05 (Thu)Bill Frisell: Harmony (w. Petra Haden) ♥♥The Moore Theatre
2020-02-29 (Sat)Kris Delmhorst ♥♥ w. Debbie Miller ♥Ballard Homestead
2020-02-28 (Fri)Joshua Radin ♥♥ w. Ben Kweller, William Fitzsimmons ♥The Neptune Theatre
2020-02-28 (Fri)Hollow Coves ♥Columbia City Theater
2020-02-27 & 02-28 (Thu & Fri)Robyn Hitchcock [Thursday night SOLD OUT]Fremont Abbey
2020-02-26 (Wed)Death Cab For Cutie ♥♥ w. The Black Tones ♥♥, Black Belt Eagle Scout ♥, Laura Gibson ♥♥The Showbox, Pike Place
2020-02-25 & 02-26 (Tue & Wed)Kat Edmonson ♥♥Jazz Alley
2020-02-25 (Tue)Andy Shauf ♥ w. Molly Sarle ♥♥Neumo's
2020-02-23 (Sun)Carsie Blanton ♥♥ w. TBAThe Tractor Tavern
2020-02-22 (Sat)Tall Heights ♥♥ w. Victoria Canal ♥The Tractor Tavern
2020-02-22 (Sat)The Dustbowl Revival ♥♥ w. Jared & The MillNectar Lounge
2020-02-21 (Fri)Murder By Death ♥ w. Saintseneca ♥The Neptune Theatre
2020-02-20 - 02-23 (Thu - Sun)Wintergrass ♥♥ SSWL Calendar ListingWintergrass 2020 at Hyatt Regency, Bellevue
2020-02-20 (Thu)Kathryn Claire ♥♥ w. Tekla Waterfield ♥♥, Jeff Fielder ♥♥The Royal Room
2020-02-20 (Thu)Head for the Hills w. Pixie and the Partygrass Boys ♥Nectar Lounge
2020-02-19 (Wed)Ezra Furman ♥The Crocodile
2020-02-18 (Tue)Dashboard Confessional ♥♥ w. PiebaldThe Showbox, Pike Place
2020-02-18 (Tue)Abbey Arts Presents: Cozy Winter Nights w. Zoser, Mirabai & KiddusThe Triple Door, Musiquarium, 7pm
2020-02-18 (Tue)Trout Steak Revival ♥♥ w. Pickled OkraNectar Lounge
2020-02-16 (Sun)Yola ♥♥ w. Amythyst Kiah ♥♥ [Venue Change!]The Neptune Theatre
2020-02-15 (Sat)Caitlin Sherman ♥ w. Roselit Bone, Dean Johnson ♥♥The Sunset Tavern
2020-02-14 (Fri)Eilen Jewell ♥ w. TBAThe Tractor Tavern
2020-02-14 (Fri)Fellow Pynins ♥♥ w. The Choice Wives (w. Palmer T. Lee of The Lowest Pair) ♥♥The Beery House
2020-02-14 (Fri)Dylan LeBlanc ♥♥ w. Sierra Ferrell ♥♥Barboza
2020-02-13 (Thu)Wanderers By Trade (Bob Dylan Tribute) featuring local artistsThe Clock-Out Lounge
2020-02-13 (Thu)Anna Tivel ♥♥ w. Jeffrey Martin ♥♥The Sunset Tavern
2020-02-12 (Wed)Noah Reid (singer-songwriter & actor from Schitt's Creek) ♥ [SOLD OUT]Columbia City Theater
2020-02-12 (Wed)Pinegrove ♥♥ w. LAKEThe Neptune Theatre
2020-02-12 (Wed)Jaspar Lepak Band ♥North City Bistro
2020-02-11 (Tue)Alexandra Savior ♥ w. Pearl Charles ♥Barboza
2020-02-11 (Tue)C. W. Stoneking w. Johnny7The Sunset Tavern
2020-02-11 (Tue)Abbey Arts Presents: Cozy Winter Nights w. Catherine Savage ♥, Claire Conway ♥ & Darla Rae ♥The Triple Door, Musiquarium, 7pm
2020-02-11 (Tue)The Round (177) w. Ayron Jones ♥, Damiano and Phillip Hines and w. live painter and spoken word poetFremont Abbey
2020-02-10 (Mon)The Wind and the Wave ♥ w. TBAFremont Abbey
2020-02-10 (Mon)Coach Phillips w. Whitney Ballen ♥, Sam Parkin, riifeThe Sunset Tavern
2020-02-08 (Sat)Rachel Ries / Her Crooked Heart ♥♥Seattle Folklore Society
2020-02-08 (Sat)KPH (Kaeley Pruitt-Hamm) & The Canary Collective ♥ w. Mutual Benefit, NamiFremont Abbey
2020-02-08 (Sat)Ryan McMullan ♥ w. Ken Yates ♥The Crocodile, The Back Bar
2020-02-07 (Fri)An Evening with Lucy Kaplansky ♥♥Ballard Homestead
2020-02-06 (Thu)Five Letter Word ♥Nectar Lounge
2020-02-06 (Thu)Josiah Johnson ♥♥ w. Caitlin Jemma ♥♥Conor Byrne
2020-02-05 (Wed)Loudon Wainwright III ♥Benaroya Hall
2020-02-04 (Tue)Abbey Arts Presents: Cozy Winter Nights w. Natalie Paige, Jesse Gallaway & Sandi FernandezThe Triple Door, Musiquarium, 7pm
2020-02-04 (Tue)Sinead O'Connor ♥♥ [SOLD OUT]The Neptune Theatre
2020-02-03 (Mon)Ben Ottewell & Ian Ball (of Gomez) ♥♥ w. BuddyBarboza
2020-02-01 (Sat)Kat Eggleston & Kate MacCleod ♥Seattle Folklore Society
2020-02-01 (Sat)Juliana Hatfield ♥ w. TBAThe Tractor Tavern
2020-02-01 (Sat)Fretland ♥ w. Chris King & The Gutterballs ♥, Hotel VignetteThe Sunset Tavern
2020-01-31 (Fri)Ben Lee ♥ w. Spring Summer ♥The Sunset Tavern
2020-01-30 (Thu)The New Pornographers ♥♥ w. Dianne CoffeeThe Neptune Theatre
2020-01-29 (Wed)Michael Kiwanuka ♥♥ w. Sammy Brue ♥♥The Showbox, Pike Place
2020-01-28 (Tue)Seattle Songwriter Showcase hosted by Lydia Ramsey featuring Ben Doerr (St. Paul de Vence) ♥, Tito Ramsey, JERF & Lydia Ramsey ♥♥The Tractor Tavern
2020-01-27 (Mon)Ron Pope ♥ w. Caroline Spence ♥Neumo's
2020-01-25 (Sat)Bonny Light Horseman ♥♥ w. Johanna Samuels ♥ [SOLD OUT]The Tractor Tavern
2020-01-25 (Sat)Jeremy James Meyer ♥ w. Rory Van JamesThe Beery House
2020-01-25 (Sat)Wesley Stace ♥ w. Robert Lloyd, TBAFremont Abbey
2020-01-24 (Fri)Fred Eaglesmith & Tif GinnThe Tractor Tavern
2020-01-24 (Fri)Tyler Edwards w. Craig Marker ♥, Lerin Herzer ♥Fremont Abbey
2020-01-24 (Fri)Edmund Wayne ♥ w. Bodies On the Beach ♥, Adam Williams BandThe Sunset Tavern
2020-01-24 (Fri)Brett Dennen ♥♥The Neptune Theatre
2020-01-23 (Thu)Hygge Party featuring ings ♥ w. Tomo Nakayama ♥, Sophia Duccini ♥Fremont Abbey
2020-01-23 (Thu)Eddie Berman ♥♥ w. Darci Carlson ♥The Sunset Tavern
2020-01-23 (Thu)Rhett Miller ♥ w. Mike Giacolino (of Hyways) ♥The Tractor Tavern
2020-01-23 (Thu)The Lil' Smokies ♥ w. Brent Cowles ♥The Neptune Theatre
2020-01-24 (Fri)Leif Vollebekk ♥♥ w. Rebecca FoonColumbia City Theater
2020-01-22 (Wed)Steven Dayvid McKellar (of Civil Twilight) ♥♥ w. Stevie Kin ♥♥The Tractor Tavern
2020-01-22 (Wed)Cape Disappointment w. Sandi Fernandez, Aaron SpieldnnerConor Byrne
2020-01-21 (Tue)Seattle Songwriter Showcase hosted by Lydia Ramsey featuring Eli West ♥♥, Annie Ford Band ♥, Gus Clark ♥, Alex Dunn ♥ & Lydia Ramsey ♥♥The Tractor Tavern
2020-01-19 (Sun)Chadwick Stokes & The Pintos ♥♥ w. Daniel Rodriguez (of Elephant Revival) ♥♥The Tractor Tavern
2020-01-18 (Sat)Patrick Watson ♥Neumo's
2020-01-18 (Sat)Bart Budwig ♥♥ w. Bryan John Appleby ♥, The Hackles ♥♥Ballard Homestead
2020-01-18 (Sat)4th Annual Dolly Parton Birthday Party featuring lots of great local artists [SOLD OUT]Conor Byrne
2020-01-17 (Fri)Vaudeville Etiquette ♥The Clock-Out Lounge
2020-01-17 (Fri)Danny Newcomb and The Sugarmakers ♥♥The Royal Room
2020-01-17 (Fri)Ari Hest ♥ w. Katie Kuffel ♥♥Ballard Homestead
2020-01-17 (Fri)Buck Meek ♥♥ w. Twain ♥♥, 129,600The Tractor Tavern
2020-01-16 (Thu)Jeremy James Meyer ♥ w. Gus Clark ♥, Palmer T. Lee ♥♥Hotel Albatross
2020-01-16 (Thu)Mavis Staples ♥♥Edmonds Center for the Arts
2020-01-15 (Wed)Mavis Staples ♥♥Kirkland Performance Center
2020-01-14 (Tue)The Round (176) w. Tim Wilson (of Ivan & Alyosha) ♥, Lacey Brown, Graham Travis and w. live painter and spoken word poetFremont Abbey
2020-01-04 (Sat)The Paperboys ♥ w. TBA (2 shows: 6:30pm & 9pm)The Tractor Tavern
2019-12-31 (Tue)Artists' Home NYE Celebration lots of great local artists sharing the stage! [SOLD OUT]The Tractor Tavern
2019-12-29 (Sun)The Lowdown Drifters ♥ w. Darci Carlson ♥, Santa PocoThe Tractor Tavern
2019-12-28 (Sat)Leroy Bell & His Only Friends ♥ w. Alec Shaw ♥The Tractor Tavern
2019-12-20 & 12-21 (Fri & Sat)Fruit Bats ♥♥ w. Kacey Johansing ♥ (Friday night), Cataldo ♥ (Saturday night)The Tractor Tavern
2019-12-18 (Wed)Mama Bird Records: Songwriters In the Round featuring Faustina Masigat, Haley Heynderickx ♥♥, Izaak Opatz ♥♥, KERA ♥♥, Ryan Oxford ♥ & Luka KuplowskyFremont Abbey
2019-12-17 (Tue)Willie Watson ♥♥ w. Abakis ♥Fremont Abbey
2019-12-16 (Mon)Common Holly ♥Barboza
2019-12-15 (Sun)Charlie Parr ♥♥ w. Dead Horses ♥♥The Tractor Tavern
2019-12-14 (Sat)Cathedrals XXX The Gundersen Family Christmas Show ♥♥ w. Erik Walters (of Silver Torches) ♥♥St. Mark's Cathedral
2019-12-13 - 12-15 (Fri - Sun)Brandi Carlile ♥♥ [ALL NIGHTS SOLD OUT]Benaroya Hall
2019-12-13 (Fri)Lola Kirke ♥The Sunset Tavern
2019-12-11 (Wed)Angel Olsen ♥♥ w. VagabonThe Moore Theatre
2019-12-10 (Tue)The Round (175) w. Kate Dinsmore, Beasley, Cody Kilpatrick ♥ w. live painter and spoken word poetFremont Abbey
2019-12-09 (Mon)Griffin House ♥♥The Triple Door, Mainstage
2019-12-09 (Mon)Matt KearneyKirkland Performance Center
2019-12-08 (Sun)Andrew Marling & Friends ♥♥ w. TBAThe Tractor Tavern
2019-12-06 & 12-07 (Fri & Sat)John Craigie ♥♥ w. Nicki Bluhm ♥♥The Triple Door, Mainstage
2019-12-06 (Fri)Allah-las ♥ w. Mapache ♥, Tim Hill ♥Neumo's
2019-12-06 (Fri)Stephanie Anne Johnson & The Hidogs ♥♥ w. Betsy Olson Band, Intisaar ♥The Clock-Out Lounge
2019-12-05 (Thu)An Evening w. Mike Cooley (of Drive-By Truckers) ♥♥Ballard Homestead
2019-12-04 (Wed)An Evening with Ladies (Erin Austin ♥, Lydia Ramsey ♥♥ and Miranda Zickler ♥)The Triple Door, Mainstage
2019-12-03 (Tue)Bedouine ♥The Triple Door, Mainstage
2019-11-29 - 12-01 (Fri - Sun)The Paperboys ♥The Triple Door, Mainstage
2019-11-29 (Fri)Seattle's Tribute to The Last Waltz (wonderful evening of music of The Band, performed by lots of great local bands)The Neptune Theatre
2019-11-24 (Sun)Dan BernThe Tractor Tavern
2019-11-24 (Sun)Katie Kuffel ♥♥ w. Girl Blue ♥, Kate DinsmoreThe Triple Door, Mainstage
2019-11-23 (Sat)Steel Wheels ♥ w. TBABallard Homestead
2019-11-22 (Fri)The Warren G. Hardings ♥ w. Five Letter Word ♥, Old Country Rose ♥The Tractor Tavern
2019-11-22 (Fri)JP Harris ♥ w. TBAConor Byrne
2019-11-22 (Fri)Juke Ross ♥♥Chop Suey
2019-11-22 (Fri)Blitzen Trapper ♥♥The Crocodile
2019-11-21 (Thu)An Evening w. The Tim O'Brien Band ♥♥ [Partially seated show]The Tractor Tavern
2019-11-21 (Thu)Julia Jacklin ♥♥ w. Christian Lee Hutson ♥Neumo's
2019-11-21 (Thu)Shawn James ♥♥Chop Suey
2019-11-19 (Tue)Cat Clyde ♥ w. Jeremie Albino ♥Barboza
2019-11-19 (Tue)A Night w. The Milk Carton Kids ♥♥ [SOLD OUT] The Tractor Tavern
2019-11-19 (Tue)The Paula Boggs Band ♥ Concert for Legal AidThe Triple Door, Mainstage
2019-11-16 & 11-17 (Sat & Sun)Ray LaMontagne ♥♥ w. Kacy & Clayton ♥♥The Moore Theatre
2019-11-16 (Sat)Noah Gundersen ♥♥ w. Scott Ruth ♥♥The Showbox, Pike Place
2019-11-16 (Sat)Carissa's Weird (an evening w. Matt Brooke and Jenn Champion ♥♥ [Early show SOLD OUT]Fremont Abbey, two shows: 7pm & 9:30pm
2019-11-16 (Sat)Devin Sinha ♥ w. Debbie Miller ♥The Beery House
2019-11-16 (Sat)Drew Holcomb and The Neighbors ♥♥ w. Birdtalker ♥♥The Neptune Theatre
2019-11-16 (Sat)Tyrone Wells ♥ w. Dan Rodriguez ♥♥, RIVVRS ♥The Triple Door, Mainstage
2019-11-15 (Fri)Heather Mae w. The Sweet Goodbyes ♥Fremont Abbey
2019-11-15 (Fri)The Hackles ♥♥ w. Martha Scanlan & Jon Neufeld ♥♥Ballard Homestead
2019-11-14 (Thu)Sean Hayes ♥ w. The Last Revel ♥♥The Tractor Tavern
2019-11-14 (Thu)Son Little ♥ w. Christopher Paul Stelling ♥♥The Crocodile
2019-11-13 (Wed)The Ghost of Paul Revere ♥♥ w. Ezra Bell ♥The Tractor Tavern
2019-11-13 (Wed)Tow'rsThe Sunset Tavern
2019-11-13 (Wed)Penny & Sparrow ♥ w. Lily & Madeleine ♥The Neptune Theatre
2019-11-13 (Wed)Patrick Park ♥♥Columbia City Theater
2019-11-13 (Wed)Robert Cray ♥♥Kirkland Performance Center
2019-11-12 (Tue)Vetiver ♥♥ w. TBAThe Tractor Tavern
2019-11-12 (Tue)French for Rabbits ♥ w. Coach Phillips, The Two Tides ♥The Sunset Tavern
2019-11-12 (Tue)Robert Cray ♥♥Edmonds Center for the Arts
2019-11-12 (Tue)The Round (174) w. Kevin Murphy & Jon Pontrello (of The Moondoggies ♥), Fretland ♥, Natalie Paige w. live painter and spoken word poetFremont Abbey
2019-11-11 & 11-12 (Mon & Tue)Over The Rhine ♥♥The Triple Door, Mainstage
2019-11-11 (Mon)Mary Lambert ♥ w. SassyBlack, Youth Speaks SeattleThe Neptune Theatre
2019-11-10 (Sun)Mikal Cronin ♥ w. Shannon Lay ♥♥The Tractor Tavern
2019-11-10 (Sun)Jacob Jolliff Band ♥♥ w. Mile Twelve ♥♥Nectar Lounge
2019-11-10 (Sun)Bruce Coburn ♥♥The Neptune Theatre
2019-11-10 (Sun)Roots Rising! featuring Matt Andersen ♥♥, Gaby Moreno ♥♥ and Liz Vice ♥♥The Triple Door, Mainstage
2019-11-09 (Sat)Kuinka ♥ w. TBANectar Lounge
2019-11-09 (Sat)Lucy Wainwright Roche ♥♥ w. TBABallard Homestead
2019-11-09 (Sat)Cathedrals XXVIII Peia w. Yaima, TBASt. Mark's Cathedral
2019-11-09 (Sat)Kip Moore w. Kylie MorganThe Neptune Theatre
2019-11-09 (Sat)The Building ♥ w. Heather Woods Broderick ♥♥Barboza
2019-11-09 (Sat)Little Hurricane ♥Chop Suey
2019-11-08 (Fri)Ken Stringfellow ♥♥ [shifted to Cathedrals XXVIII show, same night]Ballard Homestead
2019-11-08 (Fri)Cathedrals XXVIII Jesca Hoop ♥♥ w. Ken Stringfellow ♥♥, Chloe Foy ♥St. Mark's Cathedral
2019-11-08 (Fri)Del McCoury BandThe Triple Door, Mainstage
2019-11-07 (Thu)Dom La Nena ♥Ballard Homestead
2019-11-07 (Thu)Patrick Sweany ♥ w. TBAThe Tractor Tavern
2019-11-07 (Thu)Keller Willams' PettyGrass with The Hillbenders ♥Edmonds Center for the Arts
2019-11-06 (Wed)Bishop Briggs w. Miya Folick ♥♥, Jax AndersonThe Showbox, Pike Place
2019-11-06 (Wed)Flatland Cavalry ♥ w. Kaitlin Butts ♥The Tractor Tavern
2019-11-05 (Tue)Mt Joy ♥ w. Ages and AgesThe Showbox, Pike Place
2019-11-05 (Tue)The Brook and The BluffColumbia City Theater
2019-11-05 (Tue)Justin Townes Earle ♥♥ w. Jonny Two Bags ♥The Tractor Tavern
2019-11-04 (Mon)Richard Thompson ♥♥Edmonds Center for the Arts
2019-11-03 (Sun)Charley Crockett ♥ w. TBAThe Tractor Tavern
2019-11-03 (Sun)The Dylan Revue (Bob Dylan cover band?) w. Hamilton Boyce (of Song Sparrow Research), Russell RabutThe Sunset Tavern
2019-11-03 (Sun)An Evening with Mindy Smith ♥♥The Triple Door, Mainstage
2019-11-02 (Sat)Sylvi (EP release) w. John Van Deusen ♥, Tomo Nakayama ♥Ballard Homestead
2019-11-02 (Sat)Mick Flannery (album release show) ♥♥Fremont Abbey
2019-11-02 (Sat)San Fermin w. Pure Bathing Culture ♥Neumo's
2019-11-02 (Sat)Ian McFeron Band ♥ w. Amanda Winterhalter ♥The Triple Door, Mainstage
2019-11-02 (Sat)Warren Dunes featuring Julia Massey ♥Chop Suey
2019-11-01 & 11-02 (Fri & Sat)Reckless Kelly ♥ w. TBAThe Tractor Tavern
2019-11-01 (Fri)Massy Ferguson ♥ w. Sarah Gerritsen ♥♥The Triple Door, Mainstage
2019-11-01 (Fri)Marika Hackman ♥♥ w. Girl FridayNeumo's
2019-10-31 (Thu)Brent Cobb ♥♥ w. Hailey WhittersThe Tractor Tavern
2019-10-31 (Thu)Smooth Hound Smith ♥♥The Sunset Tavern
2019-10-30 (Wed)Cat Power ♥♥ w. SzelaThe Showbox, Pike Place
2019-10-30 (Wed)I Wish I Was A Punk Band w. Arthur James ♥, RX ♥The Sunset Tavern
2019-10-29 (Tue)Amigo The Devil ♥ w. King Dude, Twin TempleThe Tractor Tavern
2019-10-28 (Mon)Justin Peter Kinkel-Schuster ♥ w. Spencer Thomas ♥♥The Sunset Tavern
2019-10-27 (Sun)Noah Kahan ♥ w. J.P. SaxeNeumo's
2019-10-27 (Sun)The Reverend Peyton's Big Damn Band w. Brett Benton ♥The Tractor Tavern
2019-10-27 (Sun)Foy Vance ♥♥ w. Ryan McMullanThe Neptune Theatre
2019-10-26 (Sat)Big Thief ♥♥ w. PalehoundThe Moore Theatre
2019-10-26 (Sat)The Talbott Brothers ♥The Auditorium (UHeights)
2019-10-26 (Sat)Sin Fronteras w. Ben Hunter & Joe Seamons ♥♥The Beery House
2019-10-26 (Sat)Shovels & Rope ♥♥ w. John Paul White (of The Civil Wars) ♥♥The Neptune Theatre
2019-10-25 & 10-26 (Fri & Sat)The Cave Singers ♥ w. Galactic Gold (Friday), somesurprises (Saturday)The Sunset Tavern
2019-10-25 (Fri)Whitney ♥ w. LaLa LaLaThe Neptune Theatre
2019-10-25 (Fri)Chris Pureka ♥♥ and Laura Gibson ♥♥ TogetherFremont Abbey
2019-10-25 (Fri)Front Country ♥♥ w. Kate DinsmoreBallard Homestead
2019-10-25 (Fri)Heels To The Hardwood ♥ w. Old Coast ♥, Tripp Rezac & The Foolish Pride ♥The Tractor Tavern
2019-10-25 (Fri)Tyler Childers ♥♥ w. Courtney Marie Andrews ♥♥The Paramount Theatre
2019-10-24 (Thu)CAAMP ♥♥ w. The Ballroom Thieves ♥♥The Showbox, Pike Place
2019-10-24 (Thu)The Small Glories ♥ w. Jeffrey Martin ♥♥Ballard Homestead
2019-10-24 (Thu)Black Belt Eagle Scout ♥ w. Hikes, Slashed TiresThe Tractor Tavern
2019-10-24 (Thu)Kristin Chambers ♥ Kissing Ghosts Album Release w. Deep Cologne ♥, Kimo Muraki ♥♥Barboza
2019-10-23 (Wed)Dinosaur Jr w. Steve Gunn ♥♥The Showbox, Pike Place
2019-10-23 (Thu)Y La Bamba ♥Chop Suey
2019-10-23 (Thu)Matt Heckler ♥High Dive
2019-10-22 (Tue)Lucy Dacus ♥♥ w. Liza Anne ♥, Sun JuneNeumo's
2019-10-21 (Mon)Saintseneca ♥ w. Nick DelffsThe Sunset Tavern
2019-10-21 (Mon)An Evening with Kris Allen ♥♥Columbia City Theater
2019-10-21 (Mon)Americana Songwriter Night, featuring lots of great local artists. Curated by Sera CahooneThe Tractor Tavern
2019-10-20 (Sun)Oh Land ♥ w. Arthur Moon ♥Columbia City Theater
2019-10-19 (Sat)Andrew Bird ♥♥ w. Meshell NdegeocelloThe Paramount Theatre
2019-10-19 (Sat)Hozier ♥♥ w. Freya Ridings ♥♥WaMu Theater
2019-10-18 (Fri)Jade Bird ♥♥ w. Flyte ♥The Showbox, Pike Place
2019-10-18 (Fri)Son Volt ♥♥ w. Peter Bruntnell ♥The Neptune Theatre
2019-10-18 & 10-19 (Fri & Sat)The Brothers Comatose ♥♥ w. Goodnight, Texas ♥♥The Tractor Tavern
2019-10-17 (Thu)Andrew Combs ♥♥ w. Izaak Opatz ♥♥, Hyways ♥Fremont Abbey
2019-10-17 (Thu)Joe Pug ♥♥ w. American Field DayThe Tractor Tavern
2019-10-16 (Wed)Todd Snider ♥♥ w. Ramblin' Jack Elliott ♥♥The Neptune Theatre
2019-10-16 (Wed)Gabriel Wolfchild ♥ w. Caitlin Jemma ♥♥, Ian Ketterer (of Among Authors) ♥♥Ballard Homestead
2019-10-15 & 10-16 (Tue & Wed)Aldous Harding ♥♥ w. Hand Habits ♥The Tractor Tavern
2019-10-15 (Tue)An Evening w. Pete Yorn ♥The Neptune Theatre
2019-10-15 (Tue)Faye Webster ♥♥ w. Jenny O. ♥♥Barboza
2019-10-14 (Mon)Americana Songwriter Night, featuring lots of great local artists. Curated by Sera CahooneThe Tractor Tavern
2019-10-13 (Sun)Brendan James ♥Ballard Homestead
2019-10-13 (Sun)Jesse Malin ♥The Sunset Tavern
2019-10-13 (Sun)J.S. Ondara ♥♥ w. Elise Davis ♥Neumo's
2019-10-12 (Sat)Cathedrals XXVII Lemolo ♥ w. Galen Disston (of Pickwick), Brenda Xu ♥St. Mark's Cathedral
2019-10-12 (Sat)Marty O'Reilly (solo) ♥Fremont Abbey
2019-10-12(Sat)Seattle Acoustic Festival!! Tons of great local singer-songwriters! Pay-what-you-can tix!All Pilgrims Christian Church, 500 Broadway E
2019-10-11 (Fri)Molly Sarlé ♥♥The Vera Project
2019-10-11 (Fri)Daimh ♥Ballard Homestead
2019-10-11 (Fri)Joan Shelley ♥♥ w. TBAThe Auditorium (UHeights)
2019-10-11 (Fri)Cathedrals XXVI Choir! Choir! Choir! ♥♥ w. Ben Hunter & Joe Seamons ♥St. Mark's Cathedral
2019-10-11 (Fri)Nick Cave, An Evening of Talk & Music ♥The Moore Theatre
2019-10-10 & 10-11 (Thu & Fri)Hiss Golden Messenger ♥♥ w. Erin Rae ♥♥ [Friday SOLD OUT]The Tractor Tavern
2019-10-10 (Thu)Lula Wiles ♥♥ w. Cahalen Morrison ♥♥The Auditorium (UHeights)
2019-10-09 (Wed)Paul Cauthen ♥ w. Kyle Craft ♥♥Columbia City Theater
2019-10-09 (Wed)Mercury Rev & Beth Orton perform Bobbie Gentry's The Delta Sweete w. Marissa Nadler ♥The Neptune Theatre
2019-10-08 (Tue)Aaron Lee Tasjan ♥♥ w. Johnny Gallagher Jr ♥Columbia City Theater
2019-10-08 (Tue)Black Joe Lewis & The Honey Bears ♥The Tractor Tavern
2019-10-08 (Tue)Cumulus ♥ w. Proper, Coach PhillipsBarboza
2019-10-07 (Mon)Tank and the Bangas ♥ w. Adia Victoria ♥♥The Neptune Theatre
2019-10-07 (Mon)Americana Songwriter Night, featuring lots of great local artists. Curated by Sera CahooneThe Tractor Tavern
2019-10-06 (Sun)Keb' Mo' ♥♥ w. Alicia Michilli ♥The Moore Theatre
2019-10-06 (Sun)An Evening with Tom Russell ♥ [Patially seated show]The Tractor Tavern
2019-10-06 (Sun)Bailen ♥♥ w. Gracie and Rachel ♥Columbia City Theater
2019-10-05 (Sat)Stephen Kellogg ♥♥ w. Will Hoge ♥♥, Hailey Steele ♥Ballard Homestead
2019-10-05 (Sat)North Mississippi Allstars ♥♥Nectar Lounge
2019-10-05 (Sat)Amanda Winterhalter ♥ w. The Crying Shame ♥, Stephanie Anne Johnson ♥♥The Sunset Tavern
2019-10-05 (Sat)Leroy Bell ♥ w. TBAFremont Abbey
2019-10-05 (Sat)Leslie Stevens ♥♥ w. Bob Sumner ♥♥Barboza
2019-10-05 (Sat)Ruston Kelly ♥♥ w. Donovan Woods ♥♥ [SOLD OUT]The Tractor Tavern
2019-10-04 (Fri)Jonathan Wilson ♥♥ w. Josh T. Pearson ♥Fremont Abbey
2019-10-04 (Fri)Tegan and Sara ♥Benaroya, Illsley Ball Nordstrom Recital Hall
2019-10-04 (Fri)Daniel Norgren ♥♥ w. Jake Xerxes Fussell ♥♥The Neptune Theatre
2019-10-03 & 10-04 (Thu & Fri)Damien Jurado ♥♥ w. Corina Repp ♥ [both nights SOLD OUT]The Tractor Tavern
2019-10-03 & 10-04 (Thu & Fri)Boy & Bear ♥ w. Stu Larsen ♥♥ [Friday SOLD OUT]The Sunset Tavern
2019-10-03 (Thu)Rising Appalachia ♥ w. RayeThe Neptune Theatre
2019-10-03 (Thu)Darling West ♥♥The Belltown Yacht Club, Screwdriver Bar
2019-10-03 (Thu)Los Lobos ♥♥Edmonds Center for the Arts
2019-10-02 (Wed)Dodie ♥ w. Adam Melchor ♥The Showbox, Sodo
2019-10-02 (Wed)Molly Tuttle ♥♥ w. The Lowest Pair ♥♥Nectar Lounge
2019-10-02 (Wed)Barns Courtney ♥ w. The HunnaNeumo's
2019-10-02 (Wed)Robert Ellis ♥♥ w. Ian O'Neil (of Deer Tick) ♥The Sunset Tavern
2019-10-02 (Wed)Bess & Amber w. Heddwen ♥, ArtbaeConor Byrne
2019-10-02 (Wed)Los Lobos ♥♥Kirkland Performance Center
2019-10-01 (Tue)Racoma w. Wilma Laverne Miner, Whitney Ballen ♥, Nathan ReedThe Sunset Tavern
2019-10-01 (Sun)Hackensaw Boys ♥ w. Vito & The One-Eyed Jacks ♥The Tractor Tavern
2019-09-29 (Sun)Kate Tempest ♥♥The Showbox, Pike Place
2019-09-29 (Sun)Jim Kweskin & Meredith Axelrod ♥♥Seattle Folklore Society
2019-09-29 (Sun)Jason Hawk Harris ♥ w. Massy Ferguson ♥, Wonderly RoadThe Tractor Tavern
2019-09-28 (Sat)Hatchie ♥ w. Orchin [SOLD OUT]Barboza
2019-09-28 (Sat)Billy Strings ♥The Showbox, Pike Place
2019-09-28 (Sat)Jim Kweskin & Meredith Axelrod ♥♥The Royal Room
2019-09-28 (Sat)Fretland ♥ w. Bryan John Appleby ♥ [SOLD OUT]The Belltown Yacht Club, Screwdriver Bar
2019-09-27 (Fri)Jeffrey Foucault ♥♥ w. Edmund Wayne ♥Ballard Homestead
2019-09-27 (Fri)Benjamin Francis Leftwich ♥Columbia City Theater
2019-09-27 (Fri)Jaspar Lepak ♥ w. Reid Jamieson & Carolyn Mill ♥The Beery House
2019-09-26 & 09-27 (Thu & Fri)Jackie Greene ♥♥ w. The Coffis Brothers ♥♥ [Friday SOLD OUT]The Tractor Tavern
2019-09-26 (Thu)Valley Maker ♥♥ w. RainwaterThe Sunset Tavern
2019-09-26 (Thu)Cataldo ♥ w. Plastic PicnicThe Crocodile
2019-09-25 (Wed)Tom Brosseau ♥♥ w. Shelley Short ♥♥Ballard Homestead
2019-09-25 (Wed)Kristin Hersh (of Throwing Muses) Electric Trio ♥ w. Fred AbongThe Tractor Tavern
2019-09-25 (Wed)Marc Broussard ♥♥ w. Samantha FishThe Neptune Theatre
2019-09-25 (Wed)Womxn in Music, Songwriter Night featuring Beth Whitney ♥♥, Tekla Waterfield ♥♥ and several other great, local womxn singer-songwritersConor Byrne
2019-09-24 (Tue)Glen Hansard ♥♥The Moore Theatre
2019-09-24 (Tue)Matthew & The Atlas ♥♥ w. Boy Bjorn ♥The Sunset Tavern
2019-09-24 (Tue)The Suitcase Junket ♥♥ w. Tito Ramsey, TBAFremont Abbey
2019-09-22 (Sun)John Prine ♥♥ w. Amanda Shires ♥♥ [DATE CHANGE; SOLD OUT]ZooTunes
2019-09-22 (Sun)LyleColumbia City Theater
2019-09-21 (Sat)Pokey LaFarge (solo) ♥♥ w. Jack KlattBallard Homestead
2019-09-21 (Sat)Loch Lomond ♥ w. Ariana Gillis ♥♥, Samantha McKaigeFremont Abbey
2019-09-21 (Sat)SISTERS w. Super Sparkle ♥The Sunset Tavern
2019-09-20 (Fri)Peter Bradley Adams ♥♥ w. Nathaniel Talbot ♥Ballard Homestead
2019-09-20 (Fri)Andrew Duhon ♥♥ w. Avid Dancer ♥The Sunset Tavern
2019-09-19 (Thu)Nora Rothman ♥ w. Larsen Gardens ♥, Twin WhistleConor Byrne
2019-09-19 (Thu)The California Honeydrops ♥♥ w. Daniel Rodriguez ♥The Neptune Theatre
2019-09-17 (Tue)Leah Lawson ♥ w. Kaylyn Rogers, Nathan Reed, DorotheaThe Sunset Tavern
2019-09-16 (Mon)The Paper Kites ♥ w. Harrison StormThe Neptune Theatre
2019-09-15 (Sun)Rachael Yamagata ♥ w. Zach Djanikian ♥Columbia City Theater
2019-09-15 (Sun)Cape Disappointment w. Erika Lundahl ♥, Riley SkinnerHotel Albatross
2019-09-14 (Sat)Sway Wild ♥ w. TBABallard Homestead
2019-09-14 (Sat)Maggie Rogers ♥ w. Now, Now ♥WaMu Theater
2019-09-14 (Sat)Red Shahan ♥♥ w. Denver ♥The Tractor Tavern
2019-09-13 (Fri)Joseph ♥♥ w. Deep Sea Diver ♥The Showbox, Pike Place
2019-09-12 (Thu)Living Funeral w. Emily of Cross Record ♥Fremont Abbey, matinee 2pm - 4pm
2019-09-12 (Thu)Cross Record ♥ w. Adam Torres ♥♥, Aura Ruddell ♥Fremont Abbey
2019-09-11 (Wed)Katie Kuffel ♥♥ w. Kate Lynne Logan ♥, Young-ChhayleeThe Tractor Tavern
2019-09-06 (Fri)Puddle Stompers (Annie Ford & band)The Triple Door, Musiquarium (5pm)
2019-09-11 (Wed)SVER (instrumental) w. Eli West ♥♥The Triple Door, Mainstage
2019-09-10 (Tue)The Round (172) w. Alec Shaw ♥, Hailey Magee, Amsellem and w. live painter and spoken word poetFremont Abbey
2019-09-10 (Tue)The Brother Brothers ♥♥ w. Nick JainaThe Tractor Tavern
2019-09-09 (Mon)The Hooten Hallers w. Ashleigh Flynn ♥, Brett Benton ♥The Tractor Tavern
2019-09-08 (Sun)The Honeydew Drops ♥♥ w. Dravus House ♥The Tractor Tavern
2019-09-07 (Sat)Callaghan ♥♥Live at Andre's (6pm)
2019-09-07 (Sat)Mike Edel ♥ w. John Brazell ♥Fremont Abbey
2019-09-07 (Sat)House Concert with Caroline Aiken ♥♥For info and invite, please email
2019-09-07 (Sat)Lydia Ramsey ♥♥ w. Shenandoah Davis ♥, Kaylee coleThe Tractor Tavern
2019-09-06 (Fri)Jenn Champion ♥♥ w. Falon SierraThe Tractor Tavern
2019-09-06 (Fri)Cake w. Ben Folds ♥♥, Tall Heights ♥♥Marymoor Park, Redmond
2019-09-06 (Fri)Vito & The One Eyed JacksLagunitas Taproom (6pm)
2019-09-06 (Fri)Alex Dunn ♥The Triple Door, Musiquarium (5pm)
2019-09-05 (Thu)Della Mae ♥Nectar Lounge
2019-09-04 (Wed)The Mountain Goats ♥ w. Lydia Loveless ♥♥The Showbox, Pike Place
2019-09-04 (Wed)Ida Mae ♥ w. Micaiah Sawyer ♥Columbia City Theater
2019-09-04 (Wed)Erin Rae Murray ♥Lagunitas Taproom (6pm)
2019-09-03 (Tue)Seratones ♥ w. TBAThe Tractor Tavern
2019-09-03 (Tue)Julia Shapiro (of Chastity Belt) ♥ w. Darren HanlonFremont Abbey
2019-09-02 (Mon)The Posies ♥♥ [SOLD OUT]Fremont Abbey
2019-09-01 (Sun)Sunny War ♥♥ w. The Paula Boggs Band ♥The Triple Door, Mainstage
2019-09-01 (Sun)Americana Festival at Waterfront Park featuring: March To May ♥, Tobias The Owl ♥, The Local Strangers ♥, Heels To The Hardwood ♥Hot Spot Stage at Pier 58
2019-08-31 (Sat)Americana Festival at Waterfront Park featuring: Sandi Fernandez ♥, Devin Sinha ♥, Ben and Joe Band (Ben Hunter & Joe Seamons) ♥, The Lowest Pair ♥♥Hot Spot Stage at Pier 58
2019-08-29 & 08-30 (Thu & Fri)Kyle Craft ♥♥ w. Low Hums (Thursday), Caitlin Sherman (Friday) ♥The Tractor Tavern
2019-08-29 (Thu)The National ♥♥ w. Alvvays ♥♥Marymoor Park, Redmond
2019-08-28 (Wed)Molly Burch ♥ w. Jackie CohenThe Tractor Tavern
2019-08-28 (Wed)Missy Raines ♥ w. The Warren G. Hardings ♥Ballard Homestead
2019-08-27 (Tue)Tyler Lyle ♥ w. Jake Etheridge ♥♥Barboza
2019-08-25 (Sun)The Wood Brothers ♥♥ w. Colter Wall ♥ZooTunes
2019-08-24 (Sat)Seth Walker ♥♥Live at Andre's (6pm)
2019-08-24 (Sat)Peter Saputo w. Kazmyn Zercher, Gabriel WheelerFremont Abbey
2019-08-22 (Thu)Great Women of Country Tribute Series: Emmylou Harris & Gillian Welch w. a hell of a lot of great local women singer-songwriters! [Two Shows: 6:30 & 9pm]The Royal Room
2019-08-20 (Tue)The Mighty Dreadful StringbandThe Triple Door, Musiquarium
2019-08-18 (Sun)Valerie June ♥♥ w. Caitlin Jemma ♥♥The Showbox, Pike Place
2019-08-17 (Sat)Heather Maloney ♥♥ w. Dravus House ♥, Nels Andrews ♥♥Ballard Homestead
2019-08-15 (Thu)Taj Mahal ♥♥ w. Marc Cohn & The Blind Boys of Alabama ♥ZooTunes
2019-08-15 (Thu)Shamarr Allen & The Underdawgs ♥ w. TBAThe Tractor Tavern
2019-08-13 & 08-14 (Tue & Wed)Shawn Mullins ♥♥The Triple Door, Mainstage
2019-08-13 (Tue)The War and Treaty ♥♥ w. Philippe Bronchtein ♥♥The Tractor Tavern
2019-08-13 (Tue)Lukas Nelson & Promise of the Real ♥Charles Smith Wines, Jet City (sorry, could only find a FaceBook page)
2019-08-13 (Tue)The Round (171) w. Drew Martin ♥♥, Samara Jade and Ines Beltranena and w. live painter and spoken word poetFremont Abbey
2019-08-11 (Sun)Lord Huron ♥♥ w. Shakey Graves ♥♥, Julia Jacklin ♥♥Marymoor Park, Redmond
2019-08-11 (Sun)The Accidentals ♥ w. Megan Slankard ♥♥The Triple Door, Mainstage
2019-08-11 (Sun)Feist ♥♥ w. Rhye ♥ZooTunes
2019-08-10 (Sat)The Black Lillies ♥Live at Andre's (6pm)
2019-08-09 (Fri)William Clark GreenThe Tractor Tavern
2019-08-09 (Fri)Gangstagrass w. TBAFremont Abbey
2019-08-09 (Fri)Kris Orlowski ♥♥The Triple Door, Mainstage
2019-08-08 (Thu)James McMurtry ♥♥ w. Bonnie Whitmore ♥The Tractor Tavern
2019-08-07 (Wed)The Waifs ♥♥The Triple Door, Mainstage
2019-08-05 (Mon)Laura Veirs ♥♥The Royal Room
2019-08-04 (Sun)Steve Poltz ♥♥ [CANCELLED]Live at Andre's (6pm)
2019-08-04 (Sun)Town Mountain w. Laney Lou & The Bird Dogs ♥The Tractor Tavern
2019-08-02 (Fri)Lost Dog Street Band ♥ w. Matt Heckler ♥The Tractor Tavern
2019-08-01 (Thu)The Beths ♥ w. Girl Friday, Ariel ViewChop Suey
2019-08-01 (Thu)Keller Williams ♥The Triple Door, Mainstage
2019-07-30 (Tue)Mountain ManThe Crocodile
2019-07-29 & 07-30 (Mon & Tue)Broken Social Scene ♥♥The Neptune Theatre
2019-07-29 & 07-31 (Mon & Wed)Dave Alvin ♥ w. Christy McWilson ♥, Chris MillerThe Tractor Tavern
2019-07-28 (Sun)The SteelDrivers ♥♥ w. Izaak Opatz ♥♥The Tractor Tavern
2019-07-26 (Fri)Ward Davis ♥ w. TBAThe Tractor Tavern
2019-07-26 (Fri)Bradford Loomis ♥♥ w. Naomi Wachira ♥♥, Costello ♥Ballard Homestead
2019-07-26 (Fri)Tal Wilkenfeld ♥♥The Triple Door, Mainstage
2019-07-25 (Thu)Great Women of Country Tribute Series: Loretta Lynn & Tammy Wynette w. a hell of a lot of great local women singer-songwriters! [Two Shows: 6:30 & 9pm]The Royal Room
2019-07-25 (Thu)Dead Horses ♥♥ w. Mara Connor ♥The Sunset Tavern
2019-07-24 (Wed)Dylan LeBlanc ♥♥ w. Caitlin Sherman ♥The Tractor Tavern
2019-07-23 (Tue)I Draw Slow ♥♥ w. Cahalen Morrison ♥♥The Tractor Tavern
2019-07-22 (Mon)River Whyless ♥♥ w. The Hackles ♥The Triple Door, Mainstage
2019-07-21 (Sun)The Dustbowl Revival ♥♥ w. Sway Wild ♥The Tractor Tavern
2019-07-21 (Sun)The Deer ♥ w. Takenobu, Aviva le Fey ♥, Daniel Steinbock ♥Ballard Homestead
2019-07-20 (Sat)This is The Kit ♥♥ w. ings ♥ [Yikes: venue change this past week from Fremont Abbey]Ballard Homestead
2019-07-20 (Sat)Red Wanting Blue ♥Live at Andre's (6pm)
2019-07-19 (Fri)Sarah Shook & The Disarmers ♥♥ w. Wildcat Rose ♥The Tractor Tavern
2019-07-18 (Thu)Bowyn & Kelly Ash Band ♥Barboza
2019-07-13 (Sat)Red Mollies ♥♥Live at Andre's (6pm)
2019-07-13 (Sat)Hyways ♥ w. Izaak Opatz ♥♥, Dean Johnson ♥♥The Clock-Out Lounge
2019-07-13 (Sat)Cate Le Bon ♥♥ w. Conscious SummaryThe Crocodile
2019-07-12 (Fri)Bones Owens w. Racoma ♥♥The Tractor Tavern
2019-07-11 (Thu)Alex Dunn ♥ w. Gus Clark ♥, Golden RuinsThe Tractor Tavern
2019-07-10 (Wed)The Other Favorites (Josh Lee Turner & Carson McKee) ♥ w. Reina Del Cid ♥♥Columbia City Theater
2019-07-10 (Wed)The Highsteppers ♥ w. The Freams, Julia Francis ♥The Tractor Tavern
2019-07-09 (Tue)The Round (170) w. Pepper Proud ♥, Cooper Stoulil ♥, Samantha McKaige and w. live painter and spoken word poetFremont Abbey
2019-07-07 (Sun)Gabriel Wolfchild ♥, Katie Kuffel ♥, Matt Dorrien ♥, Arthur James ♥ and BrainardThe Auditorium (Uheights)
2019-07-01 (Mon)The Rolling Blackouts: Folk & other Americana in the round w. Marc Brown, Nova Devonie, Dave Keenan & Kelly Van CampThe Royal Room
2019-06-30 (Sun)Greensky Bluegrass ♥♥ZooTunes
2019-06-30 (Sun)American Aquarium ♥♥ w. Brandy Zdan ♥The Tractor Tavern
2019-06-30 (Sun)Dravus House (Elena Loper & Cooper Stoulil) ♥ w. Lili St. Anne, Mariko Ruhle ♥The Sunset Tavern
2019-06-28 (Fri)Matthew Logan Vasquez ♥ w. Walker Lukens, PR Newman ♥The Sunset Tavern
2019-06-27 (Thu)Julia Shapiro ♥ w. John AtkinsBarboza
2019-06-27 (Thu)Flatland Cavalry ♥ w. Kenny Freeman, Jaime Wyatt ♥♥The Tractor Tavern
2019-06-26 (Wed)Shinyribs ♥ w. TBAThe Tractor Tavern
2019-06-25 (Tue)Jamestown Revival ♥ w. Ian Noe ♥♥Neumo's
2019-06-25 (Tue)Futurebirds ♥ w. BaltoThe Sunset Tavern
2019-06-24 (Mon)Professor Sweater w. Stranger Scott ♥, Noah Byrd ♥, Evan DevriesThe Sunset Tavern
2019-06-23 (Sun)Josh Ritter & The Royal City Band ♥♥ w. Penny & Sparrow ♥The Moore Theatre
2019-06-23 (Sun)Rural Alberta Advantage ♥♥Chop Suey
2019-06-23 (Sun)Lucinda Williams ♥♥ w. Cass McCombs ♥♥ZooTunes
2019-06-22 (Sat)Bill Callahan ♥The Neptune Theatre
2019-06-22 (Sat)Erin Rae & The Heartbeets ♥ w. James Anaya & The Current ♥, Harrison B ♥Barboza
2019-06-22 (Sat)The Felice Brothers ♥ w. Jonathan Rice ♥♥The Tractor Tavern
2019-06-21 (Fri)Finn Andrews (of The Veils) ♥Columbia City Theater
2019-06-21 (Fri)Sera Cahoone (solo) ♥♥ w. Bryan John Appleby ♥, Lana McMullen ♥♥Fremont Abbey
2019-06-21 (Fri)The Two Tides ♥ w. Bug Hunter, Jessie Thoreson ♥Barboza
2019-06-21 (Fri)The Mondegreens ♥ w. Tango Alpha Tango ♥, The Black ChevysThe Sunset Tavern
2019-06-20 (Thu)Okkervil River ♥The Crocodile
2019-06-20 (Thu)Great Women of Country Tribute Series: Patsy Cline & Linda Rondstadt w. a hell of a lot of great local women singer-songwriters! [Two Shows: 6:30 & 9pm]The Royal Room
2019-06-19 (Wed)John Paul White (of The Civil Wars) ♥♥ w. The Prescriptions ♥The Tractor Tavern
2019-06-17 (Mon)The Rolling Blackouts: Folk & other Americana in the round w. Marc Brown, Nova Devonie, Dave Keenan & Kelly Van CampThe Royal Room
2019-06-16 (Sun)Indigo Girls ♥♥ w. Sera Cahoone ♥♥ [SOLD OUT]ZooTunes
2019-06-16 (Sun)Stephanie Anne Johnson ♥♥ w. The Junebugs ♥♥The Royal Room
2019-06-15 (Sat)Wonder w. Jean Mann ♥, Pretty Gritty ♥The Beery House
2019-06-15 (Sat)Patty Griffin ♥♥The Neptune Theatre
2019-06-15 (Sat)Lowlands ♥ w. General Mojo's ♥, Nick Foster Band ♥The Sunset Tavern
2019-06-15 (Sat)The Local Strangers ♥ w. Sarah Gerritsen & The Shadow Catchers ♥♥The Tractor Tavern
2019-06-15 (Sat)The Onlies ♥The Royal Room
2019-06-13 (Thu)Tekla Waterfield ♥ w. Tyler Edwards, Wish MissionThe Tractor Tavern
2019-06-13 (Thu)Bailen ♥♥ w. Hailey Knox ♥♥ [SHOW CANCELLED]Columbia City Theater
2019-06-12 (Wed)SOAK w. Fenne Lily ♥♥Barboza
2019-06-11 (Tue)Father John Misty ♥♥ w. Jason Isbell and The 400 Unit ♥♥, Jade Bird ♥♥Marymoor Park, Redmond
2019-06-11 (Tue)The Round (169) w. The Hackles ♥, Kara Hesse ♥, Ian Ketterer ♥ and w. live painter and spoken word poetFremont Abbey
2019-06-10 (Mon)Luluc ♥ w. Brenda Xu ♥The Tractor Tavern
2019-06-10 (Mon)The Rolling Blackouts: Folk & other Americana in the round w. Marc Brown, Nova Devonie, Dave Keenan & Kelly Van CampThe Royal Room
2019-06-09 & 06-10 (Sun & Mon)The Cowboy Junkies ♥♥The Neptune Theatre
2019-06-09 (Sun)Winetka Bowling League ♥Barboza
2019-06-08 (Sat)Danny Newcomb and The Sugarmakers ♥♥ w. Rosso Viti (Kim Durant's new thang) ♥, Love & FuryThe Clock-Out Lounge
2019-06-07 (Fri)Amanda Palmer ♥The Paramount Theatre
2019-06-05 (Wed)Foxwarren (w. Andy Shauf) ♥ w. Hannah Cohen ♥♥The Crocodile
2019-06-03 (Mon)Tim Baker (of Hey Rosetta!) ♥ w. Charlotte Cornfield ♥♥Columbia City Theater
2019-06-03 (Mon)Josiah Johnson ♥♥ w. Lenore ♥, Dean Johnson ♥♥Fremont Abbey
2019-05-31 (Fri)Pure Bathing Culture ♥Columbia City Theater
2019-05-31 (Fri)Rainbow Kitten Surprise ♥♥ w. The Greeting CommitteeThe Paramount Theatre
2019-05-30 (Thu)Brandi Carlile ♥♥ [Tix available only as 2-show purchase, both Neptune & The Gorge shows]The Neptune Theatre
2019-05-30 (Thu)Whitney Mongé ♥ w. SuperMother, Lyle ♥The Tractor Tavern
2019-05-29 (Wed)The Hasslers ♥ w. Devin Sinha ♥, The Drifter Luke ♥Barboza
2019-05-29 (Wed)The Suitcase Junket ♥♥ w. Rachel Baiman ♥♥The Tractor Tavern
2019-05-28 (Tue)Ocean Alley w. The Morning Yells ♥The Tractor Tavern
2019-05-27 (Mon)Alicia Witt ♥Barboza
2019-05-27 (Mon)Rhett Miller ♥ w. Anthony D'Amato ♥The Tractor Tavern
2019-05-26 (Sun)Bart Budwig ♥♥ w. Caitlin Jemma ♥, Katie Kuffel ♥The Beery House
2019-05-26 (Sun)The Twilight Sad w. Kathryn Joseph ♥♥The Crocodile
2019-05-25 (Sat)Rainbow Girls ♥ w. TBABallard Homestead
2019-05-24 & 05-25 (Fri & Sat)Ivan & Alyosha ♥♥ w. SISTERSThe Tractor Tavern
2019-05-23 & 05-24 (Thu & Fri)Tedeschi Trucks Band ♥♥The Paramount Theatre
2019-05-23 (Thu)World's Finest w. Great American Trainwreck, The Lowest Pair ♥♥The Tractor Tavern
2019-05-22 (Wed)The Strumbellas ♥♥The Neptune Theatre
2019-05-22 (Wed)TK & The Holy Know-Nothings w. T Sisters ♥, Izaak Opatz ♥♥The Tractor Tavern
2019-05-21 (Tue)Jenny Lewis ♥♥ w. Karl Blau ♥The Moore Theatre
2019-05-21 (Tue)Run River North ♥The Sunset Tavern
2019-05-21 (Tue)Slaid Cleaves ♥♥ [Partially Seated!]The Tractor Tavern
2019-05-20 (Mon)Elle King ♥♥ w. Barns Courtney ♥The Neptune Theatre
2019-05-19 (Sun)Art Garfunkel ♥The Moore Theatre
2019-05-19 (Sun)Reid Jamieson & Carolyn Mill ♥ [Sold Out!!]Linda & Stan's House Concerts
2019-05-18 (Sat)Picture This ♥Columbia City Theater
2019-05-17 (Fri)Three For Silver w. Rory Van James ♥The Beery House
2019-05-14 (Tue)Kevin Morby ♥♥ w. Sam Cohen ♥The Showbox, Pike Place
2019-05-14 (Tue)The Wild Reeds ♥
w. Jenny O. ♥♥
2019-05-14 (Tue)The Round (168) w. Cody Kilpatrick ♥, Limanjaya and another guest TBA and w. live painter and spoken word poetFremont Abbey
2019-05-12 (Sun)Tom Odell ♥♥ w. Lucie Silvas ♥The Neptune Theatre
2019-05-11 - 05-13 (Sat - Mon)Mac Demarco ♥The Showbox, SoDo
2019-05-11 (Sat)Jeremy Enigk ♥♥ w. Tomo Nakayama ♥Chop Suey
2019-05-11 (Sat)Craig Marker ♥ w. Tyler Edwards, Sarah Gerritsen ♥♥Fremont Abbey
2019-05-09 (Thu)Dom La Nena ♥ [CANCELLED; BEING RESCHEDULED]Ballard Homestead
2019-05-09 (Thu)The Salmonberries w. Whalien, Wrong Way at the Roundabout, The Drifter Luke ♥Columbia City Theater
2019-05-09 (Thu)Carsie Blanton ♥ w. Bhi Bhiman ♥, Lydia Ramsey ♥♥Fremont Abbey
2019-05-09 (Thu)Tekla Waterfield ♥ w. Emma Hill, Night Vines, Andrew Norsworthy ♥Ballard Homestead
2019-05-08 (Wed)Alec Shaw w. Stephanie Mae, Erin Rae (solo)Chop Suey
2019-05-05 (Sun)Henry Jamison ♥♥ w. Saint Sisters ♥♥Barboza
2019-05-04 (Sat)Mikey Mike the Rad Scientist - Matinee Family Show featuring Mikey and Matty ♥♥Fremont Abbey, 2pm
2019-05-04 (Sat)Anna Tivel Band ♥♥ w. Jeffrey Martin ♥♥, Beth Whitney Band ♥♥Ballard Homestead
2019-05-04 (Sat)Chris King & The Gutterballs ♥Barboza
2019-05-03 (Fri)Lady Lamb ♥♥The Tractor Tavern
2019-05-02 (Thu)Dan Mangan ♥♥ w. Patrick Park ♥Columbia City Theater
2019-04-30 (Tue)Arlo Guthrie ♥♥The Moore Theatre
2019-04-30 (Tue)The Palms ♥♥Columbia City Theater
2019-04-28 & 04-29 (Sun & Mon)Hayes Carll ♥♥ w. Ben Dickey ♥[Sunday Night SOLD OUT]The Tractor Tavern
2019-04-28 (Sun)Brent Cowles ♥ w. La Magistral ♥Barboza
2019-04-27 (Sat)Flock of Dimes & Madeline Kenney ♥Fremont Abbey
2019-04-27 (Sat)Ages and Ages ♥ w. Harmaleighs ♥Barboza
2019-04-27 (Sat)Lyle ♥ w. Erin Rae & The Heartbeets, Lizzie Weber ♥Ballard Homestead
2019-04-26 & 04-27 (Fri & Sat)The Lil' Smokies ♥ w. Nick Foster Band ♥ [SOLD OUT]The Tractor Tavern
2019-04-26 (Fri)Jessica Pratt ♥ w. Business of DreamsFremont Abbey
2019-04-25 (Thu)Byrne & KellyBallard Homestead
2019-04-25 (Thu)Gaelynn Lea ♥ w. Matt the Electrician ♥, John Elliott ♥Fremont Abbey
2019-04-22 (Mon)LP ♥♥The Showbox, SoDo
2019-04-22 (Mon)John Vanderslice ♥ w. Meernaa ♥The Tractor Tavern
2019-04-21 (Sun)Sawyer Fredericks ♥♥ w. Wolfchild ♥The Auditorium (Uheights)
2019-04-20 (Sat)Old Sea Brigade ♥♥Barboza
2019-04-20 (Sat)David Jacobs-Strain & Bob Beach ♥♥ w. Jeff Fielder ♥, Brett Benton ♥The Beery House
2019-04-20 (Sat)Bread and Butter ♥♥ w. The Shivas, Dean Johnson ♥♥, The Low Bar RamblersThe Tractor Tavern
2019-04-19 (Fri)Griffin House ♥♥The Auditorium (Uheights)
2019-04-19 (Fri)Home Free ♥The Moore Theatre
2019-04-19 (Fri)Horse Feathers ♥♥ w. Fretland ♥ The Hackles ♥The Tractor Tavern
2019-04-18 (Thu)Aldous Harding ♥♥ w. Yves Jarvis ♥The Tractor Tavern
2019-04-18 (Thu)Whalien w. Brainard, Noah Byrd ♥The Sunset Tavern
2019-04-17 (Wed)White Denim ♥Neumo's
2019-04-17 (Wed)Alice Merton ♥The Crocodile
2019-04-16 (Tue)Maggie Rogers ♥ w. Melanie FayeThe Showbox, SoDo
2019-04-16 (Tue)Chely Wright ♥♥ w. Kate Lynne Logan ♥♥The Tractor Tavern
2019-04-13 (Sat)Smokey Brights ♥ w. New Move, RacomaThe Tractor Tavern
2019-04-11 (Thu)The Last Revel ♥♥ w. Rory Van James ♥The Tractor Tavern
2019-04-11 (Thu)Spinster ♥ w. Brenda Xu ♥, Tekla Waterfield ♥Columbia City Theater
2019-04-10 (Wed)Shana Cleveland ♥♥Fremont Abbey
2019-04-09 (Tue)Ruby Boots ♥♥ w. Caitlin Sherman ♥The Sunset Tavern
2019-04-09 (Tue)The Round (167) w. Larsen Gardens ♥, Josh Clauson (Flowmotion), Edmund Wayne ♥ and w. live painter and spoken word poetFremont Abbey
2019-04-08 (Mon)Lennon Stella ♥The Neptune Theatre
2019-04-07 (Sun)Whitney Rose ♥ w. Devin Sinha ♥The Sunset Tavern
2019-04-06 (Sat)Blue Moon Marquee w. Faint Peter ♥The Beery House
2019-04-06 (Sat)Ginny Reilly and Avery HillSeattle Folklore Society
2019-04-06 (Sat)Dermot Kennedy ♥ w. Luca Fogale ♥The Paramount Theatre
2019-04-06 (Sat)Warren Dunes featuring Julia Massey ♥The Clock-Out Lounge
2019-04-05 (Fri)J.S. Ondara ♥♥Columbia City Theater
2019-04-04 (Thu)Karla Bonoff ♥Kirkland Performance Center
2019-04-03 (Wed)James Bay ♥ w. Noah Kahan ♥The Paramount Theatre
2019-04-02 (Tue)Jose Gonzalez & The String Theory ♥♥The Paramount Theatre
2019-04-02 (Tue)Stella Donnelly ♥♥ w. Faye Webster ♥♥, Common Holly ♥Barboza
2019-03-30 (Sat)Moira Smiley ♥Seattle Folklore Society
2019-03-30 (Sat)Donovan Woods & The Opposition ♥♥ w. Elise Davis ♥The Clock-Out Lounge
2019-03-29 (Fri)Yaquina Bay w. Mikey and Matty ♥♥The Beery House
2019-03-28 (Thu)Ramblin' Jack Elliott ♥♥ w. Katie Kuffel ♥Ballard Homestead
2019-03-28 (Thu)Susto ♥♥ w. Frances Cone ♥♥Chop Suey
2019-03-27 (Wed)Parke Ave presents RSVFree Series: Kara Hesse ♥ w. Tyler Hamilton ♥The Sunset Tavern
2019-03-26 (Tue)Mt. Joy ♥ w. Wilderado ♥The Neptune Theatre
2019-03-26 (Tue)Hand Habits ♥The Sunset Tavern
2019-03-26 (Tue)Stephen Kellogg ♥♥ w. Pete MullerThe Triple Door, Mainstage
2019-03-26 (Tue)Cass McCombs ♥♥ w. Sam Evian ♥Chop Suey
2019-03-25 (Mon)Alice Phoebe Lou ♥ w. LovelyBarboza
2019-03-23 (Sat)Low Lily ♥Seattle Folklore Society
2019-03-23 (Sat)Lily & Madeleine ♥Ballard Homestead
2019-03-23 (Sat)Sierra Hull ♥♥ w. Sam Reider (largely instrumental) ♥The Triple Door, Mainstage
2019-03-21 (Thu)Fatoumata Diawara ♥♥The Neptune Theatre
2019-03-21 (Thu)The Round (166) w. Freman ♥, Luke Francis, The Two Tides and live painter and spoken word poetFremont Abbey
2019-03-21 (Thu)Robbie Fulks ♥♥ w. Mike Giacolino (of Hyways) ♥The Tractor Tavern
2019-03-21 (Thu)Lizzie Weber ♥ w. Among Authors, Leah Lawson ♥The Sunset Tavern
2019-03-21 (Thu)Rainy Eyes (Irena Eide) ♥Lagunitas Taproom (6pm)
2019-03-20 (Wed)Lucy Spraggan w. Kate Lynne Logan ♥♥The Triple Door, Mainstage
2019-03-20 (Wed)Ben Ottewell & Ian Ball (of Gomez) ♥♥Columbia City Theater
2019-03-20 (Wed)Rainy Eyes (Irena Eide) ♥The Triple Door, Musiquarium (5pm)
2019-03-18 (Mon)The Winter Shakers w. The Two Tides, Deb Montgomery ♥♥The Sunset Tavern
2019-03-17 (Sun)William Ryan KeyBarboza
2019-03-17 (Sun)Better Oblivion Community Center (Phoebe Bridgers & Conor Oberst!!) ♥♥ w. Sloppy Jane, Christian Lee Hutson ♥ [NOTE: moved from Neumo's to The Showbox]The Showbox, Pike Place
2019-03-16 (Sat)Joe Jencks ♥Seattle Folklore Society
2019-03-16 (Sat)Marty O'Reilly & The Old Soul Orchestra w. Ben Morrison ♥♥, Tekla Waterfield ♥♥The Tractor Tavern
2019-03-16 (Sat)Lowland Hum ♥Ballard Homestead
2019-03-15 (Fri)Dar Williams ♥♥The Neptune Theatre
2019-03-15 (Fri)Shawn James ♥♥Barboza
2019-03-14 (Thu)I Draw Slow ♥♥ w. March To May ♥The Tractor Tavern
2019-03-13 & 03-14 (Wed & Thu)Ruthie Foster ♥♥ w. Nickel & Rose ♥♥The Triple Door, Mainstage
2019-03-12 (Tue)Adia Victoria ♥♥ w. Dick Stusso ♥Barboza
2019-03-11 (Mon)Tom Paxton & The DonJuans ♥The Triple Door, Mainstage
2019-03-10 (Sun)Seamus Egan Project ♥♥The Triple Door, Mainstage
2019-03-10 (Sun)Lonesome Shack ♥ w. Great Spiders, Jared PriceThe Tractor Tavern
2019-03-09 (Sat)The Queube Sisters ♥♥Barboza
2019-03-09 (Sat)Mandolin Orange ♥♥The Moore Theatre
2019-03-09 (Sat)JD Souther ♥ w. Lizzie Weber ♥The Triple Door, Mainstage
2019-03-09 (Sat)Kendl Winter ♥♥ w. Clara Baker ♥ & surprise guestThe Beery House
2019-03-09 (Sat)Rose Cousins ♥♥ w. Anna FreedmanBallard Homestead
2019-03-08 (Fri)Darlingside ♥♥ w. River Whyless ♥♥Neumo's
2019-03-08 (Fri)Steve Poltz ♥♥ w. The Sweet Lillies ♥Ballard Homestead
2019-03-08 (Fri)Wolfchild ♥ w. Nathan Reed, Nik Singleton ♥Barboza
2019-03-07 (Thu)Laura Veirs ♥♥The Tractor Tavern
2019-03-07 (Thu)Temple Canyon ♥ w. Bodies On the Beach ♥, Tellers ♥Barboza
2019-03-05 (Tue)Marissa Nadler ♥ w. Hilary WoodsThe Sunset Tavern
2019-03-04 (Mon)Anna St Lee w. Emily Scott Robinson ♥♥, Kate Lynne Logan ♥♥The Sunset Tavern
2019-03-02 (Sat)Joshua Radin + Lissie ♥♥ w. Lily Kershaw ♥♥The Neptune Theatre
2019-03-02 (Sat)Reid Jamieson & Carolyn Mill ♥Seattle Folklore Society
2019-03-02 (Sat)Bailen ♥♥ w. Julia Massey ♥Barboza
2019-03-02 (Sat)Moon Dog Stringband w. Vivian Leva ♥Ballard Homestead
2019-03-01 (Fri)Stephanie Anne Johnson ♥♥ w. Angela Soffe ♥Fremont Abbey
2019-02-28 - 03-02 (Thu - Sat)Billy Bragg ♥♥ [All 3 nights SOLD OUT 😞 ]The Tractor Tavern
2019-02-28 (Thu)John McCutcheon ♥Kirkland Performance Center
2019-02-27 (Wed)Peter Mulvey ♥♥ w. The Two TidesBallard Homestead
2019-02-27 (Wed)Mindy Gledhill ♥Fremont Abbey
2019-02-26 (Tue)Sam Amidon ♥♥ w. Sam Gendel ♥♥Fremont Abbey
2019-02-26 (Tue)Drew Martin ♥♥ w. Young-Chhaylee, BeasleyThe Sunset Tavern
2019-02-26 (Tue)Kevin Murphy & Friends (in the round) featuring Dean Johnson ♥♥ and Craig Chambers of Le Sang SongThe Tractor Tavern
2019-02-25 (Mon)Oh Pep! ♥♥Barboza
2019-02-25 (Mon)Half Waif ♥ w. Whitney Ballen ♥, PickleboyThe Sunset Tavern
2019-02-24 (Sun)H.C. McEntire (from Mount Moriah) ♥♥ w. Susy Sun ♥Barboza
2019-02-24 (Sun)Daniel Romano ♥♥The Tractor Tavern
2019-02-24 (Sun)Jayme Stone's Folklife Project ♥♥Seattle Folklore Society
2019-02-23 (Sat)Sharon Van Etten ♥♥The Neptune Theatre
2019-02-23 (Sat)Waxahatchee ♥♥ w. Bonny Doon ♥St. Mark's Cathedral (sponsored by SDG)
2019-02-21 - 02-24Wintergrass ♥♥ SSWL Calendar ListingWintergrass 2019 at Hyatt Regency, Bellevue
2019-02-22 (Fri)Eliza Rickman ♥ w. Aaron ShayThe Beery House
2019-02-22 (Fri)Kris Kristofferson & The Strangers ♥♥The Paramount Theatre
2019-02-22 (Fri)Caroline Rose ♥♥The Tractor Tavern
2019-02-21 (Thu)Cavetown ♥ [SOLD OUT]The Vera Project
2019-02-21 (Thu)Drew & Ellie Holcomb ♥The Neptune Theatre
2019-02-21 (Thu)Amy Ray and Her Band ♥♥The Tractor Tavern
2019-02-21 (Thu)Tony Furtado ♥♥ w. Ian Moore ♥Ballard Homestead
2019-02-20 (Wed)Dearly Departed w. Erika Lundahl ♥, Alexandra BlakelyThe Sunset Tavern
2019-02-19 (Tue)The Chieftains ♥♥ Benaroya Hall
2019-02-19 (Tue)Kacey Musgraves ♥♥ w. Soccer MommyThe Paramount Theatre
2019-02-19 (Tue)Miya Folick ♥Barboza
2019-02-19 (Tue)Kevin Murphy & Friends (in the round) featuring Eli & Ashley of Lake and Kevin Sur ♥The Tractor Tavern
2019-02-17 (Sun)Singer/Songwriter Showcase featuring Devin Sinha ♥, Tekla Waterfield ♥♥ and Arthur James ♥The Tractor Tavern
2019-02-17 - 02-19 (Sun - Tue)Joan Osborne Sings the Songs of Bob Dylan ♥ w. Brenda Xu ♥The Triple Door, Mainstage
2019-02-16 (Sat)The Dip w. Sons of Rainier ♥, Kate DinsmoreNeumo's
2019-02-16 (Sat)Katie Kuffel ♥ w. Matt Dorrien ♥, Caitlin Sherman ♥Ballard Homestead
2019-02-15 (Fri)Tomo Nakayama ♥ w. Lenore ♥Fremont Abbey
2019-02-15 (Fri)Leyla McCalla ♥♥The Triple Door, Mainstage
2019-02-14 (Thu)Lemolo ♥ w. OK Sweetheart, Sophia Duccini ♥Neumo's
2019-02-14 (Thu)Head For The Hills ♥ w. Cascade Crescendo ♥, Vito & The One Eyed JacksThe Tractor Tavern
2019-02-13 (Wed)Steve Gunn ♥♥ w. Meg Baird ♥The Tractor Tavern
2019-02-12 (Tue)The Round (165) w. Debbie Miller ♥, Beasley, Jaspar Lepak ♥ and live painter and spoken word poetFremont Abbey
2019-02-12 (Tue)Kevin Murphy & Friends (in the round) featuring Cumulus (solo) ♥ & Moon BaillieThe Tractor Tavern
2019-02-10 (Sun)Y La Bamba ♥ w. Tres LechesThe Tractor Tavern
2019-02-09 (Sat)Front Country ♥♥ w. The Warren G. Hardings ♥Fremont Abbey
2019-02-09 (Sat)Adrianne Lenker (of Big Thief) ♥♥ w. Luke Temple ♥The Vera Project
2019-02-09 (Sat)Turkuaz ♥♥ w. Object Heavy ♥Neumo's
2019-02-08 & 02-09 (Fri & Sat)Cowboy Junkies ♥♥The Neptune Theatre
2019-02-08 (Fri)Annie Ford Band ♥ w. Led To Sea, MelezThe Sunset Tavern
2019-02-07 (Thu)Lisa Koch Birthday Bash w. Vickie Shaw, Roxanna Ward & more!The Triple Door, Mainstage
2019-02-06 (Wed)Elizabeth Cook ♥ w. Chris Shiflett ♥, Kendell MarvelThe Triple Door, Mainstage
2019-02-05 (Tue)Richard Thompson (Electric Trio) ♥♥The Moore Theatre
2019-02-03 (Sun)Phil Lesh & The Terrapin Family Band ♥♥The Showbox
2019-02-02 (Sat)Local Songwriter Showcase w. Leslie Braly, Megan Krantz, Lucien La Motte and Chris PoageSeattle Folklore Society
2019-02-02 (Sat)Dravus House (Elena Loper & Cooper Stoulil) ♥ w. Lizzy Gundersen ♥, Gabriel DeLayne ♥Fremont Abbey
2019-02-01 (Fri)LP ♥♥The Showbox, SoDo
2019-01-31 (Thu)Gabriel Kahane ♥♥The Triple Door, Mainstage
2019-01-31 (Thu)Traceyanne and Danny ♥Barboza
2019-01-30 (Wed)An Acoustic Evening with Lyle Lovett & John Hiatt ♥♥Edmonds Center for the Arts
2019-01-29 (Tue)Willie Tea Taylor ♥♥ w. Leslie Stevens ♥♥, Bob Sumner ♥The Tractor Tavern
2019-01-29 (Tue)Daniel Champagne ♥The Triple Door, Musiquarium (5pm)
2019-01-27 (Sun)Ben Larsen ♥♥Lagunitas Taproom (4:20pm)
2019-01-27 (Sun)Eve & Day w. Craig Marker ♥, Airport StrangersThe Sunset Tavern
2019-01-27 (Sun)The Posies ♥The Triple Door, Mainstage
2019-01-27 (Sun)Lyle (w. Lana McMullen ♥♥ & Arthur James ♥) w. Kathleen Murray ♥, MaltbyThe Tractor Tavern
2019-01-26 (Sat)Amigo The Devil ♥ w. Harley PoeThe Sunset Tavern
2019-01-26 (Sat)Vaudeville Etiquette ♥Kirkland Performance Center
2019-01-26 (Sat)Emily King ♥Neumo's
2019-01-26 (Sat)The Infamous Stringdusters ♥♥The Showbox, Pike Place
2019-01-25 (Fri)Eric Bachmann ♥ w. MAITA ♥The Sunset Tavern
2019-01-25 (Fri)Jeffrey Martin ♥♥ w. Mick Flannery ♥♥Fremont Abbey
2019-01-25 (Fri)Vivian Leva & Riley Calcagno ♥♥The Royal Room
2019-01-25 (Fri)Aly Crase w. Jeremiah Craig, Shelby EasleyColumbia City Theater, Bourbon Bar
2019-01-23 (Wed)Mother Mother ♥ w. Winetka Bowling League ♥Neumo's
2019-01-22 (Tue)William Fitzsimmons ♥ w. Eddie Berman ♥♥Fremont Abbey
2019-01-22 (Tue)Wild Child ♥♥Neumo's
2019-01-20 (Sat)Colter Wall ♥The Showbox, Pike Place
2019-01-19 (Sat)Palmer T. Lee ♥♥ w. Five Letter Word ♥The Beery House
2019-01-19 (Sat)Lera Lynn ♥♥ w. Thomas DybdahlFremont Abbey
2019-01-19 (Sat)Pets w. Ashley Eriksson, ings ♥Barboza
2019-01-19 (Sat)Larry and His Flask w. Black SquareThe Tractor Tavern
2019-01-19 (Sat)Kylie Nelson ♥Neumo's
2019-01-19 (Sat)Jordan Lowe w. Columbia City Theater, Bourbon Bar
2019-01-18 (Fri)Joy Mills ♥Lagunitas Taproom (6pm)
2019-01-18 (Fri)Fruit Bats ♥♥ w. LAKEThe Tractor Tavern
2019-01-18 (Fri)The Civilians ♥Columbia City Theater
2019-01-18 (Fri)Mikey and Matty ♥♥ w. Kevin Murphy & Jon Portrello (of The Moondoggies ♥), Mindie Lind ♥, DEAN (Johnson, I think) ♥The Sunset Tavern
2019-01-17 (Thu)Yonder Mountain String Band ♥The Showbox, Pike Place
2019-01-17 (Thu)Tim Wilson (of Ivan & Alyosha) ♥, Coby BrownFremont Abbey
2019-01-16 (Wed)Nathaniel Talbot ♥♥Lagunitas Taproom (6pm)
2019-01-16 (Wed)The Dustbowl Revival ♥♥ w. Hot Club of CowtownKirkland Performance Center
2019-01-16 (Wed)John Gorka ♥ w. Debbie Miller ♥The Triple Door, Mainstage
2019-01-16 (Wed)Vicious Petals ♥ w. The Cupholders, Double or MuffinThe Tractor Tavern
2019-01-13 (Sun)Josh Tigges w. Van Andrew ♥The Sunset Tavern
2019-01-12 (Sat)Corb Lund ♥ w. Caleb Caudle ♥The Tractor Tavern
2019-01-12 (Sat)Leanne Wilkins & The Weathered w. Xolie Morra and The Strange Kind ♥, Kye Alfred Hillig ♥ Conor Byrne
2019-01-12 (Sat)Kongos ♥♥The Neptune Theatre
2019-01-11 (Fri)Silverhands ♥Lagunitas Taproom (6pm)
2019-01-11 (Fri)Shelby Earl ♥♥ w. Matty Gervais ♥The Triple Door, Mainstage
2019-01-11 (Fri)Heels To The Hardwood ♥ w. Amanda Winterhalter ♥The Tractor Tavern
2019-01-10 (Thu)Stephanie Anne Johnson ♥♥Lagunitas Taproom (6pm)
2019-01-10 (Thu)Matthew Perryman Jones ♥♥ w.  ♥♥, BeasleyBallard Homestead
2019-01-10 (Thu)Andrew Duhon ♥♥ w. Bucket of HoneyThe Tractor Tavern
2019-01-10 (Thu)Northern Thorns w. Bodies on the Beach, Sarah FeinbergThe Sunset Tavern
2019-01-09 (Wed)Faint Peter ♥Lagunitas Taproom (6pm)
2019-01-09 (Wed)Sheldon's Showcase featuring Honey Mustard ♥Conor Byrne
2019-01-09 (Wed)Jimmy Gnecco (of Ours) ♥♥ w. LEEDS (featuring Royston Langdon) ♥, Hannah GernandThe Tractor Tavern
2019-01-08 & 01-09 (Tue & Wed)Kat Edmonson ♥♥Jazz Alley
2019-01-08 (Tue)The Brother Brothers ♥♥ w. March To May ♥♥The Tractor Tavern
2019-01-08 (Tue)The Round (164) w. Miranda Zickler (of Kuinka ♥), Little Wins, Lacey Brown and live painter and spoken word poetFremont Abbey
2019-01-06 (Sun)Devin Sinha ♥Lagunitas Taproom (4:20pm)
2019-01-06 (Sun)Crow MagnetThe Sunset Tavern
2019-01-05 (Sat)Tekla Waterfield ♥♥Lagunitas Taproom (4:20pm)
2019-01-05 (Sat)Black Whales ♥♥ w. King Mammoth, The Black PlanesThe Sunset Tavern
2019-01-05 (Sat)Kelsey Sprague w. Brittany Allyson, Leah T, Natalie PaigeFremont Abbey
2019-01-04 & 01-05 (Fri & Sat)The Paperboys ♥The Tractor Tavern
2019-01-04 (Fri)Dillon Warnek ♥Lagunitas Taproom (6pm)
2019-01-04 (Fri)Scratchdog Stringband w. The High SeagrassConor Byrne
2019-01-04 (Fri)Garth Reeves B-day Bash w. Garth Reeves, Jeff Fielder ♥, Tekla Waterfield ♥ and more!The Royal Room
2019-01-04 (Fri)Young-Chhaylee w. thedrifterluke ♥, Happy HeartbreakThe Sunset Tavern
2019-01-03 - 01-06 (Thu - Sun)Los Lobos ♥♥The Triple Door, Mainstage
2019-01-03 (Thu)Zachary Warnes ♥ Our Dead Fathers ♥ Konny KindlundThe Sunset Tavern
2019-01-03 (Thu)Noah ByrdLagunitas Taproom (6pm)
2019-01-02 (Wed)Los Lobos ♥♥Kirkland Performance Center
2018-12-31 (Mon)7th Annual New Year's Eve for Artist Home w. The Moondoggies ♥, Shelby Earl ♥♥ and many moreThe Neptune Theatre
2018-12-30 (Sun)Remembering Aretha Franklin w. Stephanie Anne Johnson ♥♥, Ayesha Brooks and Melissa MontaltoThe Royal Room, 6pm & 9pm
2018-12-29 (Sat)Petty or Not: A Live Tribute to Tom Petty featuring members of Polecat, Baby Cakes, Acorn Project and more!The Tractor Tavern
2018-12-29 (Sat)Kuinka ♥ w. Dirty Revival ♥Nectar Lounge
2018-12-28 (Fri)Lindstrom & The Limit ♥ w. The Hasslers ♥, Gaby DeSpainBarboza
2018-12-28 (Fri)Grace Love ♥♥ w. Stephanie Anne Johnson ♥♥The Tractor Tavern
2018-12-26 (Wed)Trevor & Sylvie ♥The Triple Door, Musiquarium (5pm)
2018-12-22 (Sat)Cathedrals XXV The Gundersen Family ♥♥ with Whitney Ballen ♥St. Mark's Cathedral
2018-12-20 (Thu)Sera Cahoone ♥♥ w. Ashleigh Flynn ♥♥, Cumulus (solo) ♥The Tractor Tavern
2018-12-20 (Thu)LeRoy Bell - Solo acoustic benefit ♥Fremont Abbey
2018-12-19 (Wed)The Hasslers ♥Lagunitas Taproom (6pm)
2018-12-19 (Wed)Kaz Murphy, Eric Apoe and Erika Lundahl ♥Conor Byrne
2018-12-19 (Wed)Joe Kye & Sophie LippertFremont Abbey
2018-12-18 (Tue)Bernhoft ♥♥ w. Moorea Masa & The Mood ♥The Tractor Tavern
2018-12-16 (Sun)Logan Mize ♥ w. Keelan Donovan ♥The Tractor Tavern
2018-12-15 & 12-16 (Sat & Sun)Cults ♥ w. Munya [Sat. show SOLD OUT]Barboza
2018-12-15 (Sat)Scratchdog StringbandLagunitas Taproom (4:20pm)
2018-12-15 (Sat)Kurt Vile & The Violators ♥♥ w. Jessica Pratt ♥The Moore Theatre
2018-12-15 (Sat)Kendl Winter ♥♥ w. Anna Gordon ♥The Beery House
2018-12-15 (Sat)Led To Sea w. Betsy Olson Band ♥, Rae!The Royal Room
2018-12-15 (Sat)Go Janes w. storyteller AuntmamaSeattle Folklore Society
2018-12-15 (Sat)Tor Miller ♥ w. Marcel, Graham Norwood ♥The Sunset Tavern
2018-12-14 & 12-15 (Fri & Sat)the Maldives ♥ and The Moondoggies ♥ w. Widower ♥♥The Tractor Tavern
2018-12-13 & 12-14 (Thu & Fri)Patterson Hood (of Drive By Truckers) ♥♥Fremont Abbey
2018-12-13 (Thu)Justin Townes Earle ♥♥ w. Caitlin Sherman ♥The Tractor Tavern
2018-12-13 (Thu)Emma Ruth Rundle ♥ w. Jaye JayleBarboza
2018-12-13 (Thu)Appalachian Christmas: Mark O'Connor Band ♥♥The Moore Theatre
2018-12-12 (Wed)Haerts ♥♥Columbia City Theater
2018-12-12 (Wed)Amanda Winterhalter ♥ w. thedrifterluke ♥, Joy Mills ♥The Sunset Tavern
2018-12-11 (Tue)The Round (163) w. Chris Staples ♥♥, Mega Bog ♥, Levi Gillis and live painter and spoken word poetFremont Abbey
2018-12-10 (Mon)Ezra Furman ♥The Crocodile
2018-12-10 (Mon)Chris Pureka ♥♥ w. Lana McMullen ♥♥Fremont Abbey
2018-12-08 & 12-09 (Sat & Sun)Shakey Graves ♥♥ w. KOLARS [Both shows SOLD OUT!]The Neptune Theatre
2018-12-08 (Sat)Sean Rowe ♥♥ w. Girl Blue ♥The Sunset Tavern
2018-12-08 (Sat)Carrie Akre - Greatest Hits ♥♥ w. Danny Newcomb & The Sugarmakers ♥, TBAThe Tractor Tavern
2018-12-08 (Sat)Tom Waits Tribute hosted by Vicious Petals ♥Conor Byrne
2018-12-07 (Fri)Advance Base w. Lisa/LizaBarboza
2018-12-07 (Fri)Bart Budwig ♥♥ w. Planes On Paper ♥♥, MAITA ♥Conor Byrne
2018-12-07 (Fri)Roseanne Cash ♥♥The Moore Theatre
2018-12-07 (Fri)POLECAT Yuletide Celebration w. Cascade Crescendo ♥, Pickled Okra & Bluesy SantaNectar Lounge
2018-12-06 (Thu)The California Honeydrops ♥♥ ["SOUL-ED" OUT 😞 ]The Tractor Tavern
2018-12-06 (Thu)Valley Maker ♥♥ w. ings ♥Barboza
2018-12-06 (Thu)Andy Shauf ♥Columbia City Theater
2018-12-06 (Thu)Whitey Morgan ♥ w. Alex Williams ♥Neumo's
2018-12-05 (Wed)Micah Subar w. Mike Sampson, Amanda Winterhalter ♥Conor Byrne
2018-12-03 (Mon)Elvis Costello & The Imposters ♥♥The Paramount Theatre
2018-12-02 (Sun)Sarah O'DeaLagunitas Taproom (4:20pm)
2018-12-02 (Sun)Alec Benjamin w. Kyle Nicolaides ♥The Crocodile
2018-12-01 (Sat)Nick Foster ♥Lagunitas Taproom (4:20pm)
2018-12-01 (Sat)Mavis Staples ♥♥The Moore Theatre
2018-12-01 (Sat)Young-Chhaylee w. Harrison BBarboza
2018-12-01 (Sat)Heels To The Hardwood ♥Conor Byrne
2018-11-30 (Fri)Owen ♥♥ w. Fred ThomasBarboza
2018-11-30 (Sat)Wes Youssi, The Rainieros, Simon KornelisConor Byrne
2018-11-29 & 11-30 (Thu & Fri)John Craigie ♥♥ w. Anna Tivel ♥♥The Triple Door, Mainstage
2018-11-29 (Thu)Neko Case ♥♥ w. DestroyerThe Paramount Theatre
2018-11-29 (Thu)Willie Watson ♥♥ w. Charlie Parr ♥♥The Tractor Tavern
2018-11-29 (Thu)Hannah Mayree ♥ w. Strong Sun Moon ♥Fremont Abbey
2018-11-28 (Wed)Ryan Montbleau w. Eric Tollefson ("partially seated" show!)The Tractor Tavern
2018-11-26 (Mon)Corey Harper + XYLØ w. Gavin HaleyBarboza
2018-11-24 (Sat)The Tallest Man On Earth ♥♥The Neptune Theatre
2018-11-24 (Sat)Julien Baker ♥♥, Phoebe Bridgers ♥♥ & Lucy Dacus ♥ (all together!)The Moore Theatre
2018-11-24 (Sat)Joe Jencks ♥ w. Kat Eggleston ♥The Beery House
2018-11-24 (Sat)Tobias The Owl w. Sojourn Soul, Jeremiah CraigConor Byrne
2018-11-23 - 11-25 (Fri - Sun)The Paperboys ♥The Triple Door, Mainstage
2018-11-23 (Fri)Ball of Wax Vol. 54 featuring Cupholders, Zachary Warnes ♥, The Daphnes, Kevin Sur ♥Conor Byrne
2018-11-18 (Sun)Joey Landreth Trio w. Roman ClarkeThe Auditorium (Uheights)
2018-11-17 (Sat)Caitlin Canty ♥♥ w. Peter Bradley Adams ♥♥Ballard Homestead
2018-11-16 (Fri)Blitzen Trapper ♥♥The Crocodile
2018-11-16 (Fri)Florist ♥ w. TBAThe Auditorium (Uheights)
2018-11-16 (Fri)Debbie Miller ♥ w. Tomo Nakayama ♥, Brenda Xu ♥Fremont Abbey
2018-11-15 (Thu)Dermot Kennedy ♥The Neptune Theatre
2018-11-15 (Thu)Horseshoes & Hand Grenades ♥ w. T Sisters ♥♥The Tractor Tavern
2018-11-14 (Wed)Rufus Wainwright ♥♥ w. Rachel EckrothThe Moore Theatre
2018-11-14 (Wed)The Deep Dark Woods ♥♥ w. Kacy & Clayton ♥, Dean Johnson ♥♥The Tractor Tavern
2018-11-14 (Wed)Steady Holiday ♥The Sunset Tavern
2018-11-13 (Tue)The Artisanals ♥♥ w. TBAThe Tractor Tavern
2018-11-13 (Tue)The Round (162) w. Maiah Wynne ♥♥, J.R. Rhodes, Claire Conway ♥ and live painter and spoken word poetFremont Abbey
2018-11-12 (Mon)Sunny SweeneyThe Sunset Tavern
2018-11-11 (Sun)Ruston Kelly ♥♥ w. Katie Pruitt ♥The Sunset Tavern
2018-11-11 (Sun)Donna the Buffalo ♥ w. Raye Zaragoza ♥The Tractor Tavern
2018-11-10 (Sat)West My Friend ♥ w. The Pine Hearts ♥The Beery House
2018-11-10 (Sat)Jesse Sykes & Phil Wandscher ♥♥Ballard Homestead
2018-11-10 (Sat)Kip Moore w. Jordan Davis ♥ & Jillian Jacqueline ♥♥The Paramount Theatre
2018-11-10 (Sat)William Clark Green w. Flatland Cavalry ♥The Tractor Tavern
2018-11-09 (Fri)Lucy Kaplansky ♥♥Ballard Homestead
2018-11-09 (Fri)The Wind and the Wave ♥♥Columbia City Theater
2018-11-09 (Fri)Kevin Sur & Andrew Joslyn with The Passenger String Quartet ♥ w. Mikey and Matty ♥♥, Sarah Gerritsen & The Shadow Catchers ♥♥Ballard Homestead
2018-11-08 (Thu)The Devil Makes Three ♥The Showbox, Pike Place
2018-11-08 (Thu)Dead Horses ♥♥ w. Benjamin Jaffe (of HoneyHoney) ♥The Sunset Tavern
2018-11-08 (Thu)Mr. and Mrs. Muffins w. The Winter Shakers, Alessandra RoseBallard Homestead
2018-11-05 (Mon)Songwriter's Circle presented by Jack Tempchin & Keith Harkin ♥♥Columbia City Theater
2018-11-04 (Sun)Joan Baez: Fare Thee Well Tour ♥♥ Benaroya Hall
2018-11-04 (Sun)Karl Blau ♥ w. The Easy Leaves ♥, Gus Clark ♥The Tractor Tavern
2018-11-03 (Sat)Cathedrals XXIV Laura Gibson ♥♥ (album release) w. Horse Feathers ♥♥, TakenobuSt. Mark's Cathedral
2018-11-03 (Sat)Tyler Childers ♥♥ w. Blank Range ♥♥The Neptune Theatre
2018-11-03 (Sat)Young in the City ♥♥ w. Duke Evers, Crooked LooksThe Tractor Tavern
2018-11-02 & 11-03 (Fri & Sat)Greensky Bluegrass ♥♥ w. The Li'l' Smokies ♥♥The Showbox, Pike Place
2018-11-02 (Fri)Cathedrals XXIII Leroy Bell ♥, Clinton Fearon, Whitney Mongé ♥, Sarah ClarkeSt. Mark's Cathedral
2018-11-01 (Thu)The Milk Carton Kids ♥♥ w.The Barr Brothers ♥♥The Showbox, Pike Place
2018-11-01 (Thu)Birdtalker ♥♥ Braison CyrusThe Tractor Tavern
2018-10-31 (Wed)Mitski w. Jessica Lea Mayfield ♥♥The Showbox, Sodo
2018-10-31 (Wed)Passenger ♥♥The Showbox, Pike Place
2018-10-31 (Wed)Billy Strings ♥ w. TBAThe Tractor Tavern
2018-10-30 (Tue)Tall Heights ♥♥ w. Old Sea Brigade ♥♥, Frances Cone ♥♥The Tractor Tavern
2018-10-30 (Tue)Molly Burch ♥ w. TBAThe Sunset Tavern
2018-10-28 (Sun)Great Lake Swimmers ♥ w. Native Harrow ♥The Tractor Tavern
2018-10-28 (Sun)Roo Panes ♥♥Columbia City Theater
2018-10-27 (Sat)Ty Segall ♥♥ w. Shannon Lay ♥♥, Moon Palace, Hyways ♥Neumo's
2018-10-27 (Sat)Jeff Austin Band ♥Nectar Lounge
2018-10-27 (Sat)Richard Shindell (of Cry, Cry, Cry) ♥♥Ballard Homestead
2018-10-26 (Thu)Parker Millsap & His Band ♥♥ w. Jim & Sam ♥♥Fremont Abbey
2018-10-25 (Thu)Active Bird Community w. Shannen Moser ♥Barboza
2018-10-24 (Wed)John Paul White (of The Civil Wars) ♥♥ w. Ora Cogan ♥Ballard Homestead
2018-10-23 (Tue)Joshua Hedley w. Kelsey Waldon ♥The Tractor Tavern
2018-10-20 (Sat)The Collection ♥♥ w. Kathleen Murray ♥Ballard Homestead
2018-10-20 (Sat)Gruff RhysBarboza
2018-10-20 (Sat)Tyler Edwards w. Lydia Ramsey ♥♥, The Ramblin' Years ♥The Tractor Tavern
2018-10-20 (Sat)The Sons of Rainier ♥ w. Kristin Allen-Zito ♥, Barton Carroll ♥, Louis LedfordThe Sunset Tavern
2018-10-19 (Fri)Weather Station ♥♥ w. Jennifer Castle ♥Ballard Homestead
2018-10-19 (Fri)Saintseneca ♥ w. Trace Mountains, DogbrethThe Sunset Tavern
2018-10-19 (Fri)Mercury Rev w. Marissa Nadler ♥The Tractor Tavern
2018-10-19 (Fri)Chase Willett w. Evan McPherson, Erika Lundahl ♥Columbia City Theater
2018-10-19 (Fri)Ben Hunter & Joe Seamons ♥The Beery House
2018-10-18 (Thu)The Ballroom Thieves ♥♥ w. Brooke Annibale ♥♥The Tractor Tavern
2018-10-18 (Thu)Hosier ♥♥ w. Hudson Taylor ♥ [SOLD OUT]The Paramount Theatre
2018-10-17 (Wed)Mothers ♥ w. Mega BogBarboza
2018-10-16 (Tue)Old Salt Union ♥ w. Vito & The One-Eyed Jacks ♥The Sunset Tavern
2018-10-16 (Tue)Israel Nash ♥ w. Kyle Emerson ♥ [SOLD OUT]The Tractor Tavern
2018-10-15 (Mon)Good Old War ♥♥ w. Beta Radio ♥, Danny Black (instrumental) ♥The Tractor Tavern
2018-10-12 (Fri)Michael Nau & The Mighty Thread ♥ w. Erin Rae (of Honey Mustard) ♥The Sunset Tavern
2018-10-12 (Fri)Esme Patterson ♥♥ w. Brenda Xu ♥, Pickle Boy ♥Fremont Abbey
2018-10-12 (Fri)John Reischman & The Jaybirds ♥♥The Auditorium (Uheights)
2018-10-12 (Fri)Lyle (w. Lana McMullen ♥♥ & Arthur James ♥)Columbia City Theater
2018-10-11 (Thu)David WilcoxThe Triple Door, Mainstage
2018-10-11 (Thu)Tekla Waterfield ♥♥ w. Fretland, Our Dead Fathers ♥The Tractor Tavern
2018-10-09 (Tue)Glorietta (featuring Noah Gundersen, Matthew Logan Vasquez & David Ramirez!) ♥♥The Tractor Tavern
2018-10-09 (Tue)Gregory Alan Isakov ♥♥ w. The Wild Reeds ♥The Moore Theatre
2018-10-09 (Tue)Noah Byrd w. Erika Lundahl ♥, BeasleyThe Sunset Tavern
2018-10-09 (Tue)The Round (161) w. Gabriel Wolfchild ♥, Elena Loper, Amanda Winterhalter ♥ and live painter and spoken word poetFremont Abbey
2018-10-08 (Mon)Courtney Barnett ♥♥ w. Waxahatchee ♥♥The Paramount Theatre
2018-10-08 (Mon)Ferron ♥The Triple Door, Mainstage
2018-10-07 (Sun)Steel Wheels ♥ w. Honey Mustard ♥Ballard Homestead
2018-10-05 (Fri)Robyn Hitchcock & The Nashville Fabs ♥The Neptune Theatre
2018-10-05 (Fri)Elliot BROOD ♥♥ w. Rory Van James ♥, The Royal Oui ♥The Sunset Tavern
2018-10-05 (Fri)Mimicking Birds ♥ w. Kilcid Band, Aura RuddellFremont Abbey
2018-10-05 (Fri)Michael Gira w. Norman WestbergColumbia City Theater
2018-10-04 (Thu)The Talbott Brothers ♥ w. Planes on Paper (Navid Eliot solo) ♥♥, Kimo Muraki ♥♥Barboza
2018-10-02 (Tue)Dom Flemons (from the Carolina Chocolate Drops) ♥♥ w. TBAFremont Abbey
2018-10-02 (Tue)Saint Sister ♥♥ w. Datenite, Painted FacesBarboza
2018-10-01 (Mon)First Aid Kit ♥♥ w. Julia Jacklin ♥♥The Paramount Theatre
2018-10-01 (Mon)An Evening With Dawes ♥♥The Showbox, Pike Place
2018-10-01 (Mon)Loudon Wainwright III ♥The Triple Door, Mainstage
2018-10-01 (Mon)Van William ♥ w. Allie Crow Buckley ♥The Sunset Tavern
2018-09-30 (Sun)Jeff Tweedy ♥♥The Moore Theatre
2018-09-29 (Sat)Eleanor Friedberger ♥Columbia City Theater
2018-09-29 (Sat)I'm With Her ♥♥ w. The Brother Brothers ♥♥The Moore Theatre
2018-09-29 (Sat)Agnes Obel ♥♥The Showbox, Pike Place
2018-09-29 (Sat)Haley Heynderickx ♥♥Ballard Homestead
2018-09-29 (Sat)CHVRCHES w. Lo Moon ♥♥The Paramount Theatre
2018-09-29 (Sat)Nate Currin ♥ w. TBASeattle Secret Shows
2018-09-28 (Fri)Karl Blau ♥ w. Josh Clauson ♥Fremont Abbey
2018-09-28 (Fri)Dodie ♥The Showbox, Pike Place
2018-09-28 (Fri)Lucy Spraggan ♥ w. Susy sun, Tobias The OwlBarboza
2018-09-28 (Fri)Cumulus ♥ w. Temple Canyon ♥, Kristin Allen-Zito ♥The Sunset Tavern
2018-09-27 & 09-28 (Thu & Fri)David Bromberg ♥The Triple Door, Mainstage
2018-09-27 & 09-28 (Thu & Fri)Jesse Sykes & Phil Wandscher ♥♥ [both nights SOLD OUT; try for Ballard Homestead, Friday 11-10]Hotel Albatross
2018-09-27 (Thu)Laney Lou & The Bird Dogs ♥ w. TBA, Pickled OkraConor Byrne
2018-09-27 (Thu)Jeffrey Martin ♥♥ w. Anna Tivel ♥♥, Jason McCue ♥Fremont Abbey
2018-09-27 (Thu)Bryan John Appleby ♥ w.TomtenThe Tractor Tavern
2018-09-26 (Wed)Ryley Walker ♥♥ (instrumental)The Sunset Tavern
2018-09-26 (Wed) Jonathan Wilson ♥♥ w. William Tyler (instrumental) ♥The Tractor Tavern
2018-09-26 (Wed)Amethyst de Wolfe w. Dusty Santamaria + Moira Ichiban, Louis LedfordConor Byrne
2018-09-24 (Mon)The National Parks ♥The Tractor Tavern
2018-09-24 (Mon)Amy Shark ♥♥The Neptune Theatre
2018-09-23 (Sun)Carbon Leaf ♥ w. Beth Wood ♥♥The Triple Door, Mainstage
2018-09-23 (Sun)Martha Wainwright ♥♥ w. Brenda Xu ♥ [CANCELLED... :( ]The Tractor Tavern
2018-09-22 (Sat)John Prine ♥♥ w. John Snider ♥♥The Paramount Theatre
2018-09-22 (Sat)Carbon Leaf ♥ w. Beth Wood ♥♥The Crocodile
2018-09-22 (Sat)Roselit Bone w. Mima Good, Heather Littlefield ♥Conor Byrne
2018-09-22 & 09-23 (Sat & Sun)Holly Near ♥♥Columbia City Theater
2018-09-21 (Fri)Big Thief ♥♥The Neptune Theatre
2018-09-21 (Fri)Ben Howard ♥♥ w. Wye Oak ♥The Paramount Theatre
2018-09-21 (Fri)Mike Farris & The Fortunate Few ♥The Triple Door, Mainstage
2018-09-21 (Fri)Local Strangers ♥ Kickstarter ReleaseConor Byrne
2018-09-20 (Thu)Marc Broussard ♥♥ w. The Dales ♥♥The Neptune Theatre
2018-09-20 (Thu)Radney Foster ♥Fremont Abbey
2018-09-20 (Thu)Slothrust ♥ w. Summer CannibalsBarboza
2018-09-20 (Thu)Glass Heart String Choir w. Erin Jorgensen, KT Neely ♥Columbia City Theater
2018-09-20 (Thu)Karyn Ann w. The Colin Trio, Anna SteinleConor Byrne
2018-09-19 (Wed)Lost Dog Street Band ♥ w. Matt Heckler ♥The Tractor Tavern
2018-09-19 (Wed)Country Dave Harmonson w. Simon Kornelis' SteakhausConor Byrne
2018-09-18 (Tue)Hatchie ♥ w. WildhoneyBarboza
2018-09-18 (Tue)Amy Stroup ♥♥The Crocodile, The Back Bar
2018-09-18 (Tue)Grant Farm ♥♥ w. Honey Mustard ♥, Ghost Town Whistlers ♥The Sunset Tavern
2018-09-17 & 09-18 (Mon & Tue)Madeleine Peyroux ♥♥The Triple Door, Mainstage
2018-09-16 (Sun)Margaret Glaspy ♥♥ w. Jenny O. ♥♥The Triple Door, Mainstage
2018-09-15 (Sat)Lyle Lovett ♥♥Chateau Ste. Michelle Winery
2018-09-15 (Sat)Fund Raiser (towards medical treatment for local poet, Leland Chazen) featuring Sera Cahoone ♥♥, Naomi Wachira ♥♥ & KPH (Kaeley Pruitt-Hamm) ♥The Beery House
2018-09-15 (Sat)Kristin Chambers ♥ w. The W Lovers ♥, Tekla Waterfield ♥♥Fremont Abbey
2018-09-15 (Sat)Tom Odell ♥♥Columbia City Theater
2018-09-15 (Sat)Massy Ferguson ♥ w. The Ramblin' Years ♥, Miller CampbellThe Crocodile
2018-09-14 (Fri)Angel Olson ♥♥The Moore Theatre
2018-09-14 (Fri)10 String Symphony ♥♥ w. Eli West ♥♥Ballard Homestead
2018-09-14 (Fri)Lavendar Cowboys w. Wildcat Rose ♥, Jenny Don't & The Spurs ♥Conor Byrne
2018-09-13 (Thu)Lake Street Dive ♥♥Chateau Ste. Michelle Winery
2018-09-13 (Thu)Dumb Thumbs w. Andrew VictorConor Byrne
2018-09-12 (Wed)Lucius ♥♥ w. Cornelia Murr ♥The Moore Theatre
2018-09-12 (Wed)Seafoam Green ♥The Triple Door, Musiquarium 5pm
2018-09-11 (Tue)The Round (160) w. Tyler Edwards ♥, Drea Gordon and live painter and spoken word poetFremont Abbey
2018-09-09 (Sun)RIVVRS ♥ w. Paul McDonald ♥♥, Silver Torches ♥♥The Sunset Tavern
2018-09-08 & 09-09 (Sat & Sun)Jason Mraz w. Brett Dennen ♥♥ [Saturday night sold out]Marymoor Park, Redmond
2018-09-08 (Sat)Michelle Malone ♥♥Live at Andre's (6pm)
2018-09-08 (Sat)Mirah ♥♥Ballard Homestead
2018-09-08 (Sat)Ziggy AlbertsBarboza
2018-09-07 - 09-09 (Fri - Sun)Sweet Dreams: The Music of Patsy Cline featuring various local artistsThe Triple Door, Mainstage
2018-09-07 (Fri)Frank Turner & The Sleeping Souls ♥♥The Moore Theatre
2018-09-07 (Fri)Rayland Baxter ♥ w. Skyway ManThe Tractor Tavern
2018-09-07 (Fri)Ben Fisher ♥ w. Laura Cortese ♥♥Ballard Homestead
2018-09-07 (Fri)The Dark (featuring Rachael Teixeira, EP release) ♥ w. Low Low ValleyConor Byrne
2018-09-06 (Thu)The War on Drugs ♥♥ w. Land of Talk ♥The Paramount Theatre
2018-09-06 (Thu)Jason Isbell and The 400 Unit ♥♥ w. Aimee Mann ♥♥Marymoor Park, Redmond
2018-09-06 (Thu)Amy Helm ♥♥The Triple Door, Mainstage
2018-09-06 (Thu)Matt Mays ♥♥ w. TBAThe Tractor Tavern
2018-09-05 (Wed)Joe Pug ♥♥ w. Carson McHone ♥♥The Tractor Tavern
2018-09-04 (Tue)Bombadil ♥♥ w. Honey Mustard ♥Fremont Abbey
2018-09-04 (Tue)Robbie Fulks ♥♥The Triple Door, Mainstage
2018-09-04 (Tue)Freddy & Francine ♥Barboza
2018-09-01 (Sat)The Shook Twins ♥♥Live at Andre's (6pm)
2018-09-01 (Sat)Brandi Carlile ♥♥ Rescheduled from March 31 [Sold Out :( ]The Moore Theatre
2018-09-01 (Sat)The Portsiders w. Andonimus, Natural IsraelColumbia City Theater, Bourbon Bar
2018-08-31 (Fri)Willy Porter ♥♥ w. Danny GodinezColumbia City Theater
2018-08-31 (Fri)Kate Lynne Logan ♥♥ w. Alex Ashley ♥♥The Triple Door, Mainstage
2018-08-30 (Thu)Hot Tuna Electric ♥The Neptune Theatre
2018-08-30 (Thu)Tobias The Owl w. Brianna Skye, Dearly Departed (sorry, vid only available on FaceBook)The Sunset Tavern
2018-08-30 (Thu)Abbey Arts Presents: Katie Kuffel ♥at Seattle City Hall; 12 noon
2018-08-29 (Wed)Moon Dial w. Cloud Person, Carina Lewis ♥♥The Tractor Tavern
2018-08-28 (Tue)Alex Dunn w. The Bruised Heart Revue, Shakey BlanketsThe Tractor Tavern
2018-08-27 (Mon)Dean Johnson ♥♥ w. Chris Acker & The Growing Boys ♥♥, Kassi Valazza ♥The Sunset Tavern
2018-08-26 (Sun)Greg Brown ♥♥ (seated show) [SOLD OUT]The Tractor Tavern
2018-08-26 (Sun)Rasputina w. American Murder Song, Eliza RickmanThe Crocodile
2018-08-25 (Sat)Ed Sheeran ♥♥Century Link Field
2018-08-25 (Sat)Old Coast ♥ w. Maltby, KT Neely ♥The Sunset Tavern
2018-08-25 (Sat)Bad Bad Hats ♥ w. Cumulus ♥Barboza
2018-08-24 & 08-25 (Fri & Sat)Seattle Acoustic Festival!! Tons of great local singer-songwriters including: 4&20 Blackbirds ♥, Lizzie Weber ♥, Warren Dunes featuring Julia Massey ♥, Devin Sinha ♥, Erika Lundahl ♥, Tekla Waterfield ♥, Faint Peter ♥, Manybest (w. Kaeley Pruitt-Hamm) ♥ and many more!All Pilgrims Christian Church, 500 Broadway E
2018-08-24 (Fri)Ben Harper ♥♥Chateau Ste. Michelle Winery
2018-08-24 (Fri)Whitney Ballen ♥ w. Snuff Redux, Big BuddyThe Sunset Tavern
2018-08-24 (Fri)Pure Bathing Culture ♥ w. Cataldo ♥, Kacey Johansing ♥♥The Tractor Tavern
2018-08-23 (Thu)Sera Cahoone ♥♥ w. Moon Palace, Hyways ♥Neumo's
2018-08-23 (Thu)Amanda Shires ♥♥ w. Lilly Hiatt ♥♥The Triple Door, Mainstage
2018-08-23 (Thu) Chris King & The Gutterballs ♥ w. Zachary Warnes, AntonioniThe Tractor Tavern
2018-08-22 (Wed)Andrew Combs ♥♥ w. Lizzie Weber ♥The Sunset Tavern
2018-08-22 (Wed)The Sea The Sea ♥♥ w. Ezza Rose ♥♥, Navid Eliot ♥♥, Nathaniel Talbot ♥♥The Tractor Tavern
2018-08-22 (Wed)A Benefit for Abbey Arts! w. Manybest (w. Kaeley Pruitt-Hamm) ♥Triple Door, Musiquarium, 5p - 8pm
2018-08-21 (Tue)The Suitcase Junket ♥♥ w. Mandy Fer & Dave McGraw Band ♥♥The Tractor Tavern
2018-08-19 (Sun)Andrew Bird ♥♥ w. The Punch Brothers ♥♥ZooTunes
2018-08-19 (Sun)Jason Eady ♥ w. Courtney Patton ♥The Tractor Tavern
2018-08-18 (Sat)Kathy Moore, Sera Cahoone & Alex Guy Play PJ Harvey!!The Royal Room
2018-08-17 (Fri)AHI ♥ w. Craig Marker ♥Fremont Abbey
2018-08-16 (Thu)Katie Herzig ♥ w. William WildThe Crocodile, The Back Bar
2018-08-16 (Thu)Dodgy Mountain Men w. The Hasslers ♥, Last Chance Family BandThe Tractor Tavern
2018-08-15 (Wed)Tomo Nakayama ♥ w. Tom Brosseau ♥♥, oono yuukiThe Triple Door, Mainstage
2018-08-15 (Wed)Grateful Shred w. Mapache ♥The Tractor Tavern
2018-08-12 (Sun)River Whyless ♥♥ w. Adam Torres ♥♥The Tractor Tavern
2018-08-12 (Sun)Nikki Lane ♥♥ w. Davidson Hart KingsberyThe Crocodile
2018-08-12 (Sun)Charley Crockett ♥The Sunset Tavern
2018-08-11 & 08-12 (Sat & Sun)107.7 The End's Summer Camp 2018 w. Elle King ♥ (Saturday), Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats ♥♥ (Sunday), Smokey Brights ♥ (Sunday), and others!Marymoor Park, Redmond
2018-08-11 (Sat)Sawyer Frederics ♥♥ w. Parsonsfield ♥, Gabriel Wolfchild ♥The Crocodile, The Back Bar
2018-08-11 (Sat)American Aquarium ♥♥ w. Jaime Wyatt ♥The Tractor Tavern
2018-08-09 (Thu)Jenn Champion ♥♥ w. PSA, StresChop Suey
2018-08-08 (Wed)Givers ♥ w. Naughty PalaceThe Sunset Tavern
2018-08-08 (Wed)Zach Fleury ♥♥ w. TBAThe Triple Door, Mainstage
2018-08-07 & 08-08 (Tue & Wed)Daniel Norgren ♥♥ w. Phil Cook ♥♥The Tractor Tavern
2018-08-07 (Tue)The Round (159) w. Planes On Paper ♥♥, Lenore ♥ and Josiah Johnson (The Head & The Heart) ♥♥; with live poet & painterFremont Abbey
2018-08-07 (Tue)Valley Queen ♥♥The Sunset Tavern
2018-08-06 (Mon)Susan RuthThe Triple Door, Mainstage
2018-08-06 (Mon)Nick Mulvey ♥♥ w. Ida Mae ♥The Tractor Tavern
2018-08-05 (Sun)Amos Lee ♥♥ w. Bailen ♥♥ZooTunes
2018-08-04 (Sat)Leroy Bell and His Only Friends ♥The Triple Door, Mainstage
2018-08-03 (Fri)Mojo Riot w. Darci Carlson, Carlene Crawford & The City LightsConor Byrne
2018-08-02 (Thu)Miss Lonely Hearts w. Gus Clark ♥, The Done GonersThe Sunset Tavern
2018-08-02 & 08-03 (Thu & Fri)Reckless Kelly ♥ w. Corb Lund ♥The Tractor Tavern
2018-08-01 (Wed)Faint Peter ♥Lagunitas Taproom (6pm)
2018-08-01 (Wed)Willie Nelson & Family ♥♥ w. Alison Krauss ♥♥Marymoor Park, Redmond
2018-08-01 (Wed)Zephaniah Ohora ♥♥ w. Ethan & Cahalen (of Western Centuries) ♥♥, Simon Cornelis ♥The Sunset Tavern
2018-08-01 (Wed)Paul Cauthen ♥ w. Sam MorrowThe Tractor Tavern
2018-07-31 (Tue)LOFTS w. Phono Paradiso, Surf The Pines ♥The Tractor Tavern
2018-07-29 (Sun)Ben Larsen ♥♥Lagunitas Taproom (4:20pm)
2018-07-29 (Sun)Taj Mahal & Keb Mo ♥♥ w. Dirty Dozen Brass Band ♥♥, John MaxwellChateau Ste. Michelle Winery
2018-07-29 (Sun)Ira Wolf ♥ w. Kendl Winter ♥♥, Lee Henke ♥Columbia City Theater
2018-07-29 (Sun)Whiskerman ♥ w. Jason McCue ♥, The Joseph BreakdownThe Sunset Tavern
2018-07-29 (Sun)Summer Circus w. Lenore ♥, Heather Edgley, Tobias The Owl and more!The Tractor Tavern
2018-07-28 (Sat)Sweet Lou's Sour MashLagunitas Taproom (4:20pm)
2018-07-28 (Sat)Rory Van James ♥ (Album Release)Columbia City Theater
2018-07-28 (Sat)Heels To The Hardwood ♥ w. Old Coast ♥, All The Real Girls ♥The Tractor Tavern
2018-07-27 & 07-28 (Fri & Sat)Jackson Browne ♥♥Chateau Ste. Michelle Winery
2018-07-27 (Fri)Jack Dwyer/Forrest Marowitz ♥Lagunitas Taproom (6pm)
2018-07-27 (Fri)Alela Diane ♥♥ w. Cicada Rhythm ♥♥Fremont Abbey
2018-07-27 (Fri)Toad the Wet Sprocket ♥♥The Neptune Theatre
2018-07-27 (Fri)Cody Johnson ♥♥The Showbox, Pike Place
2018-07-27 (Fri)Bradford Loomis ♥♥ w. Benjamin Doerr (of St. Paul de Vence) ♥♥The Triple Door, Mainstage
2018-07-26 (Thu)KERA ♥ w. Matt Dorrien, Ryan Oxford ♥Fremont Abbey
2018-07-26 (Thu)Duo Night featuring Beth // James, The Regrets ♥, Airport StrangersConor Byrne
2018-07-26 (Thu)The Mighty Dreadful (Stringband) ♥The Triple Door, Musiquarium 5pm
2018-07-25 (Wed)Sarah Shook & The Disarmers ♥♥ w. Jason Hawk Harris ♥♥The Tractor Tavern
2018-07-24 (Tue)Calpurnia ♥♥The Neptune Theatre
2018-07-24 (Tue)Front Country ♥♥ w. Jon Stickley Trio (instrumental)The Tractor Tavern
2018-07-23 (Mon)Jim White ♥♥The Timbre Room (tickets via The Crocodile)
2018-07-22 (Sun)Blind Pilot ♥The Neptune Theatre
2018-07-22 (Sun)Ida Bay ♥ w. Secretary, Seaside TrystThe Sunset Tavern
2018-07-22 (Sun)Honeyhoney ♥♥ w. Liz Cooper & The Stampede ♥♥The Tractor Tavern
2018-07-21 & 07-22 (Sat & Sun)Sheryl Crow ♥♥Chateau Ste. Michelle Winery
2018-07-21 & 07-22 (Sat & Sun)JD Souther w. Lizzie Weber ♥♥The Triple Door, Mainstage
2018-07-21 (Sat)Kara Hesse ♥ w. Jerett Samples, Carina Lewis ♥♥, Tyler HamiltonThe Sunset Tavern
2018-07-20 (Fri)Sons of Rainier ♥ w. Barna Howard ♥♥, Mindie Lind ♥Fremont Abbey
2018-07-19 (Thu)The Hasslers ♥Lagunitas Taproom (6pm)
2018-07-19 (Thu)The Low Anthem ♥♥ w. The Ophelias ♥Fremont Abbey
2018-07-19 (Thu)The Dustbowl Revival ♥♥ w. Vaudeville Etiquette ♥Nectar Lounge
2018-07-17 - 07-19 (Tue - Thu)Shawn Mullins ♥♥ w. Max Gomez ♥♥The Triple Door, Mainstage
2018-07-18 (Wed)RUNA ♥ w. The Gothard Sisters ♥Ballard Homestead
2018-07-18 (Wed)Kina GrannisNeumo's
2018-07-18 (Wed)Bob Dylan Tribute Night, Hosted By Navid Eliot w. lots of local artists!Conor Byrne
2018-07-18 (Wed)William Clark Green ♥ w. Dylan Jakobsen ♥The Tractor Tavern
2018-07-17 (Tue)The Sweeplings ♥ w. Brooke Annibale ♥♥The Sunset Tavern
2018-07-16 (Mon)Shawn Mullins ♥♥Live at Andre's (5pm)
2018-07-16 (Mon)David Ramirez ♥♥ w. Matt wright ♥♥The Triple Door, Mainstage
2018-07-16 (Mon)Brites w. Kate Preston & Ben Morey, RacomaThe Sunset Tavern
2018-07-15 (Sun)Heather Maloney ♥♥ w. Nathaniel Talbot ♥♥Ballard Homestead
2018-07-15 (Sun)Wye Oak ♥Neumo's
2018-07-15 (Sun)Lowlands ♥ w. March To May ♥♥The Triple Door, Mainstage
2018-07-14 (Sat)Great American Trainwreck w. Red Heart Alarm, Tinkham RoadConor Byrne
2018-07-14 (Sat)Angelo De Augustine ♥ w. Many Rooms, TBAFremont Abbey
2018-07-14 (Sat)Planes On Paper ♥♥ w. Oh Jeremiah ♥Seattle Secret Shows
2018-07-14 (Sat)Trout Steak Revival ♥♥ w. World's Finest, Ben Morrison ♥♥ (of Brothers Comatose)Nectar Lounge
2018-07-13 (Fri)Bela Fleck and The Flecktones ♥♥ w. Del McCoury and Jerry Douglas ♥Chateau Ste. Michelle Winery
2018-07-13 (Fri)S. Carey ♥♥ w. H.C. McEntire (from Mount Moriah) ♥♥Barboza
2018-07-13 (Fri)Ry Cooder w. The Hamiltones ♥♥The Moore Theatre
2018-07-13 (Fri)Moon Darling w. Brother Dege ♥, Shark LegsConor Byrne
2018-07-12 - 07-14 (Thu - Sat)Timber! Summer Outdoor Music Festival w. tons of great artists, like Kyle Craft ♥♥ and Courtney Marie Andrews ♥♥Tolt-Macdonald Park, Carnation WA
2018-07-12 (Thu)Jeremy Enigk ♥ w. Chris Staples ♥♥Chop Suey
2018-07-12 (Thu)Phoebe Bridgers ♥♥ w. Harrison Whitford ♥The Crocodile
2018-07-12 (Thu)Joe Henry ♥♥Fremont Abbey
2018-07-12 (Thu)The WaysideConor Byrne
2018-07-11 (Wed)Rory Van James ♥Lagunitas Taproom (6pm)
2018-07-10 (Tue)The Round (158) w.Tim Wilson (of Ivan & Alyosha) ♥, Sarah Feinberg (of Tellers) ♥ and Jason McCue ♥; with live poet & painterFremont Abbey
2018-07-08 (Sun)Austin Quattlebaum ♥Lagunitas Taproom (4:20pm)
2018-07-08 (Sun)Seth Walker ♥♥Live at Andre's (6pm)
2018-07-07 (Sat)Caleb & WalterLagunitas Taproom (4:20pm)
2018-07-07 (Sat)Roots & Wings ~ Friends & Songs w. Nancy K Dillon ♥, Val D'Allessio ♥, Joy Mills ♥ and othersEgan's Ballard Jamhouse
2018-07-07 (Sat)Hot Damn Scandal w. Gus Clark ♥Conor Byrne
2018-07-06 (Fri)Kaeli Earle Trio ♥ w. Mōtus, Bad News BotanistsConor Byrne
2018-07-05 (Thu)Frog Eyes w. Hello Blue Roses ♥, Virgin Of The BirdsThe Sunset Tavern
2018-07-05 (Thu)Leeroy Stagger ♥♥Lagunitas Taproom (6pm)
2018-07-01 (Sun)The Builders and The Butchers ♥ w. N. Lannon ♥♥, The Hasslers ♥Chop Suey
2018-07-01 (Sun)Rowan McGuireThe Crocodile, The Back Bar
2018-06-30 (Sat)Middle Kids ♥♥ w. Lola Kirke ♥The Tractor Tavern
2018-06-30 (Sat)Bent Knee ♥ w. Gatherers, This Patch of SkyBarboza
2018-06-30 (Sat)Mr. Grumps w. Night Hikes, Rowan McGuireConor Byrne
2018-06-30 (Sat)Haux w. Henry Jamison ♥♥, Rosie Carney ♥♥The Sunset Tavern
2018-06-29 (Fri)Jason Webley ♥ w. Hannah Mayree ♥Fremont Abbey
2018-06-29 (Fri)Moonlight Melody ♥ w. Brites, Crawlin' OnConor Byrne
2018-06-28 & 06-29 (Thu & Fri)Shawn Colvin ♥♥ w. Heather Maloney ♥♥The Triple Door, Mainstage
2018-06-28 (Thu)Gomez ♥♥The Showbox, Pike Place
2018-06-28 (Thu)Leah T, Anna St Lee, Heather Edgley (curated by Katie Kuffel ♥) Fremont Abbey
2018-06-28 (Thu)Left Coast Country ♥ w. The Rusty Cleavers, TBAConor Byrne
2018-06-28 (Thu)Grant Farm ♥♥ w. The Hasslers ♥Nectar Lounge
2018-06-27 (Wed)Robert Plant & The Sensational Space Shifters ♥♥ w. Lucinda Williams ♥♥Marymoor Park, Redmond
2018-06-27 (Wed)Carina Lewis ♥♥ w. Datenite, Carlene Crawford & The City Lights, Stephanie MaeChop Suey
2018-06-27 (Wed)Gus Clark & The Least of His Problems w. Jessie & The Jinx ♥, The Pine Hill Haints (w. Jamie & Katie Barrier) ♥, The Invisible Teardrops (a punk band, also w. Jamie & Katie Barrier)Conor Byrne
2018-06-27 (Wed)Trampled By Turtles ♥♥ w. Deer Tick ♥♥ZooTunes
2018-06-26 (Tue)Frazey Ford ♥♥ w. Caitlin Sherman ♥The Tractor Tavern
2018-06-25 (Mon)The Empty Pockets ♥The Triple Door, Mainstage
2018-06-24 (Sun)Indigo Girls ♥♥ w. Lucy Wainwright Roche ♥♥ [SOLD OUT]ZooTunes
2018-06-23 (Sat)The Ghost of Paul Revere ♥♥ w. Slocan Ramblers ♥♥The Tractor Tavern
2018-06-23 (Sat)Sweet Talk Radio ♥♥Firefly Concert Series, West Seattle
2018-06-23 (Sat)An Evening With Lloyd Cole ♥♥ Retrospective TourThe Triple Door, Mainstage
2018-06-22 (Fri)KPH (Kaeley Pruitt-Hamm) ♥ w. Katie Kuffel ♥, Mighty Brother ♥♥The Beery House
2018-06-22 (Fri)thedrifterluke ♥ w. Temple Canyon ♥, SupermotherConor Byrne
2018-06-21 (Thu)The Decembrists ♥♥ w. M. Ward ♥♥ [SOLD OUT]The Paramount Theatre
2018-06-21 (Thu)Eilen Jewell ♥ w. Gus ClarkThe Tractor Tavern
2018-06-21 (Thu)Quiet Slang ♥Barboza
2018-06-21 (Thu)Lizzie Weber ♥♥ w. Andrea Von Kampen ♥, Arthur James ♥Conor Byrne
2018-06-20 (Wed)Shane Smith & The Saints ♥ w. The Lowdown Drifters ♥The Tractor Tavern
2018-06-20 (Wed)Zach Fleury ♥♥ w. Raph Odell Shapiro ♥♥, Kara Hesse ♥Conor Byrne
2018-06-19 (Tue)Joan Shelley ♥♥ w. Marisa Anderson (guitar instrumental) ♥♥Fremont Abbey
2018-06-17 (Sun)Willy Tea Taylor ♥ w. The Sam Chase ♥, Tommy Alexander ♥The Tractor Tavern
2018-06-17 (Sun)Chris Isaak ♥♥Chateau Ste. Michelle Winery
2018-06-17 (Sun)Reina Del Cid ♥♥The Triple Door, Mainstage
2018-06-17 (Sun)The Deep Dark Woods ♥♥ w. Mike Edel ♥The Sunset Tavern
2018-06-16 (Sat)Vito & The One-Eyed JacksLagunitas Taproom (4:20pm)
2018-06-16 (Sat)Justin Townes Earle ♥♥ w. Lydia Loveless ♥♥(!!)The Crocodile
2018-06-16 (Sat)Nicki Bluhm ♥♥ w. TBAThe Tractor Tavern
2018-06-16 (Sat)Live From Here w. Chris Thile ♥♥Chateau Ste. Michelle Winery
2018-06-15 (Fri)Bushwick Book Club w. songs inspired by The Phantom Tollbooth featuring Sean Morse & Amanda Winterhalter ♥, Wes Weddell ♥, etc.Fremont Abbey
2018-06-15 (Fri)Thom Joseph w. Micah Subar, Joseph DaneColumbia City Theater, Bourbon Bar
2018-06-15 (Fri)Gabriel Wolfchild & The Northern Light ♥ w. Devin Sinha ♥, Katie Kuffel ♥The Crocodile
2018-06-14 (Thu)The Pierce Brothers ♥ w. Elliot Taylor ♥Columbia City Theater
2018-06-14 (Thu)Great Women of Country, Tribute Series: June Carter & Loretta Lynn featuring Kara Hesse ♥, Lana McMullen ♥♥, Tekla Waterfield ♥♥ and more!The Royal Room
2018-06-13 (Wed)Flatland Cavalry ♥ w. TBAThe Tractor Tavern
2018-06-13 (Wed)Speedy Ortiz ♥ w. Anna Burch ♥, Roseblood ♥The Crocodile
2018-06-12 (Tue)Caroline Rose ♥♥ w. Cardioid, ings ♥The Sunset Tavern
2018-06-12 (Tue)The Round (157) w. Zahara, Alec Shaw & Alison Banchero; with live poet & painterFremont Abbey
2018-06-12 (Tue)John Doyle ♥♥The Triple Door, Mainstage
2018-06-11 (Mon)An Evening with Steve Polz ♥Fremont Abbey
2018-06-10 (Sun)Slaid Cleaves ♥♥ (seated show)The Tractor Tavern
2018-06-09 (Sat)Calexico ♥♥ w. Julia Jacklin ♥♥The Neptune Theatre
2018-06-09 (Sat)The Hasslers ♥ w. The Hawthorne Roots ♥, TBAConor Byrne
2018-06-08 (Fri)Mimi Gilbert ♥♥ w. Kathleen Murray ♥, Barna Howard ♥♥, Taylor Kingman ♥Fremont Abbey
2018-06-08 (Fri)The Mighty Dreadful ♥ w. Angela Soffe ♥, Craig Marker ♥Columbia City Theater
2018-06-08 (Fri)The Lowest Pair ♥♥ w. Lindsay White ♥The Beery House
2018-06-07 (Thu)Hackensaw Boys ♥ w. Birch Pereira and The Gin JointsThe Tractor Tavern
2018-06-07 (Thu)Crow Quill Night Owls w. Mark Graham & W. B. ReidConor Byrne
2018-06-07 & 06-08 (Thu & Fri)Lord Huron ♥♥The Moore Theatre
2018-06-06 (Wed)James Taylor w. Bonnie Raitt ♥♥Key Arena
2018-06-06 (Wed)Greg Laswell ♥♥The Triple Door, Mainstage
2018-06-06 (Wed)Sarah Gerritsen & The Shadow Catchers ♥♥ w. Old Coast ♥, Beth Whitney Band ♥♥The Crocodile
2018-06-06 (Wed)Company of Thieves ♥♥Chop Suey
2018-06-06 (Wed)Dravus House (Elena Loper & Cooper Stoulil) ♥ w. Alex Horning, Hannah AbramsConor Byrne
2018-06-04 (Mon)Okkervil River ♥ w. Benjamin Lazar Davis ♥Neumo's
2018-06-02 (Sat)Damien Jurado ♥♥ w. Naomi Wachira ♥♥St. Mark's Cathedral
2018-06-02 (Sat)Celtic Woman ♥The Paramount Theatre
2018-06-02 (Sat)Reverend Peyton's Big Damn Band w. GravelRoad, Brett BentonThe Tractor Tavern
2018-06-02 (Sat)Weatherside Whiskey Band ♥ w. Bootleg Sunshine ♥, Simon Kornelius & John NuhnConor Byrne
2018-06-01 (Fri)Glenn Phillips (of Toad the Wet Sprocket) ♥♥Live at Andre's (6pm)
2018-06-01 (Fri)Jack Tempchin ♥♥ w. Cindy Alexander ♥Fremont Abbey
2018-05-31 (Thu)Planes On Paper ♥♥ w. Josiah Johnson ♥♥ (of The Head & The Heart), Abakis ♥♥The Tractor Tavern
2018-05-30 (Wed)Peter Bradley Adams ♥♥ w. Lizzie Weber ♥♥The Tractor Tavern
2018-05-30 (Wed)Lake Street Dive ♥♥ w. Mikaela Davis ♥♥The Showbox, Pike Place
2018-05-28 (Mon)The Far FieldStone Way Cafe
2018-05-28 (Mon)Smoky Knights ♥ w. The Landmarks, Devin Sinha ♥Chop Suey
2017-05-25 - 05-28 (Fri - Mon)Northwest Folklife Festival!! ♥♥ Four days of SO much great music!!Seattle Center
2018-05-27 (Sun)Hal Ketchum ♥♥The Triple Door, Mainstage
2018-05-25 (Fri)Jay Farrar Duo  ♥♥ w. Johnny Irion ♥♥The Tractor Tavern
2018-05-24 (Thu)David Byrne ♥♥ w. Benjamin Clementine ♥♥ [SOLD OUT]The Paramount Theatre
2018-05-24 (Thu)Richard BucknerColumbia City Theater
2018-05-24 (Thu)Bushwick Book Club presents: Original Music Inspired by Margaret Atwood's The Handmaid's TaleFremont Abbey
2018-05-24 (Thu)Animal Years ♥♥ w. The Hasslers ♥The Sunset Tavern
2018-05-24 (Thu)Brendan James ♥ w. Matt Brown ♥♥ [LOW TICKET ALERT!]Seattle Secret Shows
2018-05-24 (Thu)All Our Exes Live in Texas ♥ w Caitlin Sherman ♥Wildcat Rose ♥The Tractor Tavern
2018-05-23 (Wed)Lauren Ruth Ward ♥♥The Crocodile, The Back Bar
2018-05-22 (Tue)Lindstrom & The Limit ♥The Royal Room
2018-05-22 (Tue)Dravus House (Elena Loper & Cooper Stoulil) ♥ w. Heather Thomas ♥, Erika Lundahl ♥Chop Suey
2018-05-20 (Sun)Royal Jelly Jive w. General Mojo's ♥Nectar Lounge
2018-05-20 (Sun)The Black Lillies w. TBAThe Tractor Tavern
2018-05-19 (Sat)Red Wanting Blue ♥Live at Andre's (6pm)
2018-05-19 (Sat)Poor Man's Whiskey (a tribute to The Band)Nectar Lounge
2018-05-18 (Fri)Laura Veirs ♥♥ w. the hackles ♥♥ [SOLD OUT]Fremont Abbey
2018-05-18 (Fri)Rufus Wainwright ♥♥Kirkland Performance Center
2018-05-18 (Fri)Brent Cobb ♥♥ w. Savannah Conley ♥♥, Fredd Luongo ♥The Tractor Tavern
2018-05-18 (Fri)Paul Simon ♥♥Key Arena
2018-05-18 (Fri)Charlie and The Rays ♥ w. Bad Saint, Lanford BlackBarboza
2018-05-17 (Thu)The Weepies ♥♥ Hideaway 10 Year Anniversary TourKirkland Performance Center
2018-05-17 (Thu)Andy Frasco & The U.N. ♥The Sunset Tavern
2018-05-17 (Thu)Alela Diane ♥♥ w. Mariee Sioux ♥ [This show is cancelled and being rescheduled]Fremont Abbey
2018-05-17 (Thu)Laura Veirs ♥♥ w. the hackles ♥♥ [2nd show added!]Fremont Abbey
2018-05-16 & 05-17 (Wed & Thu)Pokey LaFarge ♥♥ w. Al Scorch ♥The Tractor Tavern
2018-05-16 (Wed)Rufus Wainwright ♥♥Edmonds Center for the Arts
2018-05-15 (Tue)Great Spiders ♥ w. King Ropes, Wolcott's Instant Pain AnnihilatorThe Sunset Tavern
2018-05-15 (Tue)Stucky Jackson & The Boys w. The Drifter Luke ♥, The BroodersThe Tractor Tavern
2018-05-14 (Mon)Anthony Lee Phillips w. Chase Willett, Aaron SpieldennerThe Sunset Tavern
2018-05-12 (Sat)Courtney Marie Andrews ♥♥ w. Old Coast ♥The Tractor Tavern
2018-05-12 (Sat)Ellis PaulSeattle Folklore Society
2018-05-12 (Sat)Field Report ♥♥ w. Sontalk ♥The Sunset Tavern
2018-05-12 (Sat)Mountain Holler w. Young-Chhaylee, Heather Thomas ♥Columbia City Theater, The Bourbon Bar
2018-05-12 (Sat)Bart Budwig ♥ w. Caitlin Jemma, Taylor LynnConor Byrne
2018-05-11 (Fri)The Fretless (instrumental) ♥Ballard Homestead
2018-05-11 (Fri)The Family Crest ♥ w. Goodnight, Texas ♥, The Native Sibling ♥The Tractor Tavern
2018-05-11 (Fri)Lisa Loeb ♥Columbia City Theater
2018-05-11 (Fri)Stefani Nilles ♥ w. Nick Jaina ♥The Beery House
2018-05-10 (Thu)Griffin House ♥♥The Triple Door, Mainstage
2018-05-10 (Thu)Horse Feathers ♥♥ w. Dead Horses ♥♥The Tractor Tavern
2018-05-09 (Wed)Michigan Rattlers ♥ w. Tyler Edwards ♥, Craig Marker ♥The Sunset Tavern
2018-05-09 (Wed)Jeremy Garrett (of The Infamous Stringdusters) ♥♥Nectar Lounge
2018-05-09 (Wed)Maltby w. Tents ♥ (record release), Matt Bishop ♥The Tractor Tavern
2018-05-08 (Tue)Joshua James ♥♥ w. Jason Hawk Harris ♥♥The Tractor Tavern
2018-05-08 (Tue)The Round (156): featuring Jason Dodson ♥, Pepper Proud ♥ & Abakis ♥♥ with a painter & a poet tooFremont Abbey
2018-05-07 (Mon)Lissie ♥♥ w. Van William ♥♥The Crocodile
2018-05-07 (Mon)Sallie Ford w. La Fonda, Mike Coykendall ♥The Tractor Tavern
2018-05-06 (Sun)3 Play RicochetSeattle Folklore Society
2018-05-06 (Sun)Ezra Furman ♥ w. Shannon Lay ♥♥The Tractor Tavern
2018-05-05 (Sat)Colter Wall ♥ w. Jade Bird ♥♥Neumo's
2018-05-05 (Sat)Freckle w. Luke Martin, Chase RabideauColumbia City Theater, The Bourbon Bar
2018-05-04 (Fri)Warren Dunes featuring Julia Massey ♥ w. Dweller On The Hill, Mirror FerrariBarboza
2018-05-04 (Fri)Mipso ♥♥ w. Anna Tivel ♥♥, Honey Mustard ♥The Tractor Tavern
2018-05-04 (Fri)Kate Lynne Logan Birthday Bash!! ♥♥ w. Lana McMullen ♥♥, Kara Hesse ♥ and many moreConor Byrne
2018-05-04 (Fri)Futurebirds ♥♥ w. Whiskerman ♥♥The Sunset Tavern
2018-05-04 (Fri)The Portsiders ♥ w. Natural IsraelColumbia City Theater, The Bourbon Bar
2018-05-03 (Thu)Myles Kennedy ♥The Crocodile
2018-05-03 (Thu)Rainbow Kitten Surprise ♥♥ w. CAAMP ♥♥The Showbox, Sodo
2018-05-03 (Thu)Current Swell ♥ w. Massy Ferguson ♥, Ocie Elliott ♥Chop Suey
2018-05-03 (Thu)phoffman & Anders Beck (of Greensky Bluegrass) ♥♥ w. Scott Law ♥♥The Tractor Tavern
2018-05-03 (Thu)Danforth Hill w. Faint Peter, Gabriel Delayne, Ty DavidConor Byrne
2018-05-02 (Wed)Erika Wennerstrom (of Heartless Bastards) ♥ w. Josh T. Pearson ♥The Tractor Tavern
2018-05-02 (Wed)The Drifter Luke ♥ w. Aaron SpieldennerStone Way Cafe
2018-05-02 (Wed)Johanna Warren ♥♥ w. Lizzie Weber ♥♥, Kaeley Pruitt-Hamm ♥♥, Anna Gordon ♥Fremont Abbey
2018-04-30 (Mon)Drew Martin ♥♥ (last Seattle Show!) w. Honey Mustard ♥, Human Ladder ♥The Sunset Tavern
2018-04-29 (Sun)Ward Davis ♥ w. Sunny Sweeney, Tennessee JetThe Sunset Tavern
2018-04-29 (Sun)Young-ChhayleeHigh Dive
2018-04-28 (Sat)Puddle StompersLagunitas Taproom (4:20pm)
2018-04-28 (Sat)Kuinka ♥ w. SISTERS, Rainbow Girls ♥Nectar Lounge
2018-04-28 (Sat)Charlotte Cardin w. Niia, Aliocha ♥♥The Crocodile
2018-04-28 (Sat)Leroy Bell and His Only Friends ♥ w. Will Moore ♥The Tractor Tavern
2018-04-28 (Sat)Kris Orlowski ♥♥ w. Lowlands ♥, Jason McCue ♥Barboza
2018-04-27 (Fri)Charlie StagerLagunitas Taproom (6pm)
2018-04-27 (Fri)The Fratellis ♥♥ w. Blood Red ShoesThe Showbox, Pike Place
2018-04-27 (Fri)The Shook Twins ♥ w. Josh Clauson ♥, TBAThe Tractor Tavern
2018-04-27 (Fri)Elena Loper w. TBA, TBAConor Byrne
2018-04-27 (Fri)General Mojo's ♥ w. Super Sparkle ♥, All Star OperaThe Sunset Tavern
2018-04-27 (Fri)Gabriel Wolfchild ♥, Drew Martin ♥♥, Arthur James ♥Fremont Abbey
2018-04-26 (Thu)Joy Mills ♥♥Lagunitas Taproom (6pm)
2018-04-26 (Thu)Tyson Motsenbocker ♥ w. John Van Deusen ♥, Matthew WrightThe Sunset Tavern
2018-04-26 (Thu)Della Mae ♥ w. Danny BarnesNectar Lounge
2018-04-26 (Thu)Sam Riggs ♥ w. Darin Jones & The Last Men Standing, Rachel Mae ♥The Tractor Tavern
2018-04-26 (Thu)Kathleen Murray ♥ w. Lofty Stills, Datenite, Leah Lawson ♥Columbia City Theater
2018-04-25 (Wed)Leah TLagunitas Taproom (6pm)
2018-04-25 (Wed)Western Centuries ♥ w. Sons of Rainier ♥The Tractor Tavern
2018-04-25 (Wed)The Hasslers ♥ w. Lindstrom & The Limit ♥, All The Real Girls ♥Nectar Lounge
2018-04-23 (Mon)Paul Barrere & Fred Tackett ♥♥ (duo from Little Feat! Lots of Little Feat!!)The Triple Door, Mainstage
2018-04-23 (Mon)Gurf Morlix ♥♥ w. Christopher Michael MeyerThe Royal Room
2018-04-22 (Sun)Navid Eliot ♥♥Lagunitas Taproom (4:20pm)
2018-04-22 (Sun)Izaak Opatz ♥♥ w. Double CountryThe Sunset Tavern
2018-04-22 (Sun)Bushwick Book Club featuring original music inspired by the novel, Geek LoveThe Tractor Tavern
2018-04-21 (Sat)Berkley Hart ♥Seattle Folklore Society
2018-04-21 (Sat)Postcard WestLagunitas Taproom (4:20pm)
2018-04-21 (Sat)Tekla Waterfield ♥♥ w. Lenore ♥, Heather Thomas ♥The Sunset Tavern
2018-04-21 (Sat)La Magistral ♥ w. TBA, TBAConor Byrne
2018-04-20 (Fri)The Colonels of TruthLagunitas Taproom (6pm)
2018-04-20 (Fri)Jesse Colin Young ♥♥The Triple Door, Mainstage
2018-04-20 (Fri)The Brothers Comatose ♥♥ w. The Sam Chase & The Untraditional ♥Neumo's
2018-04-20 (Fri)Nick Foster Band ♥ w. Vaudeville Etiquette ♥, Old Coast ♥The Tractor Tavern
2018-04-20 (Fri)Joy Mills ♥♥ The Knast w. Headband Bart, DavenportConor Byrne
2018-04-20 (Fri)Whitney Mongé ♥ w. Unite-One (Reggae)The Sunset Tavern
2018-04-20 (Fri)Sera Cahoone w. String Trio ♥♥Benaroya Hall
2018-04-19 (Thu)W Lovers ♥Lagunitas Taproom (6pm)
2018-04-19 (Thu)Kiran Alhuwalia w. Souad Massi ♥♥The Triple Door, Mainstage
2018-04-19 (Thu)Casey Neill ♥ w. Matt the Electrician ♥Fremont Abbey
2018-04-19 (Thu)Tribute to Willie Nelson & Merle Haggard featuring Country Dave Hamonson & His All Star BandThe Tractor Tavern
2018-04-18 (Wed)Norman BakerLagunitas Taproom (6pm)
2018-04-18 (Wed)Crystal Bowersox ♥♥The Triple Door, Mainstage
2018-04-18 (Wed)Y La Bamba ♥ w. Kera (and The Lesbians) ♥The Tractor Tavern
2018-04-15 (Sun)Country DaveLagunitas Taproom (4:20pm)
2018-04-15 (Sun)Perla Batalla: House of Cohen (Leonard Cohen tribute) ♥The Triple Door, Mainstage
2018-04-15 (Sun)Runes of Neptune w. Sandi Fernandez & The Beacon Hill-BilliesThe Tractor Tavern
2018-04-14 (Sat)Fredd Luongo ♥Lagunitas Taproom (4:20pm)
2018-04-14 (Sat)Andrea Gibson (poet) w. Chastity Brown ♥♥The Neptune Theatre
2018-04-14 (Sat)True North ♥Seattle Folklore Society
2018-04-14 (Sat)Loma w. Jess Williamson ♥The Sunset Tavern
2018-04-14 (Sat)Karl Blau ♥ w. Tellers ♥ (album release), Silver Torches ♥♥Conor Byrne
2018-04-14 (Sat)The Press Gang ♥Seattle Folklore Society
2018-04-14 (Sat)Erika Lundahl ♥ & Ale BlakelyStone Way Cafe
2018-04-14 (Sat)Drew Martin ♥♥ w. Honey Mustard ♥, Leah Lawson ♥The Beery House
2018-04-13 (Fri)Scott H. Biram w. Jesse Dayton, Rod Melancon;The Tractor Tavern
2018-04-13 (Fri)Cry, Cry, Cry (Kaplanski, Shindell & Williams) ♥♥St. Mark's Cathedral
2018-04-13 (Fri)The Moondoggies ♥ w. Grand Hallway (Tomo Nakayama) ♥, Le Sang SongThe Neptune Theatre
2018-04-13 (Fri)The Breeders ♥♥ w. Your Heart BreaksThe Showbox, Sodo
2018-04-13 (Fri)The Regrets ♥ w. Moon Temple, Moon DialBarboza
2018-04-12 (Thu)Gill Landry ♥♥ w. Odessa ♥Fremont Abbey
2018-04-12 (Thu)Tomo Nakayama ♥ w. Bryan John Appleby ♥, Swimming Bell, Andrew VictorThe Sunset Tavern
2018-04-12 (Thu)Robert Deeble (Album Release), w. Lotte Kestner ♥, Mike Dumovich ♥, Shenandoah Davis ♥Ballard Homestead
2018-04-11 & 04-12 (Wed & Thu)Li'l' Smokies ♥ w. The Warren G. Hardings ♥ (Wednesday night), Mapache ♥ (Thursday night)The Tractor Tavern
2018-04-11 (Wed)Hannah DuffyStone Way Cafe
2018-04-11 (Wed)The Salmonberries w. Carlene Crawford & The City Lights, Laryssa BirdseyeThe Sunset Tavern
2018-04-10 (Tue)Marty O'Reilly ♥ w. The Riverside ♥♥The Tractor Tavern
2018-04-10 (Tue)The Round: featuring Beth Whitney ♥♥, Craig Marker ♥, Faustina Masigat ♥ with a painter & a poet tooFremont Abbey
2018-04-10 (Tue)Young-Chhaylee w. Datenite, Stephanie MaeThe Sunset Tavern
2018-04-09 (Mon)Brian Fallon & The Howling Weather ♥♥ w. Rustin Kelly ♥♥Neumo's
2018-04-08 (Sun)Amanda Palmer ♥ w. Jason Webley ♥The Showbox, Pike Place
2018-04-08 (Sun)Mt. Joy ♥ w. Shelby Earl ♥♥The Tractor Tavern
2018-04-07 (Sat)Righteous MothersBallard Homestead
2018-04-07 (Sat)Alice Wallace ♥Seattle Folklore Society
2018-04-07 (Sat)Temple Canyon ♥ w. Roaming Herds of Buffalo, TBAConor Byrne
2018-04-06 (Fri)Young-ChhayleeLagunitas Taproom (6pm)
2018-04-06 (Fri)An Intimate Evening with Noah Gundersen ♥♥ [Nearly sold out! (as of 04-04)]Kirkland Performance Center
2018-04-06 (Fri)I'm With Her ♥♥ [SOLD OUT]The Neptune Theatre
2018-04-06 (Fri)Alvvays ♥♥ w. Frankie Rose [SOLD OUT]Neumo's
2018-04-06 (Fri)Weatherside Whiskey Band ♥ w. Heels To The Hardwood ♥, SuperMotherThe Crocodile
2018-04-06 (Fri)Devin Sinha ♥ w. Katie Kuffel ♥, Tobias The OwlColumbia City Theater
2018-04-06 (Sat)The Swearengens ♥ w. Jenny Don't & The Spurs, The RainierosThe Tractor Tavern
2018-04-05 (Thu)Strange Hotels ♥♥Lagunitas Taproom (6pm)
2018-04-05 (Thu)Kate Nash w. Miya Folick ♥The Showbox, Pike Place
2018-04-05 (Thu)Karina Lewis ♥ w. Claire Michelle ♥, MARBLEThe Sunset Tavern
2018-04-05 (Thu)Songs In The Round w. Bart Budwig ♥, Bryan John Appleby ♥, Kate Lynne Logan ♥♥, Jason McCue ♥ and more!Conor Byrne
2018-04-05 (Thu)The Strypes w. Peter Oren ♥The Tractor Tavern
2018-04-05 (Thu)Vivian Leva & Riley Calcagno ♥ w. Cahalen Morrison ♥♥The Royal Room
2018-04-05 (Thu)Dan Blakeslee ♥♥ (late, late listing... sorry)Hotel Albatross
2018-04-04 (Wed)The Page Turners ♥Lagunitas Taproom (6pm)
2018-04-03 (Tue)Tyler Edwards ♥Lagunitas Taproom (6pm)
2018-04-01 (Sun)High Divide ♥Lagunitas Taproom (4:20pm)
2018-04-01 (Sun)Korby Lenker ♥♥ w. Clara Baker ♥The Triple Door, Mainstage
2018-03-31 (Sat)Kray Van KirkSeattle Folklore Society
2018-03-31 (Sat)Jake Bugg ♥ w. Nina NesbittThe Showbox, Pike Place
2018-03-31 (Sat)The Foghorns w. Double Country, Evergreen ShakersConor Byrne
2018-03-31 (Sat)Noah Byrd w. Bear Talk, Jim MarcotteColumbia City Theater
2018-03-31 (Sat)Gary Bennett and The Coattail RidersNaked City Brewery
2018-03-30 & 03-31(Fri & Sat)Brandi Carlile ♥♥ w. Marlon Williams ♥♥ [BOTH EVENINGS SOLD OUT (reseller tickets may be available)]The Moore Theatre
2018-03-30 (Fri)Liza Anne ♥ w. Valley Queen ♥The Sunset Tavern
2018-03-30 (Fri)Stelth Ulvang ♥♥ (of Lumineers!) w. Tomo Nakayama ♥, Veronica MalkiThe Beery House
2018-03-30 (Fri)Austin Basham ♥ w. Hollow Coves ♥, Gabriel Wolfchild ♥The Tractor Tavern
2018-03-29 (Thu)The Quebe Sisters (Texas Swing)Edmonds Center for the Arts
2018-03-29 (Thu)The Portsiders w. TBA, TBAConor Byrne
2018-03-28 (Wed)Squirrel Butter ♥Lagunitas Taproom (6pm)
2018-03-28 (Wed)Kitchen Dwellers w. Rumpke Mountain BoysNectar Lounge
2018-03-28 (Wed)Dermot Kennedy ♥ [SOLD OUT]The Crocodile
2018-03-28 (Wed)Lucy Dacus w. And The Kids, Adult Mom [SOLD OUT]The Tractor Tavern
2018-03-28 (Wed)Matt KingsleyStone Way Cafe
2018-03-27 (Tue)Stella Donnelly ♥Barboza
2018-03-27 (Tue)Annie Ford Band ♥ w. Amanda Winterhalter ♥, Pineola ♥♥The Tractor Tavern
2018-03-26 (Mon)HomestretchStone Way Cafe
2018-03-25 (Sun)Lowlands ♥Lagunitas Taproom (4:20pm)
2018-03-25 (Sun)James Bay ♥The Showbox, Pike Place
2018-03-25 (Sun)KOLARS w. Escondido ♥, Sammy Brue ♥♥The Tractor Tavern
2018-03-25 (Sun)Eli West ♥♥ w. Andrew Marlin ♥♥Ballard Homestead
2018-03-25 (Sun)Mia DayStone Way Cafe
2018-03-24 (Sat)Kristin Hersh & Grant-Lee Phillips ♥♥ 2 shows: 5:30pm & 8pm)Fremont Abbey
2018-03-24 (Sat)An Evening with Leftover Salmon & Keller Williams ♥The Neptune Theatre
2018-03-24 (Sat)John Gorka ♥ w. Amilia Spicer ♥Seattle Folklore Society
2018-03-24 (Sat)Lindi Ortega ♥♥ w. Hugh Masterson ♥♥, Lydia Ramsey ♥♥The Tractor Tavern
2018-03-24 (Sat)Maltby (Shay Carlucci), Heatmaps (Steven Aguilar), Silver Torches ♥♥ (Erik Walters)The Auditorium (Uheights)
2018-03-23 (Fri)Whitney Mongé ♥Lagunitas Taproom (6pm)
2018-03-23 (Fri)David Jacobs-Strain & Bob Beach ♥♥ w. Bob AntoneThe Beery House
2018-03-23 (Fri)The Oh Hellos ♥♥ w. WildermissThe Neptune Theatre
2018-03-23 (Fri)Runaway Symphony ♥♥ w. The Jason Sees Band, TBAConor Byrne
2018-03-22 & 03-23 (Thu & Fri)Joseph ♥ w. Becca Mancari ♥♥ [BOTH EVENINGS SOLD OUT]Fremont Abbey
2018-03-22 (Thu)Heather Thomas ♥Lagunitas Taproom (6pm)
2018-03-22 (Thu)Caitlin Canty (accompanied by Noam Pikelny!) ♥♥ w. Jeffrey Martin ♥♥Ballard Homestead
2018-03-22 (Thu)Declan McKenna w. Chappell Roan ♥Vera Project
2018-03-22 (Thu)The Alaskan Takeover: The Quaintrelles ♥ w. Amish Robots, ShivertwinsConor Byrne
2018-03-21 (Wed)David Lindley ♥♥ w. David Jacobs-Strain & Bob Beach ♥♥Kirkland Performance Center
2018-03-21 (Wed)Rhett Miller ♥ Matthew Ryan ♥The Tractor Tavern
2018-03-20 (Tue)Dervish (mostly Irish Trad instrumental) ♥The Triple Door, Mainstage
2018-03-20 (Tue)Brett Dennen ♥♥ w. Dean Lewis ♥The Neptune Theatre
2018-03-20 (Tue)The Mowgli's ♥The Crocodile
2018-03-19 (Mon)L.A. Salami ♥♥ w. Cat Clyde ♥The Sunset Tavern
2018-03-18 (Sun)Mary Gauthier ♥♥ w. Max Gomez ♥♥The Triple Door, Mainstage
2018-03-17 (Sat)Martin Sexton ♥♥ w. Chris Trapper ♥The Neptune Theatre
2018-03-17 (Sat)Naomi Wachira ♥♥ w. Diana Gameros ♥♥Fremont Abbey
2018-03-17 (Sat)Dervish (mostly Irish Trad instrumental) ♥Edmonds Center for the Arts
2018-03-17 (Sat)WindborneSeattle Folklore Society
2018-03-17 (Sat)The Paperboys ♥ two shows: 6pm & 9:30pmThe Tractor Tavern
2018-03-17 (Sat)Max Gomez ♥♥Cap Hill House Concert RSVP to
2018-03-16 (Fri)Darlingside ♥♥ w. Henry Jamison ♥♥ [SOLD OUT]The Tractor Tavern
2018-03-16 (Fri)Sierra Hull ♥♥Kirkland Performance Center
2018-03-16 (Fri)Mary Fahl ♥♥ w. Jesse Terry ♥♥The Triple Door, Mainstage
2018-03-16 (Fri)The Exquisite Taste of Plain Water ♥ w. TBA, TBAConor Byrne
2018-03-16 (Fri)Phillip Phillips ♥ w. Ballroom Thieves ♥The Neptune Theatre
2018-03-16 (Fri)Honcho Poncho w. Genders, Big BuddyThe Auditorium (Uheights)
2018-03-16 (Fri)Yonder Mountain String Band ♥ w. Old Salt UnionThe Showbox, Pike Place
2018-03-15 (Thu)Paula Boggs Band ♥♥ w. Jeff Fielder & Friends ♥Fremont Abbey
2018-03-15 (Thu)Arthur James ♥ w. Gabriel Molinaro, Timothy Robert GrahamConor Byrne
2018-03-14 (Wed)Devin Sinha ♥ w. Lindstrom & The Limit ♥, Ghost Town Whistlers ♥The Tractor Tavern
2018-03-14 (Wed)Widower ♥ w. Planes On Paper ♥♥, Barna Howard ♥♥Hotel Albatross
2018-03-14 (Wed)Jonathan Warren & The Billy Goats ♥ w. TBA, TBAConor Byrne
2018-03-13 (Tue)The Round 154: with Kelly Pruitt-Hamm ♥ ings ♥, Stephanie Anne Johnson ♥ and with a live poet and painterFremont Abbey
2018-03-13 (Tue)The Naked and Famous ♥ w. Zander Hawley ♥Columbia City Theater
2018-03-13 (Tue)The Cosmic Trio (acoustic from The Cosmic Shuffle)Columbia City Theater, Bourbon Bar
2018-03-12 (Mon)Gaby DeSpain w. Lillian Frances ♥, Juliette, Opposite ArmorThe Sunset Tavern
2018-03-11 (Sun)Chris Smithers ♥♥ w. TBAThe Tractor Tavern
2018-03-11 (Sun)Drew Martin ♥ w. Ian Siadak, Cooper StoulilThe Sunset Tavern
2018-03-10 (Sat)An Evening with David Rawlings ♥♥The Moore Theatre
2018-03-10 (Sat)The Infamous Stringdusters ♥♥ w. The Last Revel ♥The Showbox, Pike Place
2018-03-10 (Sat)Anderson East ♥♥ w. J.S. Ondara ♥♥ [SOLD OUT]Neumo's
2018-03-10 (Sat)HYWAYS (formerly Ole Tinder) ♥ w. Widower ♥The Tractor Tavern
2018-03-09 (Fri)Lucy Rose ♥♥ w. Charlie Cunningham ♥♥The Sunset Tavern
2018-03-09 (Fri)Donavan Frankenreiter ♥ w. John Craigie ♥♥, Rachel PriceThe Crocodile
2018-03-09 (Fri)The Lone Bellow ♥♥ w. The Wild Reeds ♥The Neptune Theatre
2018-03-08 (Thu)Gabrielle Aplin ♥♥ w. Hudson Taylor ♥, John Splithoff ♥Chop Suey
2018-03-08 (Thu)Mycle Wastman ♥The Triple Door, Mainstage
2018-03-08 (Thu)The Barrett Martin Group w. Vaudeville Etiquette ♥, Noelle TannenThe Crocodile
2017-03-08 (Thu)Señor Fin w. somesurprises, Jake Laundry ♥The Sunset Tavern
2018-03-08 (Thu)The Show Ponies ♥♥ w. The Novel Ideas ♥, Lowlands ♥The Tractor Tavern
2018-03-08 (Thu)Cloud Person ♥ w. Moon Dial, The DesperateConor Byrne
2018-03-07 (Wed)The Dears ♥ w. Silver Torches ♥♥, Tomo Nakayama ♥Chop Suey
2018-03-07 (Wed)Pebble 'n The Crick w. Starving In The Belly of The Whale ♥, TBAConor Byrne
2018-03-07 (Wed)Country Lips w. Elijah Ocean ♥, All The Real Girls ♥The Tractor Tavern
2017-03-06 (Tue)Sandi Fernandez & The Beacon Hill-Billies w. Joseph Dane, Humble UrchinThe Sunset Tavern
2018-03-06 (Tue)Them Coulee Boys ♥♥ w. The Pine Hearts ♥, Vito & The One Eyed JacksThe Tractor Tavern
2018-03-06 (Tue)Rachael Yamagata ♥♥ w. Hemming ♥Columbia City Theater
2018-03-05 (Mon)John McCutcheon ♥The Triple Door, Mainstage
2018-03-05 (Mon)Anna St Lee w. Brianna Skye & The Dark Clouds, Kylan Johnson, Brian CybChop Suey
2017-03-05 (Mon)Faith Healer ♥ w. Dirty Sidewalks, Oh, RoseThe Sunset Tavern
2018-03-04 (Sun)Whiskey Fever ♥ w. Nancy K Dillon ♥ (CD Release!), Joy Mills Band ♥The Tractor Tavern
2018-03-04 (Sun)Brandi Carlile ♥♥ w. Darlingside ♥♥ [SOLD OUT]Mount Baker Theatre
2018-03-04 (Sun)Steep Canyon Rangers ♥The Neptune Theatre
2017-03-04 (Sun)Corey Kilgannon ♥♥ w. Mr Manager, Brittany AmbornThe Sunset Tavern
2018-03-03 (Sat)McKasson & McDonald ♥Seattle Folklore Society
2018-03-03 (Sat)Heels To The Hardwood ♥ w. Tyler Edwards ♥, The Talbott Brothers ♥The Tractor Tavern
2018-03-03 (Sat)Saw Tooth w. The Whags, Jack CarrickConor Byrne
2018-03-02 & 03-03 (Fri & Sat)The Wood Brothers ♥♥ w. The Mastersons ♥♥The Neptune Theatre
2017-03-02 & 03-03 (Fri & Sat)Giants In The Trees ♥♥ w. (Fri night) Cold Soda, The Kingdom Boogie Band; w. (Sat night) Gravelroad, Pale NoiseThe Sunset Tavern
2018-03-02 (Fri)The Travelin' McCoury's ♥♥ w. Spare Rib and The Bluegrass SauceNectar Lounge
2018-03-02 (Fri)The Taj Mahal Trio ♥♥ [SOLD OUT]Kirkland Performance Center
2018-03-02 (Fri)Motopony ♥ w. The Gods Themselves, HotelsThe Tractor Tavern
2018-03-01 (Thu)Lee Ann Womack w. Eddie Berman ♥♥ [SOLD OUT]The Tractor Tavern
2018-03-01 (Thu)Sean McCann (of Great Big Sea) ♥Ballard Homestead
2018-03-01 (Thu)Pimps of Joytime ♥♥ w. Scott Pemberton BandNectar Lounge
2018-03-01 (Thu)Christy McWilson & The West Seattle 2 w. Roy Kay Trio, TBAConor Byrne
2017-03-01 (Sun)Jamie Aaron Aux w. Robin Bacior ♥, Hamilton Boyce (of Song Sparrow ResearchThe Sunset Tavern
2018-02-28 & 03-01 (Wed & Thu)Shovels & Rope ♥♥ [BOTH EVENINGS SOLD OUT]The Triple Door, Mainstage
2018-02-28 (Wed)Tekla Waterfield ♥Lagunitas Taproom (6pm)
2018-02-28 (Wed)Skinny Lister ♥Barboza
2018-02-28 (Wed)Tom Russell ♥♥ (seated show)The Tractor Tavern
2018-02-28 (Wed)Alex Cameron w. Molly Burch ♥The Crocodile
2017-02-28 (Wed)The Deer ♥ w. Temple Canyon ♥, MedejinThe Sunset Tavern
2018-02-28 (Wed)The Wailin' Jennys ♥♥Benaroya Hall
2018-02-27 (Tue)Altan ♥♥The Triple Door, Mainstage
2018-02-27 (Tue)Bahamas ♥♥ w. Weather Station ♥♥The Neptune Theatre
2018-02-26 (Mon)k.d. lang ♥♥ w. Slava GrigoryanThe Moore Theatre
2018-02-25 (Sun)Margo Price ♥♥ w. Blank Range ♥♥The Neptune Theatre
2018-02-25 (Sun)Mandy Harvey ♥The Triple Door, Mainstage
2017-02-25 (Sun)Marina & The Dreamboats ♥ w. Nora Rothman, BranikThe Sunset Tavern
2018-02-24 (Sat)Pat McHenryLagunitas Taproom (4:20pm)
2018-02-24 (Sat)Mike Doughty ♥The Triple Door, Mainstage
2017-02-24 (Sat)Ha Ha Tonka ♥ w. The Ramblin' Years ♥The Sunset Tavern
2018-02-24 (Sat)Leroy Bell and His Only Friends ♥Fremont Abbey
2018-02-24 (Sat)Amy Shark ♥♥ w. MILCK ♥♥Columbia City Theater
2018-02-24 (Sat)Tom Butler ♥, Elena Loper, Hezza FezzaColumbia City Theater, Bourbon Bar
2018-02-24 (Sat)EC Frazier w. TBA, TBAConor Byrne
2018-02-24 (Sat)Led To Sea w. Betsy Olson ♥ (with Sera Cahoone & Moe Provencher!)The Royal Room
2018-02-23 (Fri)Navid Eliot ♥♥Lagunitas Taproom (6pm)
2018-02-23 (Fri)Tom Brosseau ♥♥ w. Tomo Nakayama ♥, Shelley Short ♥♥Fremont Abbey
2018-02-23 (Fri)Folk Inception ♥ w. The Holy Broke ♥, Navid Eliot ♥♥Conor Byrne
2017-02-23 (Fri)Devin Sinha ♥ w. Sarah Gerritsen & The Shadow Catchers ♥♥, thedrifterluke ♥The Sunset Tavern
2018-02-22 - 02-25 (Thu - Sun)2018 Wintergrass Music FestivalHyatt Regency Hotel, Bellevue
2018-02-22 (Thu)Honey Mustard ♥Lagunitas Taproom (6pm)
2018-02-22 (Thu)Sean Hayes ♥ w. Drew Martin ♥The Tractor Tavern
2018-02-22 (Thu)Whitney RoseThe Sunset Tavern
2018-02-21 (Wed)Wintergrass Kickoff Party featuring Slocan Ramblers ♥, The Mighty Dreadful & more!Nectar Lounge
2018-02-21 (Wed)Real Estate ♥ w. Bedouine ♥Neumo's
2018-02-21 (Wed)Arthur James ♥Lagunitas Taproom (6pm)
2018-02-20 (Tue)Mary Timony plays Helium w. Allison Crutchfield ♥Neumo's
2018-02-20 (Tue)Mat KearneyThe Moore Theatre
2018-02-19 (Mon)Protest Fest featuring Sera Cahoone, Star Anna & More!The Tractor Tavern
2018-02-16 - 02-18 (Fri - Sun)Los Lobos ♥♥The Triple Door, Mainstage
2018-02-16 & 02-17 (Fri & Sat)Langhorne Slim ♥♥ w. Twain ♥ [BOTH EVENINGS SOLD OUT]Fremont Abbey
2018-02-16 (Fri)Sean Rowe ♥♥ w. Anna Tivel ♥♥The Sunset Tavern
2018-02-16 (Fri)Mason Jennings ♥Benaroya Hall
2018-02-16 (Fri)Inara George ♥♥ w. Tobias The OwlColumbia City Theater
2018-02-16 (Fri)Nick Drummond ♥ w. Maddy Smith, Rich and BrittColumbia City Theater, Bourbon Bar
2018-02-16 (Fri)"Locals Only" Benifit for Seattle Musical Partership featuring Church of the Cat, Sean Morse ♥, Visceral Candy + a surprise guest!Conor Byrne
2018-02-16 (Fri)Matt Dalton w. Devin Sinha ♥, Kathy MooreColumbia City Theater, Bourbon Bar
2018-02-15 (Thu)The Well Said w. Mason Read & Mat O'Toole, Adina Atkins ♥, Paul JenkinsConor Byrne
2018-02-14 (Wed)LP ♥♥The Showbox, Pike Place
2018-02-14 (Wed)Mindie Lind & Katie Blackstock ♥, Caitlin Sherman ♥ and many other artistsHotel Albatross
2018-02-14 (Wed)Annual Folklife Benefit featuring Sandi Fernandez, Manybest ♥, Kristin Chambers ♥ and Gabriel WolfchildConor Byrne
2018-02-13 (Tue)Benjamin Clementine ♥♥ [THIS SHOW WAS CANCELLED (sorry I missed announcing it)]Benaroya Hall
2018-02-13 (Tue)The Wind and the Wave ♥ w. Haley Johnson ♥, Rachel PriceThe Crocodile
2018-02-13 (Tue)In The Round: Jessica Dobson (of Deep Sea Diver), Mike Edel ♥, Shay Carlucci (of Maltby) + a poet and painterFremont Abbey
2018-02-12 (Mon)Clap Your Hands Say Yeah ♥♥The Tractor Tavern
2018-02-12 (Mon)Dan Auerbach and The Easy Eye Sound Revue ♥♥ w. Shannon and The ClamsThe Showbox, Pike Place
2018-02-12 (Mon)Kevin Leigh Robinson ♥ w. SunbatheChop Suey
2018-02-10 (Sat)Larry Campbell & Teresa Williams ♥Ballard Homestead
2018-02-09 (Fri)Hot Buttered Rum w. DeadGrassNectar Lounge
2018-02-09 (Fri)Jeffrey Martin ♥♥ w. Craig Marker, Taylor KingmanFremont Abbey
2017-02-09 (Fri)Val Dalessio ♥ w. Michael Ashe ♥Couth Buzzard
2018-02-08 (Thu)Nathaniel Talbot ♥♥ w. Fellow Pynins ♥♥, Nick Drummond ♥Conor Byrne
2018-02-08 (Thu)Bermuda Triangle (feat. Brittany Howard, Becca Mancari & Jesse Lafser) ♥♥ w. Bells AtlasThe Crocodile
2018-02-07 (Wed)Frontier Ruckus ♥ w. Cataldo ♥Fremont Abbey
2018-02-05 (Mon)Crow & The Canyon ♥♥ w. Kate Lynne Logan ♥♥, Lana McMullen ♥♥The Triple Door, Mainstage
2018-02-03 (Sat)Jessica Lea Mayfield ♥♥ w. Sun Seeker ♥, Spirit Award [SOLD OUT]The Tractor Tavern
2018-02-03 (Sat)The Deep Dark Woods ♥♥ w. Lydia Ramsey ♥♥, The Sunset Tavern
2018-02-03 (Sat)Shelby Earl ♥♥ w. Sean NelsonThe Triple Door, Mainstage
2018-02-03 (Sat)Drive By Truckers ♥♥ w. Lilly Hiatt ♥♥The Moore Theatre
2018-02-02 (Fri)Jaspar Lepak ♥ w. Avery Hill ♥, Faith Noel Grossnicklaus ♥The Beery House
2018-02-02 (Fri)Brittain Ashford ♥ w. Emily Ann PetersonFremont Abbey
2018-02-01 (Thu)Kyle Craft ♥ w. The Shivas, Ghost FootThe Tractor Tavern
2018-01-31 (Wed)St. Paul de Vence ♥♥ w. Kris Orlowski ♥♥The Triple Door, Mainstage
2018-01-28 (Sun)First Aid Kit ♥♥The Moore Theatre
2018-01-28 (Sun)Bruce Coburn ♥♥The Neptune Theatre
2018-01-28 (Sun)The White BuffaloThe Crocodile
2018-01-28 (Sun)Joe Purdy & Amber Rubarth ♥♥The Triple Door, Mainstage
2018-01-28 (Sun)Jacob Furr & Ryan Tharp ♥Lagunitas Taproom (4:20pm)
2018-01-27 (Sat)Jen Cloher ♥♥ (yep, I believe Courtney will be touring w. her!!)Barboza
2018-01-27 (Sat)Banditos ♥ w. Caitlin Sherman ♥, Ezra Bell ♥The Sunset Tavern
2018-01-27 (Sat)The Gothard Sisters ♥Ballard Homestead
2018-01-27 (Sat)Pickled OkraLagunitas Taproom (4:20pm)
2017-01-27 (Sat)Local Songwriter Showcase with: Annie Ford, Reggie Garrett ♥♥, J.R. Rhodes ♥ & Nelson WrightSeattle Folklore Society
2018-01-27 (Sat)Jean Mann ♥ CD Release Celebration, Songs from Road Girl Vols 1 & 24916 S Angeline St, Seattle
2018-01-26 (Fri)Beasley w. The Native Sibling ♥, Drew Martin ♥, Honey Mustard ♥Fremont Abbey
2018-01-26 (Fri)The Colonels of TruthLagunitas Taproom (6pm)
2018-01-25 (Thu)Roseanne Cash & John Leventhal ♥♥Edmonds Center for the Arts
2018-01-25 (Thu)Josh Ritter & The Royal City Band ♥♥The Neptune Theatre
2018-01-25 (Thu)Giants In The Trees ♥♥ w. Temple Canyon ♥, Star Meets SeaThe Crocodile
2018-01-25 (Thu)Joy Mills ♥Lagunitas Taproom (6pm)
2018-01-24 (Wed)Lofts ♥Lagunitas Taproom (6pm)
2018-01-24 (Wed)Katie Kuffel ♥ w. Heather Edgley, Queenside CastleThe Sunset Tavern
2018-01-23 (Tue)Circuit Des Yeux ♥♥Barboza
2018-01-21 (Sun)Tyler Edwards ♥Lagunitas Taproom (6pm)
2018-01-20 (Sat)Five Letter Word ♥ w. Moe Provencher plus poet KT KapugiThe Beery House
2017-01-20 (Sat)The Mynabirds (w. Laura Burhenn) ♥♥Barboza
2018-01-20 (Sat)The Foghorns w. Virgin of the Birds, Sam Russell & The HarborratsConor Byrne
2018-01-20 (Sat)The Warren G. Hardings ♥ w. Cascade Crescendo ♥Nectar Lounge
2018-01-19 (Fri)Dolly Parton Birthday Tribute various artists TBAConor Byrne
2018-01-18 (Thu)W Lovers ♥Lagunitas Taproom (6pm)
2018-01-18 (Thu)Suzanne Santo ♥♥ w. Mapache ♥The Tractor Tavern
2018-01-17 (Wed)The Crying Shame ♥ w. Roselit Bone ♥, TBAConor Byrne
2018-01-17 (Wed)Willy Tea Taylor w. Tommy Alexander, Taylor KingmanNectar Lounge
2018-01-17 (Wed)Rory Van James ♥Lagunitas Taproom (6pm)
2018-01-17 (Wed)The Secret Sisters ♥ w. Smooth Hound Smith ♥The Tractor Tavern
2018-01-15 & 01-16 (Mon & Tue)Alan Doyle (of Great Big Sea) w. Donovan Woods ♥♥The Triple Door, Mainstage
2018-01-14 (Sun)Justin Kausal-HayesLagunitas Taproom (4:20pm)
2018-01-14 (Sun)Ari Hest ♥♥The Triple Door, Mainstage
2018-01-13 (Sat)Postcard WestLagunitas Taproom (4:20pm)
2018-01-13 (Sat)The Rambin' Years ♥ w. The Swearengens ♥, Tekla Waterfield ♥The Tractor Tavern
2018-01-13 (Sat)Evergreen Shakers w. Sweet Lou's Sour Mash, TBAConor Byrne
2018-01-13 (Sat)The Lowest Pair ♥♥ w. Drew Martin ♥The Beery House
2018-01-12 (Fri)Silver Torches ♥♥ w. The Hollers, Elizabeth Gundersen ♥The Tractor Tavern
2018-01-12 (Fri)In the Round featuring: Mike Gervais ♥♥, Navid Eliot ♥♥ & Kevin SurConor Byrne
2018-01-11 (Thu)Young-ChhayleeLagunitas Taproom (6pm)
2018-01-11 (Thu)Steve Gunn ♥♥ w. Julie Byrne ♥, Lydia Ramsey ♥The Tractor Tavern
2018-01-11 (Thu)Drew Martin ♥ w. Elena Loper, Sam ParkinConor Byrne
2018-01-10 (Wed)Drew Martin ♥Lagunitas Taproom (6pm)
2018-01-10 (Wed)Charlie Crockett ♥ w. Jaime Wyatt ♥The Tractor Tavern
2018-01-09 (Tue)The Round 152 w. Lana McMullen ♥♥, Faint Peter ♥, Shaudi Bianca Vahdat plus spoken word poet and live painter!Fremont Abbey
2018-01-07 (Sun)Lowlands ♥Lagunitas Taproom (4:20pm)
2018-01-06 (Sat)The Paperboys ♥ w. Nick Drummond ♥The Tractor Tavern
2018-01-05 (Fri)Claire Michelle ♥ w. Lana McMullen ♥♥, Kaeley Pruitt-Hamm ♥♥Conor Byrne
2018-01-04 (Thu)Whitney Mongé ♥Lagunitas Taproom (6pm)
2018-01-04 (Thu)Noah Gundersen's Cheap Date ♥♥Chop Suey
2017-12-31 (Sun)Sallie Ford w. La FondaThe Sunset Tavern
2017-12-29 (Fri)Fruition ♥ w. Li'l' Smokies ♥The Crocodile
2017-12-29 (Fri)Dylan Jakobsen ♥ w. The Lowdown Drifters, Dakota PoormanThe Tractor Tavern
2017-12-29 (Fri)Lindstrom & The LimitBarboza
2017-12-28 (Thu)Crash the Glass w. Hezza Fezza, Annie O'Neil & Amy Denio, Chava Mirel, Camilla RecchioColumbia City Theater, Bourbon Bar
2017-12-27 (Wed)Karl Blau ♥The Tractor Tavern
2017-12-23 (Sat)A Very Country Christmas featuring: Sarah Gerritsen ♥♥, Tekla Waterfield ♥ & many others!!The Tractor Tavern
2017-12-23 (Sat)Planes On Paper ♥♥ w. Warren Dunes (w. Julia Massey) ♥, Evan Flory-BarnesThe Sunset Tavern
2017-12-23 (Sat)Drew Martin ♥ w. Gus Clark & The Least of His Problems, Honey Mustard ♥, Young-ChhayleeThe Crocodile
2017-12-22 (Fri)Heather Thomas ♥Lagunitas Taproom (6pm)
2017-12-22 (Fri)Pedro The Lion (David Bazan) ♥ w. Advance Base [SOLD OUT]The Tractor Tavern
2017-12-21 (Thu)Honey Mustard ♥Lagunitas Taproom (6pm)
2017-12-21 (Thu)Kristin Chamber's ♥ "Snow Globe" Christmas Show w. The Mack Grout TrioBallard Homestead
2017-12-21 (Thu)Pedro The Lion (David Bazan) ♥ w. Advance BaseThe Tractor Tavern
2017-12-21 (Thu)Crash the Glass w. Rain City Rock Camp for GirlsColumbia City Theater, Bourbon Bar
2017-12-21 (Thu)White Night w. Shelbie Neal, Sandi FernandezColumbia City Theater
2017-12-20 (Wed)Asher Deaver & Nik Singleton ♥♥Lagunitas Taproom (6pm)
2017-12-20 (Wed)Pedro The Lion (David Bazan) ♥ w. Advance Base [SOLD OUT]The Tractor Tavern
2017-12-17 (Sun)Marcel and NakosLagunitas Taproom (4:20pm)
2017-12-17 (Sun)Josh Garrels ♥♥ w. The Sing TeamThe Neptune Theatre
2017-12-17 (Sun)Alice Merton ♥The Crocodile
2017-12-16 (Sat)Ben Hunter & Joe Seamons ♥Lagunitas Taproom (4:20pm)
2017-12-16 (Sat)The Barr Brothers ♥♥ w. Angelo De Augustine ♥Neumo's
2017-12-16 (Sat)The Moondoggies ♥ w. the Maldives ♥, Widower ♥♥The Tractor Tavern
2017-12-16 (Sat)Niagara Moon, Craig Marker ♥, Bess HepnerColumbia City Theater, Bourbon Bar
2017-12-16 (Sat)Scarlet Parke w. Fell From a StarBarboza
2017-12-15 (Fri)The Moondoggies ♥ w. The Maldives ♥, Widower ♥♥The Tractor Tavern
2017-12-15 (Fri)Noah Gundersen's Cheap Date ♥♥Chop Suey
2017-12-14 (Thu)RL HeyerLagunitas Taproom (6pm)
2017-12-14 (Thu)Ben Sollee and The Kentucky Native ♥♥Barboza
2017-12-14 (Thu)Black Whales ♥♥ w. Fruit Juice (fun!), GibraltarNeumo's
2017-12-14 (Thu)Marina and The Dreamboats ♥ w. Tobias The Owl, Jerett SamplesThe Sunset Tavern
2017-12-14 (Thu)Crash the Glass w. Amber Sweeney, Kelsey Sprague, Hayley DayisColumbia City Theater, Bourbon Bar
2017-12-14 (Thu)Robert Wynia w. March To May ♥♥, By the Wind Sailor ♥The Crocodile
2017-12-13 (Wed)Reed Turchi ♥Lagunitas Taproom (6pm)
2017-12-13 (Wed)Susto ♥♥ w. Esme Patterson ♥♥The Tractor Tavern
2017-12-13 (Wed)Travis Linville ♥♥ w. Tekla Waterfield ♥, Miller CampbellThe Funhouse (El Corazon)
2017-12-12 (Tue)Nicole Atkins ♥♥ w. Lauren Ruth Ward ♥♥, Thayer Sarrano ♥The Sunset Tavern
2017-12-12 (Tue)Charlie Parr ♥♥ w. John Mark NelsonThe Tractor Tavern
2017-12-12 (Tue)The Winter Round featuring Katie Kuffel ♥, Pepper Proud ♥, Lizzie Weber ♥ and others, plus a poet & painters!Fremont Abbey
2017-12-10 (Sun)Saint John and The Revelations ♥ w. Ry Flannery & The Night Owls, Patrick Galactic ♥The Tractor Tavern
2017-12-10 (Sun)Carina Lewis ♥ w. Susan Galbraith, Olivia De La CruzBarboza
2017-12-09 (Sat)March To May ♥♥ w. Kathryn Claire ♥♥The Beery House
2017-12-09 (Sat)Kuinka (formerly Rabbit Wilde) ♥ w. Vaudeville Etiquette ♥, SundogNeumo's
2017-12-09 (Sat)Patterson Hood Two Shows: 7pm & 9pm ♥♥The Sunset Tavern
2017-12-09 (Sat)The Cave Singers ♥♥ w. Ages & Ages ♥The Tractor Tavern
2017-12-09 (Sat)11th Annual Tom Waits Tribute NightConor Byrne
2017-12-09 (Sat)The California Honeydrops ♥♥ w. Super Saturated Sugar Strings ♥The Crocodile
2017-12-09 (Sat)Dusty Strings Open House ♥♥ Lots of great bands and musicians!!Dusty Strings (11am - 9pm)
2017-12-09 (Sat)Bear Talk w. Shine, Aaron BluColumbia City Theater, Bourbon Bar
2017-12-08 (Fri)Super Saturated Sugar Strings ♥Lagunitas Taproom (6pm)
2017-12-08 (Fri)Lucy Kaplansky ♥♥ w. Debbie Miller ♥Ballard Homestead
2017-12-08 (Fri)Julien Baker ♥♥ w. Half Waif ♥, Adam Torres ♥♥The Neptune Theatre
2017-12-08 (Fri)The Cave Singers ♥♥ w. Shelby Earl ♥♥ [SOLD OUT]The Tractor Tavern
2017-12-08 (Fri)Jason Webley ♥ w. Hot Damn Scandal, Demonym JacketConor Byrne
2017-12-07 (Thu)Ragged UnionLagunitas Taproom (6pm)
2017-12-07 (Thu)Overcoats ♥♥The Crocodile
2017-12-07 (Thu)Valerie June ♥♥ w. Gill Landry ♥♥The Showbox, Pike Place
2017-12-07 (Thu)Blitzen Trapper ♥♥ w. Lilly Hiatt ♥♥ [SOLD OUT]The Tractor Tavern
2017-12-07 (Thu)Crash the Glass w. Andrea Lockwood, Maddy Smith, Margaux LeSourdColumbia City Theater, Bourbon Bar
2017-12-06 (Wed)Norman BakerLagunitas Taproom (6pm)
2017-12-06 (Wed)American Girls (KEXP Tom Petty Celebration) [SOLD OUT]The Tractor Tavern
2017-12-05 (Tue)Leif Vollebekk ♥ w. Isaac Taylor (son of Livingston) ♥♥The Sunset Tavern
2017-12-05 (Tue)American Girls (KEXP Tom Petty Celebration) w. Low HumsThe Tractor Tavern
2017-12-05 (Tue)John Craigie ♥♥ w. Beth Wood ♥♥The Triple Door, Mainstage
2017-12-05 (Tue)Matthew Logan Vasquez ♥ w. Kelsey Wilson ♥, Cameron Neal ♥Fremont Abbey
2017-12-04 (Mon)Joshua Davis ♥♥The Triple Door, Mainstage
2017-12-04 (Mon)Tyler Edwards ♥ w. Jonathan LiretteThe Sunset Tavern
2017-12-03 (Sun)Laney Lou & The Bird Dogs ♥Lagunitas Taproom (4:20pm)
2017-12-03 (Sun)A View Of Earth From the Moon ♥♥ w. Surf The Pines ♥, Clone WolfThe Sunset Tavern
2017-12-03 (Sun)Tom Fest (Tom Petty Tribute) featuring Petty Thief & friendsThe Crocodile
2017-12-02 (Sat)Jeff Austin Band w. Spare Rib and The Bluegrass SauceThe Tractor Tavern
2017-12-02 (Sat)Del McCoury Band ♥♥ 2 shows: 6pm & 9pmThe Triple Door, Mainstage
2017-12-02 (Sat)Cathedrals XX: Julianna Barwick w. Mirah ♥St. Mark's Cathedral
2017-12-01 (Fri)Cathedrals XIX: Sera Cahoone ♥♥ (w. string trio) w. Shenandoah Davis ♥St. Mark's Cathedral
2017-12-01 (Fri)Tom Petty Tribute Night w. Black Whales ♥♥, Shallow Lenses, Planes On Paper ♥♥ and moreConor Byrne
2017-11-30 (Thu)Squirrel Butter ♥Lagunitas Taproom (6pm)
2017-11-30 (Thu)Corey Smith w. Jade Jackson ♥The Tractor Tavern
2017-11-29 (Wed)Rain City Ramblers ♥Lagunitas Taproom (6pm)
2017-11-29 (Wed)Nora Jane Struthers ♥♥ w. Korby Lenker ♥♥The Sunset Tavern
2017-11-29 (Wed)Angus & Julia Stone ♥♥ w. Luke Sital-Singh ♥♥The Neptune Theatre
2017-11-29 (Wed)Whiskey Fever w/ Garrett & The Sheriffs, Pat McHenryThe Tractor Tavern
2017-11-28 & 11-29 (Tue & Wed)The National ♥♥The Paramount Theatre
2017-11-28 (Tue)John Reischman & The Jaybirds ♥♥ w. Eli West ♥♥The Triple Door, Mainstage
2017-11-28 (Tue)Tom Petty Tribute NightChop Suey
2017-11-26 (Sun)Marcel and NakosLagunitas Taproom (4:20pm)
2017-11-26 (Sun)Mark Olson (of Jayhawks) ♥ (seated show)The Tractor Tavern
2017-11-25 (Sat)The Mighty Dreadful ♥Lagunitas Taproom (4:20pm)
2017-11-25 (Sat)Bela Fleck & Abigail Washburn ♥♥The Moore Theatre
2017-11-25 (Sat)Hank Cramer ♥Seattle Folklore Society
2017-11-25 (Sat)Leroy Bell benefit show ♥Fremont Abbey
2017-11-25 (Sat)Polyrythmics ♥♥ w. Whitney Mongé ♥ [SOLD OUT]The Tractor Tavern
2017-11-25 (Sat)The Kingdom Boogie Band w. TBA, Jason Dodson ♥Conor Byrne
2017-11-24 - 11-26 (Fri - Sun)The Paperboys ♥The Triple Door, Mainstage
2017-11-24 (Fri)High Divide ♥Lagunitas Taproom (6pm)
2017-11-24 (Fri)Seattle's Tribute to The Last Waltz lots of great local artists!! ♥♥The Neptune Theatre
2017-11-24 (Fri)Tori Amos ♥♥The Paramount Theatre
2017-11-24 (Fri)Memphis Radio Kings w. Graig Markel, Pineola ♥Conor Byrne
2017-11-21 (Tue)The Rural Alberta Advantage ♥♥ w. Yukon BlondeNeumo's
2017-11-21 (Tue)The Drifter Luke ♥ w. Young-Chhaylee, Sue Quigley and The Revelators ♥Chop Suey
2017-11-20 (Mon)Will Hoge ♥♥ w. Dan Layus ♥♥The Tractor Tavern
2017-11-19 (Sun)Nick Mulvey ♥♥ w. William Wild ♥The Tractor Tavern
2017-11-18 (Sat)Peter Mulvey ♥♥ w. Danielle Ate The SandwichSeattle Folklore Society
2017-11-18 (Sat)Haas Kowert Tice ♥ w. Drew Martin ♥Ballard Homestead
2017-11-18 (Sat)Jason Hawk Harris ♥♥ w. The Novel Ideas ♥♥, Curtis McMurtry ♥Fremont Abbey
2017-11-18 (Sat)Uncle BonsaiKirkland Performance Center
2017-11-18 (Sat)Cataldo ♥ w. Iji, ings ♥, Emma Lee ToyodaNeumo's
2017-11-18 (Sat)Roo & The Few ♥ w. Val D'Allessio ♥, Matthew ArmstrongC&P Coffee Company
2017-11-17 & 11-18 (Fri & Sat)Noah Gundersen ♥♥ w. Phoebe Bridgers ♥, The HollersThe Neptune Theatre
2017-11-17 (Fri)The Bushwick Book Club Songs Inspired By Lindy West's ShrillThe Royal Room
2017-11-17 (Fri)Star Anna ♥♥ w. Alberta ♥The Triple Door, Mainstage
2017-11-16 (Thu)2017 Abbey Arts Fall Fundraiser w. great local music & artsFremont Abbey
2017-11-16 (Thu)Shook Twins ♥ w. Chris Staples ♥♥Neumo's
2017-11-16 (Thu)Donna the Buffalo ♥ w. Joy Mills ♥The Tractor Tavern
2017-11-16 (Thu)Jenn Champion ♥♥ w. Childbirth, Mirrorgloss, Val NigroChop Suey
2017-11-15 (Wed)Hamilton Leithauser ♥ w. Courtney Marie Andrews ♥♥The Neptune Theatre
2017-11-15 (Wed)Miller Campbell w. The Hasslers ♥The Tractor Tavern
2017-11-14 (Tue)Hayes Carll ♥♥ w. The Band of Heathens ♥ [SOLD OUT]The Tractor Tavern
2017-11-13 (Mon)Manybest w. Tobias The Owl, DateniteBarboza
2017-11-12 (Sun)Planes On Paper ♥♥Lagunitas Taproom (4:20pm)
2017-11-12 (Sun)Trevor Hall w. East ForestThe Neptune Theatre
2017-11-12 (Sun)Curtis Harding ♥ [SOLD OUT]The Sunset Tavern
2017-11-12 (Sun)Son Little ♥ w. Jade Bird ♥♥The Tractor Tavern
2017-11-11 (Sat)Jolie Holland & Samantha Parton ♥♥ w. Bonfire Madigan ShiveBallard Homestead
2017-11-11 (Sat)Sam Bush ♥♥Kirkland Performance Center
2017-11-11 (Sat)Local Strangers ♥Lagunitas Taproom (4:20pm)
2017-11-11 (Sat)The Devil Makes Three ♥ w. Scott H. Biram ♥♥, Ditrani BrothersThe Showbox, Sodo
2017-11-10 (Fri)Mandolin Orange ♥♥ w. Rachel Baiman ♥♥The Neptune Theatre
2017-11-10 (Fri)Black Winter Hymal: Naomi Wachira ♥♥, Whitney Mongé ♥, Stephanie Anne JohnsonFremont Abbey
2017-11-10 (Fri)Lenore ♥ w. Young-Chhaylee, Drew Martin ♥Conor Byrne
2017-11-09 (Thu)Yasmine Hamdan ♥The Crocodile
2017-11-09 (Thu)W Lovers ♥Lagunitas Taproom (6pm)
2017-11-08 (Wed)Ani DiFranco ♥♥ w. Madame Ghandi [SOLD OUT]The Neptune Theatre
2017-11-08 (Wed)Jonathan Warren ♥Lagunitas Taproom (6pm)
2017-11-08 (Wed)Alex Clare ♥ w. Bobby Bazini ♥Neumo's
2017-11-08 (Wed)Emily Saliers (of Indigo Girls) ♥♥ w. Lucy Wainwright Roche ♥♥The Tractor Tavern
2017-11-08 (Wed)Tom Paxton ♥♥ w. The Don Juans ♥The Triple Door, Mainstage
2017-11-07 (Tue)Choir! Choir! Choir! ♥♥Fremont Abbey
2017-11-07 (Tue)Jason Groce and the Joy Tyrants w. Jonathan Warren ♥, Evan WhiteThe Sunset Tavern
2017-11-07 (Tue)Dead Horses ♥♥ w. The Talbott Brothers ♥, Mapache ♥The Tractor Tavern
2017-11-07 (Tue)Anna St Lee Benefit: lots of local artistsChop Suey
2017-11-06 (Mon)The Weather Station ♥♥ w. James Elkington ♥♥, Michael Wohl ♥The Sunset Tavern
2017-11-06 (Mon)Parachute w. Austin Paine ♥The Triple Door, Mainstage
2017-11-05 (Sun)Saint John and The Revelations ♥Lagunitas Taproom (4:20pm)
2017-11-05 (Sun)Matt Wertz w. Dustin RansomThe Triple Door, Mainstage
2017-11-04 (Sat)Ari & Mia Friedman ♥♥Seattle Folklore Society
2017-11-04 (Sat)Paul Cauthen ♥ w. The Texas GentlemenThe Tractor Tavern
2017-11-04 (Sat)Country Dave Presents: Tribute To Gram Parsons w. lots of local artistsConor Byrne
2017-11-04 (Sat)The Front Bottoms ♥The Neptune Theatre
2017-11-04 (Sat)Hanna DuffyStone Way Cafe
2017-11-03 (Fri)Tomo Nakayama ♥ w. Moe Provencher, I Love You AvalancheThe Beery House
2017-11-03 (Fri)Hoop w. Ora Cogan, TispurThe Old School, 50th/Univ. Ave, U-District
2017-11-03 (Fri)Kye Alfred Hillig ♥ w. TBAConor Byrne
2017-11-03 (Fri)The Moves Collective ♥Lagunitas Taproom (6pm)
2017-11-03 (Fri)Horseshoes & Hand Grenades ♥ w. Kitchen Dwellers ♥, Cascase Crescendo ♥Nectar Lounge
2017-11-02 & 11-03 (Thu & Fri)Over The Rhine ♥♥The Triple Door, Mainstage
2017-11-02 (Thu)Kris Delmhorst & Jeffrey Foucault ♥♥Ballard Homestead
2017-11-02 (Thu)Brooke and Dawn w. TBAConor Byrne
2017-11-02 (Thu)Hiss Golden Messenger ♥♥The Tractor Tavern
2017-11-01 (Wed)David Ramirez ♥♥ w. Molly Parden ♥The Tractor Tavern
2017-11-01 (Wed)Sophia Dulcini ♥ w. Robin Bacior ♥, CumulusThe Sunset Tavern
2017-11-01 (Wed)Justin Townes Earle ♥♥ w. The Maldives ♥The Triple Door, Mainstage
2017-10-30 (Mon)Chelsea Wolfe ♥ w. Youth CodeThe Showbox, Pike Place
2017-10-30 (Mon)Haley Reinhart w. Moorea Masa ♥♥Chop Suey
2017-10-29 (Sun)Trout Steak Revival ♥♥ w. Brad Parsons Band ♥Nectar Lounge
2017-10-28 (Sat)Laura Cortese and The Dance Cards ♥♥Seattle Folklore Society
2017-10-28 (Sat)Alvvays ♥♥ w. Jay SomThe Showbox, Pike Place
2017-10-28 (Sat)Puddle Jumpers ♥Lagunitas Taproom (4:20pm)
2017-10-27 (Fri)Tegan and Sara ♥The Moore Theatre
2017-10-27 (Fri)The Steel Wheels ♥♥ w. Tyler Edwards ♥, Lydia Ramsey ♥St. Mark's Cathedral, Capitol Hill
2017-10-27 (Fri)Eric Apoe and THEY w. Erika Lundhal ♥Couth Buzzard
2017-10-27 (Fri)Whitney Mongé ♥Lagunitas Taproom (6pm)
2017-10-27 (Fri)Jason Dodson & Faustine Hudson ♥Naked City Brewery
2017-10-26 (Thu)The Bushwick Book Club Songs Inspired by Grimms' Fairy TalesFremont Abbey
2017-10-26 (Thu)Crash the Glass w. Courtney Weaver, Sheri Roberts Greimes ♥, Kaeley Pruitt-Hamm ♥Columbia City Theater
2017-10-26 (Thu)Michael Wohl ♥Lagunitas Taproom (6pm)
2017-10-25 (Wed)Penny & Sparrow ♥ w. Lowland Hum ♥Columbia City Theater
2017-10-25 (Wed)Slowdive ♥♥ w. Cherry GazerrThe Neptune Theatre
2017-10-25 (Wed)Michael Nau (of Cotton Jones) ♥♥ w. The Parson Red Heads ♥The Sunset Tavern
2017-10-23 (Mon)Whitehorse ♥ w. The Tractor Tavern
2017-10-22 (Sun)Courtney Barnett & Kurt Vile ♥♥The Showbox, Pike Place
2017-10-22 (Sun)Marcel and NakosLagunitas Taproom (4:20pm)
2017-10-22 & 10-23 (Sun & Mon)Broken Social Scene ♥♥ w. TBAThe Neptune Theatre
2017-10-21 (Sat)Take Me To The River: LIVE! featuring William Bell, Boby Rush & Charlie Musselwhite ♥♥Kirkland Performance Center
2017-10-21 (Sat)Courtney Barnett & Kurt Vile ♥♥The Moore Theatre
2017-10-21 (Sat)Bill Staines ♥♥Seattle Folklore Society
2017-10-21 (Sat)Will Moore Band w. Abbott KinneyConor Byrne
2017-10-21 (Sat)Nick Drummond ♥Lagunitas Taproom (4:20pm)
2017-10-21 (Sat)Kyle Craft ♥The Crocodile
2017-10-20 (Fri)Tannahill Weavers ♥ w. Feire WarningBallard Homestead
2017-10-20 (Fri)Doug Martsch w. Sam Coomes, Otis CrookFremont Abbey
2017-10-20 (Fri)Ben Hunter & Joe Seamons ♥The Beery House
2017-10-20 (Fri)Nick Foster Band ♥ w. Bart Budwig ♥, Kara Hesse ♥Conor Byrne
2017-10-20 (Fri)Roger McGuinn ♥♥Kirkland Performance Center
2017-10-19 (Thu)Loudon Wainwright III ♥Kirkland Performance Center
2017-10-19 (Thu)Michael Wohl ♥, Native Harrow ♥, Maxwell Williams Conor Byrne
2017-10-19 (Thu)Joy Mills ♥Lagunitas Taproom (6pm)
2017-10-18 (Wed)Iron & Wine ♥♥The Moore Theatre
2017-10-18 (Wed)Marty O'Reilly ♥ w. Backslide GospelThe Tractor Tavern
2017-10-18 (Wed)Woodland West, The Pickin' Pear ♥ The InsinuatorsConor Byrne
2017-10-18 (Wed)Paul Kelly ♥♥ w. Jess Cornelius ♥♥The Crocodile
2017-10-17 (Tue)Bob Scheider w. Ryan Hamilton & The TraitorsThe Tractor Tavern
2017-10-15 (Sun)Marc Broussard ♥♥The Crocodile
2017-10-15 (Sun)Molsky's Mountain Drifters ♥♥Seattle Folklore Society
2017-10-15 (Sun)Younger Shoulder w. Jessica Dennison + Jones, Kristin Allen-ZitoThe Sunset Tavern
2017-10-15 (Sun)Lucy Rose ♥♥ [POSTPONED (date to be announced)]The Sunset Tavern
2017-10-14 (Sat)Tim Grimm Family Band ♥♥Seattle Folklore Society
2017-10-14 (Sat)Reverend Peyton's Big Damn Band w. Jason Webley ♥, The Mighty Dreadful ♥The Tractor Tavern
2017-10-14 (Sat)Jaeger & Reid ♥Tim Noah's Thumbnail Theater
2017-10-13 (Fri)Lemolo ♥ w. TBABallard Homestead
2017-10-13 (Fri)The Ghost of Paul Revere ♥♥ w. The Last Revel ♥Columbia City Theater
2017-10-12 (Thu)Chuck Prophet ♥ w. Nathaniel Talbot ♥♥Fremont Abbey
2017-10-11 (Wed)Ben Ottewell ♥♥ w. BUDDY ♥The Tractor Tavern
2017-10-11 (Wed)Gillian Welch (and Dave Rawlings) ♥♥The Moore Theatre
2017-10-10 (Tue)Balmorhea w. Benoit PioulardFremont Abbey
2017-10-10 (Tue)This is The Kit ♥♥The Tractor Tavern
2017-10-09 & 10-10 (Mon & Tue)The War On Drugs ♥♥The Moore Theatre
2017-10-09 (Mon)An Evening with Art Garfunkel ♥♥The Neptune Theatre
2017-10-09 (Mon)Colter Wall ♥The Tractor Tavern
2017-10-08 (Sun)Alice Stuart ♥♥Seattle Folklore Society
2017-10-08 (Sun)Matthew Szlachetka ♥♥Odin Brewing Company, Tukwila, 5pm
2017-10-07 (Sat)The Moondoggies ♥ w. LAKE, CorespondentsThe Tractor Tavern
2017-10-05 (Thu)Sarah Jarosz w. Brother Roy ♥ [SOLD OUT]The Tractor Tavern
2017-10-05 - 10-08 (Thu - Sun)FAR-West Folk Alliance Music Conference ♥♥Hyatt Regency - Bellevue
2017-10-04 & 10-05 (Wed & Thu)Feist ♥♥The Neptune Theatre
2017-10-04 (Wed)Beth Whitney ♥♥ w. Jeffrey Martin ♥♥, Woods of WildThe Triple Door, Mainstage
2017-10-02 (Mon)Aaron Lee Tasjan ♥♥The Tractor Tavern
2017-10-01 (Sun)Billy Bragg ♥♥ w. TBAThe Neptune Theatre
2017-10-01 (Sun)Aldous Harding ♥♥ [CANCELLED]The Tractor Tavern
2017-09-30 (Sat)Sturgill Simpson ♥♥ w. Fantastic Negrito ♥Marymoor Park, Redmond
2017-09-30 (Sat)Shawn Colvin ♥♥The Moore Theatre
2017-09-30 (Sat)City and Colour (Dallas Green) ♥♥ w. David Bazan ♥The Paramount Theatre
2017-09-30 (Sat)Steve James ♥♥Seattle Folklore Society
2017-09-30 (Sat)The Bushwick Book Club: Jack Straw WritersBallard Homestead
2017-09-30 (Sat)The Brothers Comatose ♥♥ w. The Lil' Smokies ♥, Mipso ♥♥Neumo's
2017-09-30 (Sat)Jim Page ♥ w. Wes Weddell, Timothy Hull ♥The Beery House
2017-09-30 (Sat)Scott Cook ♥♥Tim Noah's Thumbnail Theater
2017-09-29 (Fri)Ben Folds ♥♥The Moore Theatre
2017-09-29 (Fri)The Winterlings ♥ w. Kacy & Clayton ♥Fremont Abbey
2017-09-29 (Fri)Elliott Brood ♥♥ w. Evening Bell ♥, Lydia Ramsey ♥The Tractor Tavern
2017-09-28 (Thu)The National Parks ♥ w. RIVVRS, The Native Sibling ♥The Tractor Tavern
2017-09-28 (Thu)Valley Queen ♥ w. TBAThe Sunset Tavern
2017-09-28 (Thu)Sera Cahoone ♥♥ w. Planes on Paper ♥♥, Moon PalaceNeumo's
2017-09-27 (Wed)Sarah Shook & The Disarmers ♥♥ w. Danny Newcomb ♥, The W Lovers ♥The Tractor Tavern
2017-09-24 (Sun)Stephen Kellogg ♥♥ w. Emily Hearn ♥Columbia City Theater
2017-09-24 (Sun)Darden Smith ♥♥The Royal Room
2017-09-23 (Sat)The Shins ♥♥ w. Foxygen, Day Wave ♥Marymoor Park, Redmond
2017-09-23 (Sat)Sam Amidon ♥♥ w. Anna Tivel ♥♥Fremont Abbey
2017-09-22 (Fri)Daniel Norgren ♥♥ w. TBAThe Tractor Tavern
2017-09-21 (Thu)W Lovers ♥Lagunitas Taproom (4:20pm)
2017-09-21 (Thu)Greg Brown ♥♥ (seated show) [SOLD OUT]The Tractor Tavern
2017-09-21 (Thu)Devin Sinha ♥ (album release party) w. Heels To The Hardwood ♥, Kara Hesse ♥, Good QuiverNectar Lounge
2017-09-21 (Thu)Kathleen Murray ♥ w. Mimi Gilbert ♥, Emma Hewitt & Brendan McMillenFremont Abbey
2017-09-20 (Wed)Gracie and Rachel ♥ w. Saudade SistersFremont Abbey
2017-09-19 (Tue)Dan Croll ♥♥ w. The DigThe Crocodile
2017-09-19 (Tue)Martha Wainwright ♥♥ w. TBAThe Sunset Tavern
2016-09-17 (Sun)Bradford Loomis ♥♥ w. guests Nick Foster, Kate Lynne Logan, etc.)Seattle Secret Shows
2017-09-16 (Sat)Laurie Lewis & The Right Hands ♥♥Seattle Folklore Society
2017-09-16 (Sat)Tekla Waterfield ♥High Dive
2017-09-16 (Sat)Sofia Talvik ♥ w. Three For SilverThe Beery House
2017-09-15 (Fri)D.D. Dumbo ♥♥ w. Midnight SisterBarboza
2017-09-15 (Fri)Andrew Belle ♥ w. Praytell ♥The Tractor Tavern
2017-09-15 (Fri)Massy Ferguson Duo ♥ w. Star Anna ♥♥, Sarah Gerritsen ♥♥The Crocodile
2017-09-15 (Fri)Willie Watson ♥♥ w. Bedouine ♥Fremont Abbey
2017-09-15 (Fri)Amy Helm ♥♥Live at Andre's
2017-09-14 & 09-15 (Thu & Fri)Fleet Foxes ♥♥The Paramount Theatre
2017-09-14 (Thu)Amy Helm ♥♥ (Levon's daughter) w. Levi Parham ♥♥, Joy Mills ♥The Tractor Tavern
2017-09-14 (Thu)Griffin House ♥♥The Triple Door, Mainstage
2017-09-13 (Wed)Western Centuries ♥ w. Sons of Rainier, Mindie Lind ♥The Tractor Tavern
2017-09-12 (Tue)Jason Isbell and The 400 Unit ♥♥The Paramount Theatre
2017-09-12 (Tue)The Round: Ben Fisher, Erin Austin & Matt Batey (of Cataldo)Fremont Abbey
2017-09-12 (Tue)Greg Graffin ♥ w. Mike GiacolinioThe Tractor Tavern
2017-09-11 (Mon)Wilsen ♥♥The Crocodile
2017-09-09 (Sat)Tomo Nakayama ♥ w. Led To Sea, Mr & Mrs. MuffinsFremont Abbey
2017-09-09 (Sat)Val D'Allessio ♥, Geli Wuerzner, Allison Preisinger ♥Couth Buzzard
2017-09-07 (Thu)Ages & Ages ♥ w. Genders ♥The Tractor Tavern
2017-09-06 (Wed)Alexandra Savior ♥ w. MáscarasThe Sunset Tavern
2017-09-05 (Tue)Parsonfield w. Local Strangers ♥The Tractor Tavern
2017-09-03 (Sun)The Round at Bumbershoot: Alex Guy (from Led to Sea) w. Katie Kuffel & Isaac Castillo ♥, Drew Martin ♥Vera Project @ Seattle Center
2017-09-03 (Sun)Seth Walker ♥♥Live at Andre's
2017-09-02 (Sat)Pieta Brown ♥♥The Triple Door, Mainstage
2017-09-02 (Sat)Drew Martin ♥ w. Vicious Petals ♥, Charlie & The Rays ♥The Tractor Tavern
2017-09-02 (Sat)Chuck Cannon ♥♥Live at Andre's
2017-08-30 (Wed)Springtime Carnivore ♥♥Barboza
2017-08-30 (Wed)The Way Down Wanderers ♥ w. Vito & The One Eyed Jacks ♥The Tractor Tavern
2017-08-25 (Fri)Barna Howard ♥♥ w. Jack Grelle, Caitlin ShermanConor Byrne
2017-08-25 (Fri)The Warren G. Hardings ♥ w. Rain City Ramblers ♥, Tom EddyThe Tractor Tavern
2017-08-24 (Thu)Tom Brosseau ♥♥ w. Daniel LevitinFremont Abbey
2017-08-24 (Thu)Mark Lanegan Band ♥♥ w. Duke Garwood ♥♥, Lyenn ♥The Showbox, Pike Place
2017-08-24 (Thu)Jaime Wyatt ♥♥ w. The Swearengens ♥, The W Lovers ♥The Tractor Tavern
2017-08-24 (Thu)Planes On Paper ♥♥ w. Tall Tall Trees, Ritchie Young (of Portland's Loch Lomond)The Crocodile
2017-08-24 (Thu)Tangerine Trio ♥ @ 7pmKirke Park; 9th Ave NW & NW 72nd St
2017-08-23 (Wed)Will Kimbrough, Grayson Capps and Corky Hughes ♥The Royal Room
2017-08-23 (Wed)Laetitia Sadier Source Ensemble ♥ w. Heather TrostThe Sunset Tavern
2017-08-23 (Wed)Pokey LaFarge ♥♥The Showbox, Pike Place
2017-08-22 (Tue)Sawyer Frederics ♥♥The Triple Door, Mainstage
2017-08-20 & 08-21 (Sun & Mon)Kevin Morby ♥♥ w. Shannon Lay ♥♥ [Monday night SOLD OUT]The Tractor Tavern
2017-08-20 (Sun)March To May ♥♥ w. Lizzie Weber ♥House Concert (link to Facebook Event)
2017-08-19 (Sat)Tom Petty ♥♥ w. The Lumineers ♥♥Safeco Field
2017-08-17 (Thu)Tim Moyer ♥ w. Will Champlin, Chi McClean ♥The Crocodile
2017-08-17 (Thu)WTA Benefit feat. The Native Sibling ♥ w. Drew Martin ♥, Steven MooreFremont Abbey
2017-08-16 (Wed)Tyler Childers ♥♥ Eddie Berman ♥♥The Sunset Tavern
2017-08-15 (Tue)Sister Speak ♥♥ w. Nicole TorresThe Royal Room
2017-08-15 (Tue)Steve Earle & The Dukes ♥♥ w. The Mastersons ♥♥The Neptune Theatre
2017-08-13 (Sun)Benefit Concert incl. Animals of Grace ♥, Tobias The Owl, Eric Herbig, Kaeley Pruitt-Hamm ♥ and othersAll Pilgrim's Church
2017-08-13 (Sun)Margaret Glaspy ♥♥ w. Liza Anne ♥The Crocodile
2017-08-13 (Sun)Blind Pilot ♥ w. Gregory Alan Isakov ♥♥ZooTunes
2017-08-11 (Fri)Music at the Mural, featuring Telekinesis ♥, Sisters and Haley Heynderickx ♥♥Mural Amphitheatre, Seattle Center
2017-08-10 (Thu)Band In Seattle, featuring Motopony ♥ and Shelby Earl ♥♥Victory Studios
2017-08-09 (Wed)Willie Nelson & Family ♥♥ w. Kacey Musgraves ♥♥Marymoor Park, Redmond
2017-08-08 (Tue)John Moreland ♥♥ w. Christian Lee Hutson ♥♥The Tractor Tavern
2017-08-08 (Tue)Belle and Sebastian ♥♥ w. Big Thief ♥♥The Paramount Theatre
2017-08-07 (Mon)Lydia Ramsey ♥ w. The Suitcase Junket ♥♥, Julia Massey ♥The Sunset Tavern
2017-08-07 (Mon)Jason Eady ♥ w. Rachel Mae ♥The Tractor Tavern
2017-08-06 (Sun)Meredith Axelrod ♥♥ w. Jean Mann ♥, Allison Preisinger ♥The Beery House
2017-08-06 (Sun)The Whistle and The Bells ♥♥ w. The Rocketboys ♥♥, The FoghornsThe Tractor Tavern
2017-08-06 (Sun)Blue Water Highway w. Garrett and the Sheriffs, Amanda WinterhalterThe Sunset Tavern
2017-08-05 (Sat)Heels To The Hardwood ♥ w. Kara Hesse ♥The Tractor Tavern
2017-08-04 (Fri)High DivideLagunitas Taproom (4:20pm)
2017-08-04 (Fri)J Mascis ♥ w. Steve Gunn ♥♥, James Elkington ♥♥Neumo's
2017-08-04 (Fri)Marika Hackman ♥♥ w. The Big MoonThe Sunset Tavern
2017-08-04 (Fri)Stu Larsen ♥♥Barboza
2017-08-02 (Wed)David Wax Museum ♥ w. M Lockwood Porter ♥♥The Tractor Tavern
2017-08-02 (Wed)Delta Rae ♥ w. Liz Longley ♥The Crocodile
2017-08-02 (Wed)Sneaky BonesLagunitas Taproom (4:20pm)
2017-07-31 (Mon)Benefit Concert with Animals of Grace ♥, Eric Herbig, Alexandra Blakey & Kaeley Pruitt-Hamm ♥The Royal Room
2017-07-30 (Sun)Larry Murante ♥ 12:30 - 2:00pm, The Winterlings ♥ 2:30 - 4:00pmBellevue 6th Street Fair
2017-07-30 (Sun)Marcel and NakosLagunitas Taproom (4:20pm)
2017-07-30 (Sun)Aldous Harding ♥♥ w. Briana MarelaThe Tractor Tavern
2017-07-29 (Sat)Bradford Loomis ♥♥ 2:30 - 4:00pmBellevue 6th Street Fair
2017-07-29 (Sat)Sweet Lou's Sour MashLagunitas Taproom (6pm)
2017-07-29 (Sat)Charlie Parr ♥♥ w. Michael Wohl ♥The Tractor Tavern
2017-07-29 (Sat)In The Valley Below ♥ w. Flagship, MarsalisThe Crocodile
2016-07-29 (Sat)Chris Staples ♥♥ w. Robin Bacior ♥Seattle Secret Shows
2017-07-28 (Fri)10,000 Maniacs ♥ w. Cindy Lee Berryhill ♥♥The Triple Door, Mainstage
2017-07-28 (Fri)Tekla Waterfield ♥ 4:30 - 6:00pm, Jaspar Lepak ♥ 6:30 - 8:00pmBellevue 6th Street Fair
2017-07-27 (Thu)Maricsz w. Niagra Moon, Craig WalkerConor Byrne
2017-07-26 (Wed)Patrick McHenryLagunitas Taproom (4:20pm)
2017-07-25 (Tue)Kate Lynne Logan ♥♥ w. Peter Bradley Adams ♥♥The Triple Door, Mainstage
2017-07-24 (Mon)Waxahatchee ♥♥ w. Cayetana, Snail MailThe Neptune Theatre
2016-07-24 & 07-25 (Mon & Tue)The Second Coming of Self Proclaimed Kings: Unwed Fathers w. Blue MongeonThe Rendezvous
2017-07-23 (Sun)Drew Martin ♥ w. Honey Mustard ♥, BeasleyThe Sunset Tavern
2017-07-23 (Sun)Of Sea and Stone ♥Lagunitas Taproom (4:20pm)
2017-07-22 (Sat)Joshua Radin ♥♥ w. Rachael Yamagada ♥♥, Brandon JennerThe Neptune Theatre
2017-07-22 (Sat)Jeff Rosenstock w. Laura Stevenson ♥♥The Crocodile
2017-07-22 (Sat)Justin Kausal-HayesLagunitas Taproom (4:20pm)
2017-07-21 (Fri)Motopony ♥ w. General Mojo's ♥, Kelli Schaefer ♥The Tractor Tavern
2017-07-21 (Fri)Jonathan Warren & The Billy Goats ♥ w. TBA, Chuck Westmoreland ♥♥Conor Byrne
2017-07-21 (Fri)Bootleg Sunshine ♥Lagunitas Taproom (4:20pm)
2017-07-20 (Thu)Korby Lenker ♥♥ w. Rebecca Loebe, Mandy RowdenFremont Abbey
2017-07-20 (Thu)Jonathan Warren & The Billy Goats ♥Lagunitas Taproom (4:20pm)
2017-07-19 (Wed)Joan Shelley ♥♥ w. WhispererThe Tractor Tavern
2017-07-19 (Wed)Norman Baker & The Backroads ♥Lagunitas Taproom (4:20pm)
2017-07-18 (Tue)Aimee Mann ♥♥ w. Rhiannon Giddens ♥♥ZooTunes
2017-07-18 (Tue)Miranda Lee Richards ♥♥ w. Intisaar ♥, MopseyThe Sunset Tavern
2017-07-18 (Tue)Mandy Rowden w. Jamie Nova, Havilah Rand ♥Substation
2017-07-16 (Sun)Squirrel Butter ♥Lagunitas Taproom (4:20pm)
2017-07-15 (Sat)The Cowboy Junkies ♥♥The Neptune Theatre
2017-07-15 (Sat)Joseph Arthur ♥♥ w. Ray GorenThe Triple Door, Mainstage
2017-07-15 (Sat)Heather ThomasLagunitas Taproom (4:20pm)
2017-07-15 (Sat)Madi Seasons w. The HilltalksConor Byrne (Matinee: 6pm)
2017-07-15 (Sat)Quinn DeVeaux ♥ w. Ahsa-Ti Nu ♥Conor Byrne (Evening: 9pm)
2017-07-14 (Fri)Jim Kweskin & Meredith Axelrod ♥♥The Royal Room
2017-07-14 (Fri)Silver Torches ♥Barboza
2017-07-14 (Fri)Little Hurricane ♥The Crocodile
2017-07-14 (Fri)McDougallLagunitas Taproom (4:20pm)
2017-07-13 & 07-14 (Thu & Fri)Ruthie Foster ♥♥The Triple Door, Mainstage
2017-07-13 (Thu)Andrew Combs w. Barna Howard ♥♥, Sons of RainierThe Tractor Tavern
2017-07-13 (Thu)Y La Bamba ♥ w. ings ♥, Kaeley Pruitt-Hamm ♥Fremont Abbey
2017-07-13 (Thu)Out To Lunch Series Katie Kuffel ♥ w. Paris AlexaSeattle City Hall Plaza (Noon - 1:30pm)
2017-07-13 (Thu)Birdtalker ♥♥ w. Austin ManuelThe Sunset Tavern
2017-07-13 (Thu)Laney Lou & The Bird Dogs ♥Lagunitas Taproom (4:20pm)
2017-07-12 (Wed)Ben Hunter & Joe Seamons ♥Lagunitas Taproom (4:20pm)
2017-07-11 (Tue)Sean Rowe ♥♥ w. Handsome and Gretyl ♥, Anna Tivel ♥♥The Sunset Tavern
2017-07-11 (Tue)NW String Summit Kickoff Party feat. Grant Farm, The Last Revel  ♥ & Cascade Crescendo ♥Nectar Lounge
2017-07-09 (Sun)Country DaveLagunitas Taproom (4:20pm)
2017-07-08 (Sat)The Local Strangers ♥Lagunitas Taproom (4:20pm)
2017-07-07 (Fri)The Districts ♥ w. The Spirit of the BeehiveThe Tractor Tavern
2017-07-07 (Fri)Jason Groce & the Joy Tyrants w. David Bavas, Mike Giacolino (of Ole Tinder) ♥Conor Byrne
2017-07-07 (Fri)Zach Fleury ♥♥ w. Nathan ReedFremont Abbey
2017-07-07 (Fri)Bakelite 78 ♥Lagunitas Taproom (4:20pm)
2017-07-06 (Thu)Benefit For Legal Voice, feat. Tobias The Owl, Arthur James, Sarah St AlbinConor Byrne
2017-07-06 (Thu)W Lovers ♥Lagunitas Taproom (4:20pm)
2017-07-05 (Wed)Planes On Paper ♥Lagunitas Taproom (4:20pm)
2017-07-05 (Wed)Charlie and The Rays ♥ w. TBAConor Byrne
2017-07-01 (Sat)Lydia Ramsey ♥ w. Lonely Mountain Lovers, Evening Bell ♥The Tractor Tavern
2017-07-01 (Sat)A Fundraiser for Nikkita Oliver for Mayor by Bryan John Appleby ♥ w. special guests TBAConor Byrne
2017-07-01 (Sat)Annie Ford & The Puddle Stompers ♥Lagunitas Taproom (4:20pm)
2017-06-30 (Fri)The Onlies ♥ w. Vivian Leva ♥Ballard Homestead
2017-06-29 (Thu)David Dondero w. Karl Blau ♥Fremont Abbey
2017-06-26 (Mon)Becca Stevens ♥♥The Royal Room
2017-06-28 (Wed)Ryan Adams ♥♥The Paramount Theatre
2017-06-28 (Wed)Thousands ♥ w. Pampa ♥, Chris CheveyoThe Tractor Tavern
2017-06-28 (Wed)Circus No.9 ♥Lagunitas Taproom (4:20pm)
2017-06-28 (Wed)About You, Patrick Galactic ♥ w. Scorpio and The HunterThe Sunset Tavern
2017-06-25 (Sun)Jacob Whitesides w. Castro ♥, Taylor GreyThe Crocodile
2017-06-25 (Sun)Far Out West ♥ w. Becca Stevens ♥♥, The Feral FolkNectar Lounge
2017-06-25 (Sun)Marcel and NakosLagunitas Taproom (4:20pm)
2017-06-24 (Sat)Ramblin' Years ♥Lagunitas Taproom (4:20pm)
2017-06-24 (Sat)Cathedrals XVII: Sara Watkins ♥♥ w. Langhorne Slim ♥♥, Haley Heynderickx ♥♥Fremont Abbey (at St. Mark's Cathedral)
2017-06-24 (Sat)Maddy Smith ♥ w. Native Harrow ♥Conor Byrne (Matinee: 6pm)
2017-06-24 (Sat)Planes on Paper ♥ w. Christopher Paul Stelling ♥♥, Mikey and Matty ♥Conor Byrne (Evening: 9pm
2017-06-23 & 06-24 (Fri & Sat)Chuck Ragan ♥The Tractor Tavern
2017-06-23 (Fri)Quinn The Band w. Human Ladder, Red Heart AlarmConor Byrne
2017-06-22 (Thu)Rachel Baiman ♥ w. Ben Hunter & Joe Seamons ♥, Mike Giacolino (of Ole Tinder) ♥Fremont Abbey
2017-06-22 (Thu)Judd Wasserman w. Simple Gravity, Benny Sidelinger ♥Conor Byrne
2017-06-22 (Thu)Vicci Martinez ♥♥ w. Norman Baker & The Backroads ♥The Triple Door, Mainstage
2017-06-21 (Wed)Make Music Day featuring David Guibault, Jim Hanna, Mia Day, Don't Ask and Sloe Gin & HoneyKennelly Keys Music (Show starts at 3:00pm)
2017-06-20 (Tue)Seattle Folklore Society Concert: Helene Blum & Harald Haugaard Band ♥Ballard Homestead
2017-06-20 (Tue)Joshua James ♥♥ w. RIVVRSThe Tractor Tavern
2017-06-19 (Mon)Andrew St. James ♥The Sunset Tavern
2017-06-19 (Mon)Amy Shark ♥♥Barboza
2017-06-18 (Sun)Sierra Hull ♥♥ w. The W Lovers ♥The Tractor Tavern
2017-06-18 (Sun)Lo Moon ♥♥Barboza
2017-06-17 & 06-18 (Sat & Sun)Fremont Solstice Parade & Fair ♥♥ lots of fun & really good music, FREE!!Music at the Fremont Fair
2017-06-17 (Sat)Willow Steps w. Alex AshleyConor Byrne (Matinee: 6pm)
2017-06-17 (Sat)Tayla Lynn (Loretta Lynn's grand daughter, local artist!) w. Lo LinerConor Byrne (Evening: 9pm)
2017-06-16 (Fri)Hurray For The Riff Raff ♥♥ [SOLD OUT]The Crocodile
2017-06-16 (Fri)Lindsay White ♥ w. Aaron ShayThe Beery House
2017-06-15 (Thu)Heather Thomas w. Whitney Mongé ♥, The Black TonesThe Tractor Tavern
2017-06-15 (Thu)Bombadil ♥ w. Honey MustardFremont Abbey
2017-06-13 (Tue)Overcoats ♥♥ w. Yoke Lore [SOLD OUT]Barboza
2017-06-10 (Sat)Nathan Rivera & Millie Racoon w. Bart Budwig ♥ and others!The Beery House
2017-06-09 (Fri)Poor Man's Whiskey ♥ perform Paul Simon's "Graceland" w. The Warren G. Hardings ♥Nectar Lounge
2017-06-09 (Fri)Death Cab For Cutie ♥♥ w. The Decembrists ♥♥The Paramount Theatre
2016-06-08 (Thu)Chris Trapper ♥ w. Shelby LantermanThe Rendezvous
2017-06-08 (Fri)Special Thursday in a Pinch featuring Devin Sinha ♥, Helen Chance & Kristina ValenciaConor Byrne
2017-06-07 (Wed)Cory Branan ♥ w. Jon Snodgrass, Aaron RevThe Sunset Tavern
2017-06-07 (Wed)Gabriel Wolfchild & The Northern Light w. Tobias The Owl, Cellar Bells ♥The Tractor Tavern
2017-06-06 (Tue)The Mountain Goats ♥ w. The Holy Sons (Emil Amos solo) ♥ [SOLD OUT]The Tractor Tavern
2017-06-05 (Mon)Brandy Clark ♥ w. Charlie Worsham ♥♥ [SOLD OUT]The Tractor Tavern
2017-06-05 & 06-06 (Mon & Tue)David Lindley w. Cindy Lee Berryhill ♥♥The Triple Door, Mainstage
2017-06-04 (Sun)BJ Barham ♥ w. Timmy The Teeth ♥, Massy Ferguson Duo ♥The Tractor Tavern
2017-06-03 (Sat)Young Mister ♥ w. Erik Walters (of Silver Torches) ♥, Lydia Ramsey ♥ [CANCELLED]Fremont Abbey
2017-06-02 (Fri)Valerie June ♥♥ [SOLD OUT]The Crocodile
2017-06-02 (Fri)The Secret Sisters ♥ w. Hanna Miller ♥♥Fremont Abbey
2017-06-02 (Fri)Kuinka (formerly Rabbit Wilde) ♥ w. Ezra Bell, YurtThe Tractor Tavern
2017-06-02 (Fri)Black Whales ♥♥ w. The Foghorns, The Trick CandlesConor Byrne
2017-06-01 (Thr)Andy Coe Band w. Scott Law ♥Nectar Lounge
2017-06-01 (Thr)Sarah Gerritsen ♥♥ w. Steep Ravine ♥, Old CoastThe Sunset Tavern
2017-05-30 (Tue)Justin Townes Earle ♥♥ w. The Sadies ♥♥, Sammy Brue ♥♥The Neptune Theatre
2017-05-27 (Sat)Polecat w. Brad Parsons ♥The Tractor Tavern
2017-05-27 (Sat)Naomi Wachira ♥♥ w. ParisalexaThe Triple Door, Mainstage
2017-05-26 - 05-29 (Fri - Mon)Northwest Folklife Festival!! Four days of SO much great music!!Seattle Center
2017-05-26 (Fri)Jesse Sykes & The Sweet Hereafter ♥♥ w. Diminished MenThe Tractor Tavern
2017-05-26 (Fri)Vaudeville Etiquette ♥♥ w. General Mojo's, Spencer Glenn Band, Cedar Teeth ♥Nectar Lounge
2017-05-26 (Fri)Squirrel Butter ♥ w. Breakers Yard, TBAConor Byrne
2017-05-26 (Fri)Punk As Folk 2017Conor Byrne
2017-05-25 (Thr)Annie Ford Band ♥, The Burying Ground, and Michael Wohl ♥Conor Byrne
2017-05-24 (Wed)Matthew Logan Vasquez ♥♥ w. Juanita Stein ♥, çƒThe Sunset Tavern
2017-05-24 (Wed)Father John Misty ♥♥The Paramount Theatre
2017-05-24 (Wed)Bob Dylan at 76 in '67: music from John Wesley Harding, Blood on the Tracks & Highway 61 RevisitedThe Royal Room
2017-05-23 (Tue)Devin Sinha ♥ w. Tekla Waterfield ♥, The Drifter Luke ♥, Drew Martin ♥Nectar Lounge
2017-05-21 (Sun)Robbie Fulks ♥♥ w. David LuningThe Triple Door, Mainstage
2017-05-21 (Sun)Sam Outlaw ♥♥ w. Michaela AnneThe Tractor Tavern
2017-05-21 (Sun)Hollie Near ♥Columbia City Theater
2017-05-20 (Sat)Matt Pryor & Dan Andriano w. Bobby's Oar [SOLD OUT]The Sunset Tavern
2017-05-20 (Sat)Star Anna ♥♥ w. Thunderhound, YarSkylark Cafe
2017-05-20 (Sat)An Evening With Jennifer Knapp ♥♥The Royal Room
2017-05-19 (Fri)Catie Curtis ♥Columbia City Theater
2017-05-17 (Wed)The Stray Birds ♥♥ w. The Winterlings ♥The Tractor Tavern
2017-05-17 (Wed)Eric Tollefson Band w. Nick Drummond Band, Woodland West ♥Nectar Lounge
2017-05-16 - 05-18 (Tue - Thr)Richard Thompson ♥♥ (Solo/Acoustic all three nights!!)The Triple Door, Mainstage
2017-05-15 (Mon)The Wild Reeds ♥ w. Blank Range ♥♥, Izaak Opatz ♥♥The Tractor Tavern
2017-05-14 (Sun)Tift Merritt ♥♥ w. The Suitcase Junket ♥♥The Triple Door, Mainstage
2017-05-14 (Sun)Anaïs Mitchell ♥♥ w. Hip Hatchet ♥♥The Tractor Tavern
2017-05-14 (Sun)Erika Lundahl ♥ w. Tobias the OwlHattie's Hat
2017-05-13 (Sat)Vaudeville Etiquette ♥♥Kirkland Performance Center
2017-05-13 (Sat)Current Swell ♥ w. Stefan Paul George & The Vices ♥, BaltoThe Tractor Tavern
2017-05-12 (Fri)Peter Silberman (of The Antlers) ♥, Sam Watts (of Ghosts I've Met) ♥Fremont Abbey
2017-05-12 (Fri)The Crying Shame ♥ w. Dan Tedesco ♥, Natalie QuistConor Byrne
2017-05-12 (Fri)LP ♥♥ Josiah & The Bonnevilles ♥♥  [SOLD OUT]The Tractor Tavern
2017-05-11 - 05-13 (Thu - Sat)Upstream Music FestivalPioneer Square Neighborhood
2017-05-10 (Wed)Dougie Maclean ♥♥The Triple Door, Mainstage
2017-05-10 (Wed)Masontown ♥♥ and guestsConor Byrne
2017-05-09 (Tue)Aimee Mann ♥♥ w. Jonathan Coulter ♥The Neptune Theatre
2017-05-09 (Tue)Jamey Johnson w. Margo Price ♥♥, Brent Cobb ♥♥The Showbox, Sodo
2017-05-09 (Tue)Masontown ♥♥Empty Sea Studios
2017-05-09 (Tue)Johnette Napolitano w. Oleaje FlamencoThe Triple Door, Mainstage
2017-05-07 (Sun)Kiefer Southerland ♥♥The Tractor Tavern
2017-05-07 (Sun)Melissa Etheridge: This is Memphis Soul & Rock, A Soul-ute to Stax Records ♥♥The Paramount Theatre
2017-05-07 (Sun)Crow and the Canyon ♥♥ w. Allwyn & Jolliff ♥, Rain City Ramblers ♥Nectar Lounge
2017-05-07 (Sun)Tony Furtado ♥♥ w. Jill CohnThe Triple Door, Mainstage
2017-05-06 (Sat)Okkervil River Acoustic Trio ♥The Triple Door, Mainstage
2017-05-06 (Sat)Kathryn Claire ♥♥ w. Katrina CharlesConor Byrne
2017-05-06 (Sat)Flogging Molly w. The White Buffalo ♥The Showbox, Sodo
2017-05-06 (Sat)Timber, Timbre w. The Wooden Sky ♥♥The Tractor Tavern
2017-05-05 (Fri)PJ Harvey ♥♥WaMu Theater
2017-05-05 (Fri)Drew Holcomb and the Neighbors ♥♥ w. Stephen Kellogg ♥♥The Neptune Theatre
2017-05-05 (Fri)Kate Lynne Logan ♥♥ w. Cloud Person ♥, Michael CarlosConor Byrne
2017-05-05 (Fri)The Cave Singers ♥ w. Chris CheveyoThe Crocodile
2017-05-05 (Fri)Molly Burch ♥ w. Great Spiders ♥, Mini BlindsThe Timbre Room
2017-05-04 (Thr)Liz Vice ♥ w. Moorea Masa ♥♥The Tractor Tavern
2017-05-04 (Thr)Michael Trew Band (check out John Smith in vid! on Mac, stage left! :) Hi John!) w. Dave Webb, Cellar BellsConor Byrne
2017-05-03 (Wed)David Crosby & Friends ♥♥The Neptune Theatre
2017-05-03 (Wed)Leif Vollebekk ♥ w. Arran FaganThe Sunset Tavern
2017-05-03 (Wed)Mickey & The Motorcars w. Jeff Crosby & The Refugees ♥The Tractor Tavern
2017-05-02 (Tue)Seattle Acoustic Festival Open MicChop Suey
2017-05-02 (Tue)Lewis Watson ♥ w. Jason McCue ♥The Crocodile
2017-05-01 (Mon)Drew Martin ♥ w. Human LadderThe Crocodile
2017-04-30 (Sun)Chris Pureka ♥♥ w. Haley Heynderickx ♥♥The Tractor Tavern
2017-04-29 (Sat)Bushwick Book Club lots of local song-writers!Fremont Abbey
2017-04-29 (Sat)Hot Buttered Rum ♥ w. Cascade Crescendo ♥Nectar Lounge
2017-04-29 (Sat)T Sisters ♥♥ w. The Local Strangers ♥, Ben Hunter & Joe Seamons ♥The Sunset Tavern
2017-04-28 (Fri)Laura Marling ♥♥ w. Valley Queen ♥The Showbox, Pike Place
2017-04-28 (Fri)Leroy Bell ♥Fremont Abbey
2017-04-28 (Fri)Friction Pitch ♥ w. TBA, TBAConor Byrne
2017-04-28 (Fri)Vaudeville Etiquette ♥♥ w. Bart Budwig ♥, Marshall Mclean Band ♥♥The Sunset Tavern
2017-04-27 (Thr)Joseph ♥ w. Bailen ♥♥The Showbox, Pike Place
2017-04-27 (Thr)Head For The Hills ♥ w. Spare Rib & The Bluegrass SauceNectar Lounge
2017-04-27 (Thr)Sunny Sweeney w. Fredd Luongo ♥ (of The Swearengens)The Tractor Tavern
2017-04-23 (Sun)Joe Purdy ♥♥ w. Lydia Ramsey ♥The Tractor Tavern
2017-04-22 (Sat)Benefit for First Aid Arts: RL Meyer & Friends ♥Conor Byrne
2017-04-22 (Sat)Las Cafeteras w. En Canto, Edna Vasquez ♥♥, EliaNectar Lounge
2017-04-21 (Fri)Arlo Guthrie ♥♥Kirkland Performance Center
2017-04-21 (Fri)San Fermin ♥♥ w. Low RoarThe Crocodile
2017-04-21 (Fri)Jason Webley ♥ w. Pepper Proud ♥♥, Chris Poage (of Mts. & Tunnels)Fremont Abbey
2017-04-20 (Thr)March To May ♥♥ w. Devin Sinha ♥The Triple Door, Mainstage
2017-04-20 (Thr)KEXP & Goodwill Present: Break Up for Good (Songs of Break-up) w. Cataldo ♥, Sisters + more!The Tractor Tavern
2017-04-20 (Thr)Matty Charles and Katie Rose ♥ w. Missoni Lanza, TBAConor Byrne
2017-04-19 (Wed)Julia Jacklin ♥♥ w. The Crocodile, Back Bar
2017-04-19 (Wed)Arlo Guthrie ♥♥Edmonds Center for the Arts
2017-04-19 (Wed)Mount Eerie ♥The Neptune Theatre
2017-04-18 (Tue)Julian Lage & Chris Eldridge ♥♥ w. Aoife O'Donovan ♥♥The Neptune Theatre
2017-04-18 (Tue)Chris Williamson ♥♥ w. Friends & Special GuestsThe Triple Door, Mainstage
2017-04-16 (Sun)The Neil Youngs & The Harvest Moon Band ♥The Triple Door, Mainstage
2017-04-15 (Sat)The New Pornographers ♥♥ w. Waxahatchee ♥♥The Moore Theatre
2017-04-15 (Sat)Smokey Brights ♥ w. Bread and Butter ♥♥, Great Spiders ♥The Tractor Tavern
2017-04-15 (Sat)River Whyless ♥♥ w. Y La Bamba ♥The Sunset Tavern
2017-04-15 (Sat)The Naked Sessions #14: Star Anna ♥♥Naked City Brewery
2017-04-14 (Fri)Väsen ♥♥ (great Swedish trad. instrumentalists!)The Triple Door, Mainstage
2017-04-14 (Fri)Ian McFeron Band ♥ w. Quiles & Cloud ♥♥Fremont Abbey
2017-04-14 (Fri)Whiskey Club w. Sam Russell and the HarborRats ♥, Squirrel Butter ♥Conor Byrne
2017-04-13 (Thr)Front Country ♥♥ w. Steep Ravine ♥The Tractor Tavern
2017-04-13 (Thr)Canals of Venice w. Adrian + Meredith ♥, A Door A BullConor Byrne
2017-04-11 (Tue)The Round featuring musicians Qoqo Roboqs, Haley Heynderickx ♥♥ and Fremont Abbey
2017-04-09 (Sun)Gypsy Soul ♥The Triple Door, Mainstage
2017-04-09 (Sun)Brian Wilson Presents Pet Sounds: The Final Performances ♥♥The Paramount Theatre
2017-04-09 (Sun)Motopony ♥Chop Suey
2017-04-08 (Sat)The Infamous Stringdusters ♥Neumo's
2017-04-08 (Sat)Deb Talan ♥ w. Carsie Blanton ♥The Triple Door, Mainstage
2017-04-08 (Sat)Kate Lynne Logan ♥♥ w. Kara Hesse ♥Fremont Abbey
2017-04-08 (Sat)Widower ♥ w. Evening Bell ♥, Hip Hatchet ♥Conor Byrne
2017-04-07 (Fri)Bill Frisell ♥♥Kirkland Performance Center
2017-04-07 (Fri)The Lasses and Kathryn Claire ♥♥ w. Jaspar Lepak ♥The Beery House
2017-04-07 (Fri)Led To The Sea ♥ w. Native Sibling ♥♥, Robin Bacior ♥Fremont Abbey
2017-04-07 (Fri)The Mountain Flowers w. Jenni Potts ♥, Pete Irving (of Hot Damn Scandal)Conor Byrne
2017-04-06 (Thr)Vanessa Carlton ♥ w. Tristen (Two shows: 6pm & 9pm; Tristen at 6pm show only)The Triple Door, Mainstage
2017-04-06 (Thr)Tim O'Brien ♥♥The Tractor Tavern
2017-04-06 (Thr)Debbie Miller ♥ w. Kevin Sur, TBAConor Byrne
2017-04-05 (Wed)Coho ♥ w. La Magistral ♥, Human Ladder ♥The Tractor Tavern
2017-04-05 (Wed)The Singer and the SongwriterStone Way Cafe
2017-04-04 (Tue)Susto ♥♥ w. Cat Clyde ♥The Sunset Tavern
2017-04-04 (Tue)Squirrel Butter ♥ w. Greg Blake Trio ♥Fremont Abbey
2017-04-03 (Mon)Regina Spektor ♥♥The Paramount Theatre
2017-04-02 (Sun)The Wind and the Wave ♥ w. Allison Pierce ♥, Haley JohnsenThe Tractor Tavern
2017-04-01 (Sat)Reid Jamieson & Carolyn Mill ♥Seattle Folklore Society
2017-04-01 (Sat)The Kathy Kallick Band ♥Empty Sea Studios
2017-04-01 (Sat)the Maldives ♥ w. Naomi Wachira ♥♥The Triple Door, Mainstage
2017-04-01 (Sat)Sera Cahoone ♥♥ w. Annie Ford Band ♥, Kevin Large [SOLD OUT]The Tractor Tavern
2017-03-31 (Fri)Heatwarmer w. Great Spiders ♥, Star Anna ♥♥The Sunset Tavern
2017-03-31 (Fri)Righteous Mothers w. Alicia HealeyFremont Abbey
2017-03-30 (Thr)Laith Al-Saadi ♥♥The Tractor Tavern
2017-03-30 (Thr)Anna Freedman ♥ w. ings ♥, Good QuiverFremont Abbey
2017-03-30 (Thr)Crash the Glass: Katrina Kope, Melissa Montalto, Eva Walker, Minami HughesColumbia City Theater, Bourbon Bar
2017-03-30 (Thr)Greensky Bluegrass ♥ w. Chris JacobsThe Showbox, Pike Place
2017-03-28 (Tue)JAIN ♥♥The Crocodile
2017-03-27 (Mon)Gaby Moreno ♥♥ w. DJ RosbyThe Triple Door, Mainstage
2017-03-26 (Sun)Agnes Obel ♥♥ w. Ethan Gruska ♥♥ [SOLD OUT]The Tractor Tavern
2017-03-25 (Sat)Jean Mann and the Blue Janes ♥ w. Brenda Xu ♥The Beery House
2017-03-25 (Sat)Ballroom Thieves ♥ w. The Local Strangers ♥The Tractor Tavern
2017-03-24 (Fri)Andy Shauf ♥ w. Aldous Harding ♥♥, Chris Staples ♥The Tractor Tavern
2017-03-23 (Thr)Trout Steak Revival ♥♥ w. Rain City Ramblers ♥, Sourwood StringbandNectar Lounge
2017-03-23 (Thr)Crash the Glass: Minami Hughes, Drea Marilyn, Clarkia CobbColumbia City Theater, Bourbon Bar
2017-03-23 (Thr)Dead Man Winter ♥♥ (featuring Dave Simonette of Trampled By Turtles) w. Erik KoskinenThe Tractor Tavern
2017-03-23 (Thr)Yonder Mountain String Band ♥ w. The Lil' Smokies ♥The Showbox, Pike Place
2017-03-22 (Wed)Rickie Lee Jones ♥♥ & Madeleine Peyroux ♥♥The Neptune Theatre
2017-03-22 (Wed)Rose Cousins ♥♥ w. Caitlin Canty ♥♥The Triple Door, Mainstage
2017-03-22 (Wed)Crow and the Canyon ♥♥ w. The Last Revel, Honey MustardThe Tractor Tavern
2017-03-22 (Wed)Chris Shiflett (of Foo Fighters) ♥ w. Brian Whelan ♥The Sunset Tavern
2017-03-21 (Tue)Little Wings ♥♥ w. Hoop, Whitney BallenThe Sunset Tavern
2017-03-20 (Mon)Nikki Lane♥ w. Robert Ellis ♥, Jonathan Tyler ♥The Tractor Tavern
2017-03-19 (Sun)Bradford Loomis ♥♥ w. Lowlands ♥The Triple Door, Mainstage
2017-03-18 (Sat)Donavon Frankenreiter w. Grant Lee Phillips ♥The Crocodile
2017-03-18 (Sat)St Patty's Day Celebration: POLECAT w. The Warren G. Hardings ♥Nectar Lounge
2017-03-18 (Sat)Ben Hunter & Joe Seamons ♥ (Saturday Family Concerts Series, 11:00am)Seattle Town Hall
2017-03-18 (Sat)Anna Tivel & Jeffrey Martin ♥♥Seattle Folklore Society
2017-03-17 (Fri)Jesca Hoop ♥♥Fremont Abbey
2017-03-17 (Fri)The Paperboys ♥ (two shows: seated at 7pm, standing at 10pmThe Tractor Tavern
2017-03-17 (Fri)Snowapple ♥♥The Beery House
2017-03-16 & 03-17 (Thr & Fri)ALO ♥ w. Rabbit Wilde ♥Nectar Lounge
2017-03-16 (Thr)Steve Poltz ♥♥Fremont Abbey
2017-03-16 (Thr)Crash the Glass: Heather Thomas, Leah T, Reese TanimuraColumbia City Theater, Bourbon Bar
2017-03-15 (Wed)Lake Street Dive ♥♥The Moore Theatre
2017-03-15 (Wed)World Bank w. Moon Palace, Shenandoah Davis ♥The Sunset Tavern
2017-03-15 (Wed)The DaphnesStone Way Cafe
2017-03-14 (Tue)Jerett Samples w. Diamondwolf, Matt StrutynskiThe Sunset Tavern
2017-03-13 (Mon)Jonathan Lirette w. Ronhaar, Wade PhillipsThe Sunset Tavern
2017-03-12 & 03-13 (Sun & Mon)Emily Wells ♥♥Barboza
2017-03-12 (Sun)Sarah St Albin w. My Cartoon Heart, Tobias the OwlThe Sunset Tavern
2017-03-11 (Sat)The Wood Brothers ♥♥The Moore Theatre
2017-03-11 (Sat)Local Songwriter Showcase featuring Reggie Garrett ♥♥, Julia Massey ♥, Lana McMullen ♥♥ & Kimo MurakiSeattle Folklore Society
2017-03-10 (Fri)The Collection w. Kathleen Murray, Chris KingFremont Abbey
2017-03-10 (Fri)Altan ♥♥Kirkland Performance Center
2017-03-09 & 03-10 (Thr & Fri)The Brothers Comatose ♥♥ w. Hillstomp, Rainbow GirlsThe Tractor Tavern
2017-03-09 (Thr)Cheryl Wheeler ♥The Triple Door, Mainstage
2017-03-09 (Thr)Crash the Glass: Aline Vida, Katelyn Berreth, Sabrina LittletonColumbia City Theater, Bourbon Bar
2017-03-09 (Thr)Woodland West w. Oly Mountain Boys, SeacastleThe Sunset Tavern
2017-03-08 (Wed)Birds of Chicago ♥♥ w. Matt the Electrician ♥The Tractor Tavern
2017-03-08 (Wed)Gabriel Kahane ♥♥The Triple Door, Mainstage
2017-03-08 (Wed)Claire Michelle ♥ w. Aline Vida ♥, Kristen Palmer ♥Substation
2017-03-05 (Sun)John McCutcheon ♥The Triple Door, Mainstage
2017-03-05 (Sun)Big Thief ♥♥ w. iji, Henry Jamison ♥The Sunset Tavern
2017-03-04 (Sat)Leroy Bell and His Only Friends ♥The Triple Door, Mainstage
2017-03-04 (Sat)Shelby Earl ♥♥ w. Silver Torches, Planes on Paper ♥The Tractor Tavern
2017-03-03 (Fri)Noam Pikelny ♥♥ (solo & mostly instrumental)The Triple Door, Mainstage
2017-03-03 (Fri)Moon Duo w. Evening Bell ♥The Sunset Tavern
2017-03-02 (Thr)David Wilcox ♥ w. Nathaniel Talbot ♥♥The Triple Door, Mainstage
2017-03-02 (Thr)Crash the Glass: Shaina Rae, Chava Mirel, Annie JantzerColumbia City Theater, Bourbon Bar
2017-03-02 (Thr)Alt-Country Showdown (benefit for MusiCares) w. Massy Ferguson, Annie Ford, Vicious Petals, Long Dark Moon, JackrabbitThe Tractor Tavern
2017-03-02 (Thr)Marchfourth! w. Pimps of Joytime ♥♥The Showbox, Pike Place
2017-03-02 (Thr)Pert Near Sandstone w. Squirrel ButterThe Sunset Tavern
2017-02-28 (Tue)Adia Victoria ♥♥ w. DoNormaal, Reverend DollarsThe Sunset Tavern
2017-02-27 (Mon)Whitney Rose w. The W Lovers ♥, Tekla Waterfield> ♥The Sunset Tavern
2017-02-26 (Sun)David Francey ♥♥Seattle Folklore Society
2017-02-26 (Sun)Banners ♥ w. Tor MillerThe Tractor Tavern
2017-02-26 (Sun)Songwriters in Seattle: Songwriters Showcase in the Round featuring Bill Alsept, Tim Davidson & Cris FagetColumbia City Theater, Bourbon Bar
2017-02-25 (Sat)Tash Sultana ♥ w. Josh Cashman ♥ [SOLD OUT]The Tractor Tavern
2017-02-25 (Sat)Lydia Ramsey ♥♥ w. Home Sweet Home ♥, Ghosts I've MetThe Sunset Tavern
2017-02-24 (Fri)Scott Law & Ross James' Cosmic Twang w. Dead Winter CarpentersNectar Lounge
2017-02-24 (Fri)Blackheart Honeymoon ♥The Blue Moon
2017-02-24 (Fri)The Rural Alberta Advantage ♥♥ w. guests [SOLD OUT]The Tractor Tavern
2017-02-24 (Fri)Brenda Xu ♥ w. Tomo Nakayama, Shenandoah DavisFremont Abbey
2017-02-24 (Fri)Balto (album release) w. guests TBAConor Byrne
2017-02-23 - 02-26 (Thr - Sun)2017 Wintergrass Music Festival ♥♥Hyatt Regency Hotel, Bellevue
2017-02-23 (Thr)Aaron Shay: Discrete Packets of Song (music & story-telling) ♥18th & Union
2017-02-23 (Thr)Crash the Glass: Minami Hughes, Drea Marilyn, Reese TanimuraColumbia City Theater, Bourbon Bar
2017-02-23 (Thr)The Drifter Luke w. Canals of Venice, Josh BuckleyConor Byrne
2017-02-23 (Thr)The Show Ponies ♥ w. Lindstrom and The Limit ♥, Drew Martin ♥The Tractor Tavern
2017-02-22 (Wed)Amy Read & Jana MerriamNorth City Bistro
2017-02-22 (Wed)The Purrs (acoustic) w. Pat KearnsConor Byrne
2017-02-22 (Wed)Suzy Sun w. Sophia Duccini ♥, Nathan ReedThe Tractor Tavern
2017-02-22 (Wed)Far Out West ♥ w. Pepper Proud & friends ♥♥, Honey MustardNectar Lounge
2017-02-22 (Wed)Parsonsfield ♥ w. Old Coast, Evan EgererThe Sunset Tavern
2017-02-22 (Wed)Honeyville Rascals w. Elsa HayStone Way Cafe
2017-02-21 (Tue)Middle Kids ♥Barboza
2017-02-20 (Mon)Antonioni w. Bright Whites, Dennis Dabbs, Sam ParkinThe Rendezvous
2017-02-19 (Sun)Vetiver ♥♥ w. Kacy & Clayton ♥♥The Tractor Tavern
2017-02-18 (Sat)Angel Olson ♥♥ w. Chris Cohen ♥, Sloucher ♥The Neptune Theatre
2017-02-18 (Sat)Mimi Gilbert ♥ w. Emy Reynolds ♥, The Brambles ♥, Beth Whitney ♥♥Fremont Abbey
2017-02-18 (Sat)Heels To The Hardwood ♥ w. Nick Foster Band ♥, Sara Gerritsen ♥The Tractor Tavern
2017-02-18 (Sat)Sundries ♥ w. The Hollers, Golden IdolsThe Sunset Tavern
2017-02-18 (Sat)Carlene Crawford w. Young-ChhayleeStone Way Cafe
2017-02-18 (Sat)Wonder w. Micah Subar, Veronica Malki ♥, Drew Martin ♥The Beery House
2017-02-17 (Fri)Sallie Ford ♥ w. Jenn Champion ♥♥The Sunset Tavern
2017-02-17 (Fri)Matt Pond PA ♥♥ w. Flinn, Completions ♥♥Fremont Abbey
2017-02-17 (Fri)Jeff Austin Band ♥ w. Weatherside Whiskey Band, Bootleg SunshineThe Tractor Tavern
2017-02-17 (Fri)Sid Law ♥The Bergschrund, NW Peaks Brewery
2017-02-16 (Thr)The Staves ♥♥ w. Mikaela Davis ♥♥ [SOLD OUT]The Tractor Tavern
2017-02-16 (Thr)Ike Reilly ♥ w. Emma HewettFremont Abbey
2017-02-16 (Thr)Aaron Shay: Discrete Packets of Song (music & story-telling) ♥18th & Union
2017-02-16 (Thr)Crash the Glass: Heather Thomas, Katelyn Berreth, Sabrina LittletonColumbia City Theater, Bourbon Bar
2017-02-15 (Wed)TBASA w. Nate Manuel, Wendy Bagnato ♥Stone Way Cafe
2017-02-14 (Tue)The Round: w. musicians: Pepper Proud ♥♥, Gabriel WolfchildFremont Abbey
2017-02-13 (Mon)Noah Derksen ♥Stone Way Cafe
2017-02-11 (Sat)Jim Malcolm ♥Seattle Folklore Society
2017-02-11 (Sat)Northwest Folklife Benefit ConcertConor Byrne
2017-02-11 (Sat)Anna Tivel & Peter Mulvey ♥♥ w. Jean Mann ♥Ballard Homestead
2017-02-11 (Sat)Meredith Axelrod ♥♥ w. Wes Weddell & guests ♥The Beery House
2017-02-10 (Fri)Anna & Elizabeth ♥♥Seattle Folklore Society (at Town Hall)
2017-02-09 (Thr)Jamie Wyatt ♥ w. Henry WagonsThe Sunset Tavern
2017-02-09 (Thr)Crash the Glass: Aline Vida, Leah T, Kathy MooreColumbia City Theater, Bourbon Bar
2017-02-08 & 02-09 (Wed & Thr)Elephant Revival ♥The Tractor Tavern
2017-02-08 (Wed)Sam Roberts ♥ w. Hollerado ♥The Tractor Tavern
2017-02-04 (Sat)Larry Murante & Beth Wood ♥Seattle Folklore Society
2017-02-03 & 02-04 (Fri & Sat)Lydia Loveless ♥♥ w.
Angelica Garcia ♥, Fred Luongo ♥
The Tractor Tavern
2017-02-02 (Thr)Crash the Glass: Shaina Rae, Chava Mirel, Emily McVickerColumbia City Theater, Bourbon Bar
2017-02-01 (Wed)Shel ♥ w. Lana McMullen ♥♥Fremont Abbey
2017-01-31 (Tue)John K. Samson & The Winter Wheat ♥♥ w. The Tractor Tavern
2017-01-31 (Tue)Brad Parsons ♥ w. The Sweet Lillies ♥Nectar Lounge
2017-01-30 (Mon)Sid Law ♥Lucky Liquor Tavern
2017-01-28 (Sat)Dan Crary, Bill Evans & Martin Stevens ♥Seattle Folklore Society
2017-01-27 (Fri)Valley Maker ♥♥ w. RainwaterThe Sunset Tavern
2017-01-27 (Fri)Martin Sexton ♥♥The Neptune Theatre
2017-01-27 (Fri)KEXP Presents: A Tribute to Leonard Cohen (w. Grace Love, Josiah Johnson, Jason Dodson, Star Anna and others)Conor Byrne
2017-01-27 (Fri)Young in the City ♥ w. Soft Sleep ♥ & guestsThe Tractor Tavern
2017-01-27 (Fri)Edmund Wayne ♥ w. Katie Kuffel ♥, Aly TadrosFremont Abbey
2017-01-26 (Thr)The Debaucherauntes w. Three for Silver ♥, Saint Judas Stringband ♥Conor Byrne
2017-01-26 (Thr)Crash the Glass: Minami Hughes, Drea Marilyn, Carolyn SamuelsonColumbia City Theater, Bourbon Bar
2017-01-25 (Wed)Ghost Town Whistlers ♥ w. Woodland West ♥, The Sky Colony ♥Nectar Lounge
2017-01-25 (Wed)Lucinda Williams ♥♥The Neptune Theatre
2017-01-24 (Tue)Dan Layus ♥♥The Tractor Tavern
2017-01-24 (Tue)Jean Mann ♥The Royal Room
2017-01-23 (Mon)Communist Daughter ♥♥Barboza
2017-01-23 (Mon)Sid Law ♥Lucky Liquor Tavern
2017-01-22 (Sun)Bear's Den ♥♥ w.
Gill Landry ♥♥
The Tractor Tavern
2017-01-21 (Sat)Hamilton Leithauser ♥ w. Alexandra Savior ♥ (two shows: 7:30 & 10:45) [Alexandra Savior CANCELLED]The Tractor Tavern
2017-01-21 (Sat)Keller Williams and the Keller Williams Kwahtro ♥♥ w. Kitchen Dwellers ♥Nectar Lounge
2017-01-21 (Sat)The Bills ♥♥Seattle Folklore Society
2017-01-21 (Sat)Sightseer w. Leanne Wilkins & The Weathered Souls ♥, Andrea Peterman BandConor Byrne
2017-01-21 (Sat)Dana Sipos ♥♥ w. Faint Peter ♥The Beery House
2017-01-20 (Fri)Sid Law ♥The Bergschrund, NW Peaks Brewery
2017-01-19 (Thr)The Travelin' McCourys ♥♥The Tractor Tavern
2017-01-19 (Thr)Vince Herman w. Gipsy Moon ♥, Cascade Crescendo ♥Nectar Lounge
2017-01-19 (Thr)Crash the Glass: Heather Thomas, Leah T, Kristen PalmerColumbia City Theater, Bourbon Bar
2017-01-19 (Thr)Indigo Girls ♥♥Edmonds Center for the Arts
2017-01-18 (Wed)Cygne (Laura Meyer) ♥Stone Way Cafe
2017-01-16 (Mon)Drew Martin ♥ w. Alberta ♥, Ian Siadak ♥, BeasleyThe Sunset Tavern
2017-01-15 (Sun)Joe Pug ♥♥ w. Courtney Marie Andrews ♥♥The Tractor Tavern
2017-01-15 (Sun)John Paul White (of The Civil Wars) ♥♥The Crocodile
2017-01-15 (Sun)Dar Williams ♥♥ w. reading by Sherman AlexieThe Triple Door, Mainstage
2017-01-14 (Sat)Van Eps ♥ w. Aaron Crawford, Lanford BlackThe Tractor Tavern
2017-01-14 (Sat)Rabbit Wilde ♥Fremont Abbey
2017-01-14 (Sat)glimmerStone Way Cafe
2017-01-13 (Fri)Vicci Martinez ♥The Tractor Tavern
2017-01-13 (Fri)Ravenna Woods w. Smokey BrightsThe Crocodile
2017-01-13 (Fri)Karla Bonoff ♥The Triple Door, Mainstage
2017-01-13 (Fri)Tobias The Owl w. Mads Jacobsen ♥, Kelsey SpragueConor Byrne
2017-01-13 (Fri)Sourwood String BandStone Way Cafe
2017-01-12 (Thr)Fruit Bats ♥♥ w. Springtime Carnivore ♥♥The Tractor Tavern
2017-01-12 (Thr)Julia Massey & The Five Finger Discount ♥The Crocodile
2017-01-12 (Thr)David Bromberg ♥The Triple Door, Mainstage
2017-01-12 (Thr)Deception Past w. Red Heart Alarm ♥, Willie Reavis & His Weary BoysConor Byrne
2017-01-12 (Thr)Allison de Groot & Tatiana Hargreaves ♥Empty Sea Studios
2017-01-12 (Thr)Crash the Glass: Aline Vida, Marina Christopher, Katelyn BerrethColumbia City Theater, Bourbon Bar
2017-01-11 (Wed)Robert Burns Night and Scotch Ale ReleaseNaked City Brewery
2017-01-09 (Mon)Stucky Jackson and the Boys, Emily Davis ♥, Old CoastThe Sunset Tavern
2017-01-08 (Sun)Ben Hunter & Joe Simmons ♥ w. Simon Kornelis, Del ReyThe Sunset Tavern
2017-01-08 (Sun)Star Anna ♥♥ & Synergia NW Orchestra perform Ziggy StardustThe Neptune Theatre
2017-01-07 (Sat)A Prairie Home Companion hosted by Chris Thile ♥♥ featuring Regina Spektor ♥♥, The Shins ♥♥The Paramount Theatre
2017-01-07 (Sat)Alex Ashley w. Kara Hesse, Beth Whitney ♥♥Columbia City Theater
2017-01-07 (Sat)St. Paul de Vence ♥♥ w. Sophia Duccini ♥, Nathan ReedConor Byrne
2017-01-07 (Sat)Tobias the OwlStone Way Cafe
2017-01-06Home Sweet Home ♥ w. General Mojo's ♥, LowlandsThe Tractor Tavern
2017-01-06My Cartoon Heart ♥ w. TBA, The RegretsConor Byrne
2017-01-06Sid Law ♥The Bergschrund, NW Peaks Brewery
2017-01-05The Cloves ♥ w. Stefan Paul George & The Vices ♥, Faint Peter ♥The Tractor Tavern
2017-01-05Canals of Venice w. Alina Ashley Nicole, HiraethConor Byrne
2017-01-05 (Thr)Crash the Glass: Shaina Rae, Chava Mirel, Eva CasselColumbia City Theater, Bourbon Bar
2017-01-04David Buhler w. Cracker Factory, Tekla Waterfield ♥The Tractor Tavern
2016-12-31Bread and Butter ♥♥ w. Great Spiders ♥, Head BandThe Sunset Tavern
2016-12-30The Local Strangers ♥ w. Ole Tinder ♥, Day Labourers and Petty Intellectuals ♥The Sunset Tavern
2016-12-30A Tribute to The Music of Leonard Cohen and Leon Russell (benefit concert for Standing Rock) ♥The Royal Room
2016-12-27Dante and the Mirrors ♥ w. The Pearls, Honey Mustard ♥The Sunset Tavern
2016-12-24A Very Squirrelly Christmas: Squirrel Butter (and Friends)Conor Byrne
2016-12-23HIBOU ♥ w. Fauna Shade ♥, Great Spiders ♥, Chris CheveyoNectar Lounge
2016-12-23Massy Ferguson ♥ w. The Swearengens ♥, JackrabbitThe Tractor Tavern
2016-12-22How the Light Gets In: Celebration of Leonard Cohen feat. many local singer-songwriters [SOLD OUT]Seattle Town Hall
2016-12-21Sera Cahoone ♥♥ w. Jenn Champion ♥♥The Tractor Tavern
2016-12-18Bluegrass Christmas featuring Farmstrong, Todd & The Toots, Bluesy SantaNectar Lounge
2016-12-18John Craigie ♥♥ w. Alberta ♥The Rendezvous
2016-12-18David Bazan's Christmas Miracle ♥Neumo's
2016-12-18Kosa Family Christmas Show Fundraiser feat. members from Blackheart Honeymoon ♥, Brigitt Rains & Country Dave, Sheldon Rosevear, Caleb BlueHotel Albatross, Ballard
2016-12-17Tomo Nakayama ♥ w. Bryan John Appleby ♥Naked City Brewery
2016-12-17Weatherside Whiskey Band ♥ w. Deception Past, Caleb and WalterConor Byrne
2016-12-16Tyler Edwards ♥♥ w. Arthur James, Sojourn SoulColumbia City Theater
2016-12-16Annual Holiday Show: The Gundersen Family ♥♥ with guests: Kris Orlowski ♥♥, Eric Anderson (of Cataldo) ♥ [SOLD OUT]Fremont Abbey
2016-12-16Redwood Son ♥ w. Slings and Arrows, Bradford Loomis ♥♥Conor Byrne
2016-12-16 & 12-17The Maldives ♥ & The Moon Doggies ♥ w. Evening Bell ♥ (12-16 only), Dean Johnson ♥ (12-17 only)The Tractor Tavern
2016-12-15Marty O'Reilly ♥ w. Royal Jelly JiveThe Tractor Tavern
2016-12-15We Shall Overcome: A Night of Protest SingalongsConor Byrne
2016-12-15The Tiptons Sax Quartet ♥♥The Royal Room
2016-12-15Eric Apoe & They w. Animals of Grace ♥Egan's Ballard Jamhouse
2016-12-14Bootleg Sunshine ♥ w. Ragged Union ♥, Woodland West ♥The Tractor Tavern
2016-12-14Clair Michelle w. Aaron Starkey, Jerett SamplesConor Byrne
2016-12-11HilltalksThe Crocodile
2016-12-10Bushwick Book Club (various local singer-songwriters) ♥Ballard Homestead
2016-12-10Tom Waits & Kathleen Brennan Tribute NightConor Byrne
2016-12-10The Paper Kites ♥♥ [SOLD OUT]The Crocodile
2016-12-09Susan Galbraith w. Kara HesseBarboza
2016-12-09Shook Twins ♥ w. Rabbit Wilde ♥Nectar Lounge
2016-12-09The Breaking w. Ronhaar, Chad BaultConor Byrne
2016-12-08 & 12-09The Cave Singers ♥♥ w. Ole Tinder ♥ (12-08 only), Acapulco Lips (12-09 only)The Tractor Tavern
2016-12-08Kim Richey ♥ w. Xolie Morra ♥Columbia City Theater
2016-12-08Gill Landry ♥♥ w. Lizzie WeberFremont Abbey
2016-12-08Haley Bonar ♥♥Barboza
2016-12-07Whitehorse ♥ w Chris Kasper ♥The Tractor Tavern
2016-12-06Folk-Rock Mini Festival w. Devin Sinha, Heather Thomas, Brenda Xu ♥The Tractor Tavern
2016-12-06Jim James ♥ w. Twin Limb ♥The Showbox, Sodo
2016-12-05Branches ♥♥ w. Handsome and Gretyl ♥♥, Yaroslav LevkivThe Sunset Tavern
2016-12-05Justin Townes Earle ♥♥ w. Jason Dodson ♥The Tractor Tavern
2016-12-04Edna Vasquez Band ♥♥ w. Alejandro RivasThe Sunset Tavern
2016-12-03The Steel Wheels ♥ w. Honey Mustard ♥Ballard Homestead
2016-12-03Cathedrals XVI: Damien Jurado ♥ w. Paris Alexa, Kirsten Wenlock ♥Fremont Abbey (at St. Mark's Cathedral)
2016-12-03Nick Jaina ♥ w. Margot Limburg & Timothy Hull ♥♥The Beery House
2016-12-03Patterson Hood ♥♥ [SOLD OUT]The Sunset Tavern
2016-12-02 - 12-03Accoustic Christmas with Over the Rhine ♥The Triple Door, Mainstage
2016-12-02Benjamin Francis Leftwich ♥The Sunset Tavern
2016-12-02Cathedrals XV: Lemolo ♥ w. Loch Lomond ♥, NavviFremont Abbey (at St. Mark's Cathedral)
2016-12-02Hey Marseilles ♥Kirkland Performance Center
2016-12-02Hot Buttered Rum w. Spare Rib & The Bluegrass SauceNectar Lounge
2016-12-01Griffin House ♥ w. Alex2eColumbia City Theater
2016-12-01The Brothers Osborne ♥♥ w. Lucie Silvas ♥The Neptune Theatre
2016-11-30 & 12-01The California Honeydrops ♥♥ w. Steep Ravine ♥The Tractor Tavern
2016-11-30Liz Longely ♥♥The Triple Door, Mainstage
2016-11-30The Japanese House ♥ w. The Big MoonThe Sunset Tavern
2016-11-30Cascade Crescendo w. Oly Mountain Boys, Sourwood StringbandNectar Lounge
2016-11-29Kristin Hersh ♥The Triple Door, Mainstage
2016-11-25 - 11-27The Paperboys ♥ (10th Annual Thanksgiving Meltdown)The Triple Door, Mainstage
2016-11-27Daughter ♥♥The Neptune Theatre
2016-11-26James Vincent McMorrow ♥♥The Showbox, Pike Place
2016-11-26Vaudeville Etiquette ♥♥ w. Rust on the Rails, The Nick Foster Band ♥The Tractor Tavern
2016-11-26Heidi Muller & Bob Webb ♥Seattle Folklore Society
2016-11-25Dusty 45's w. Bakelite 78, Blackheart Honeymoon ♥The Tractor Tavern
2016-11-22Skinny Lister ♥Barboza
2016-11-22Tom BennettStone Way Cafe
2016-11-20Midnight North w. Blue Lotus, China the BandNectar Lounge
2016-11-20Harris Face Music w. Fond Farewell, Matt DaltonStone Way Cafe
2016-11-19Lucy Kaplansky ♥♥Seattle Folklore Society
2016-11-19The Last Waltz Tribute Concert (lots of local artists, incl Star Anna, Jason Dodson, Matt Gervais) ♥The Neptune Theatre
2016-11-19Jesu & Sun Kil Moon ♥The Moore Theatre
2016-11-19Alasdair Fraser & Natalie Haas ♥♥Kirkland Performance Center
2016-11-19Nataly Dawn & Lauren O'Connell ♥ w. Native Siblings ♥Barboza
2016-11-18The New Mastersounds ♥ w. Turkuaz ♥♥The Neptune Theatre
2016-11-18Anders Osborne ♥ w. James McMurtry ♥The Triple Door, Mainstage
2016-11-18Jim Page ♥ w. Devin SinhaThe Beery House
2016-11-17Trout Steak Revival ♥♥ w. The Warren G. Hardings ♥, The RailsplittersNectar Lounge
2016-11-17Alan Doyle (of Great Big Sea) ♥The Tractor Tavern
2016-11-17Erin McKeown ♥ w. The Cabin ProjectThe Royal Room
2016-11-16Suzanne Vega ♥♥ w. Teddy Thompson ♥The Triple Door, Mainstage
2016-11-16The Posies ♥ w. Anomie Belle ♥The Neptune Theatre
2016-11-16My Bubba ♥♥ w. Ghosts I've Met ♥The Tractor Tavern
2016-11-16Jason McCueStone Way Cafe
2016-11-15Lumphead w. Bug, Heather EdgleyStone Way Cafe
2016-11-14The Jezabels ♥Barboza
2016-11-14Peter Silberman (of the Antlers) ♥♥The Triple Door, Mainstage
2016-11-13Ben Hunter & Joe Simmons ♥Seattle Folklore Society
2016-11-12Shovels & Rope ♥♥The Showbox, Sodo
2016-11-12Amanda Shires ♥♥ w. Colter Wall ♥The Sunset Tavern
2016-11-12Haas Kowert Tice ♥♥ w. The Winterlings ♥Ballard Homestead
2016-11-12The Lil' Smokies ♥The Tractor Tavern
2016-11-11Paper Bird ♥ w. The Ballroom Thieves ♥, Will Dailey ♥The Tractor Tavern
2016-11-11Sturgill Simpson ♥♥The Paramount Theatre
2016-11-11These People Here ♥Barboza
2016-11-11Head for the Hills w. Sweet Lou's Sour Mash, Rain City Ramblers ♥Nectar Lounge
2016-11-10Iris Dement ♥♥The Triple Door, Mainstage
2016-11-10 & 11-11Glenn Phillips ♥ w. Jonathan Kingham ♥Columbia City Theater
2016-11-10Crow and the Canyon ♥ w. Front Country ♥, Devin SinhaNectar Lounge
2016-11-10The Wild Reeds ♥ w. Valley QueenThe Sunset Tavern
2016-11-10David Ramirez ♥♥The Tractor Tavern
2016-11-09William Fitzsimmons ♥ w. Laura BurhennThe Triple Door, Mainstage
2016-11-09Amanda Winterhalter ♥♥The Royal Room
2016-11-09Yarn featuring Andy Thorn & Allie Krall ♥The Tractor Tavern
2016-11-05 - 11-07The Head & The Heart ♥♥The Paramount Theatre
2016-11-06The T Sisters ♥Nectar Lounge
2016-11-05Bill Frisell featuring Petra Haden, Thomas Morgan and Rudy Royston ♥♥The Moore Theatre
2016-11-05Annie Ford Band ♥ w. Massy Ferguson ♥, Whitney MongéThe Sunset Tavern
2016-11-05Milk Carton Kids ♥♥Kirkland Performance Center
2016-11-05Jim Page ♥Seattle Folklore Society
2016-11-05Gram Parsons Tribute featuring Country Dave & The New Fallen AngelsThe Tractor Tavern
2016-11-04Cathedrals XIV: Noah Gundersen ♥♥, Courtney Marie Andrews ♥♥, Silver Torches ♥Fremont Abbey (at St. Mark's Cathedral)
2016-11-04Polecat w. The Show PoniesThe Tractor Tavern
2016-11-03Sean Hayes ♥ w. Tim Carr ♥♥, Charley Crockett ♥The Tractor Tavern
2016-11-03 & 11-04Darlingside ♥♥ w. Frances Luke Accord ♥♥The Triple Door, Mainstage
2016-11-01Eric Tollefson CD Release w. Kate Lynne Logan ♥♥The Triple Door, Mainstage
2016-11-01The Backslide Gospel w. Ghost Town Whistlers ♥, Dante & The Mirrors ♥The Tractor Tavern
2016-10-31Pickwick ♥ w. Young In the CityThe Tractor Tavern
2016-10-30Hiss Golden Messenger ♥♥ w. Phil Cook ♥♥The Tractor Tavern
2016-10-29Maceo Parker ♥♥ w. The Jones Family SingersThe Moore Theatre
2016-10-28The Crying Shame ♥ w. Jake Hemming & The Bereaved ♥Conor Byrne
2016-10-28Blitzen Trapper ♥♥ w. Sera Cahoone ♥♥The Tractor Tavern
2016-10-27Fred & Toody (of Dead Moon) w. Jesse Sykes & Phil Wandscher (of The Sweet Hereafter) ♥The Sunset Tavern
2016-10-27Sunflower Bean ♥ w. The Lemon TwigsChop Suey
2016-10-26Charlie Parr w. The Last Revel ♥The Tractor Tavern
2016-10-25Rylei FranksStone Way Cafe
2016-10-24David Dondero ♥ w. Barton Carroll ♥, Faint Peter ♥The Sunset Tavern
2016-10-23The Paperboys ♥Nectar Lounge
2016-10-23Chatham County Line ♥ w. The Barn OwlsThe Tractor Tavern
2016-10-22Leyla & Dom Flemons (from the Carolina Chocolate Drops) ♥♥Fremont Abbey
2016-10-22Dan Bern ♥Ballard Homestead
2016-10-22Flock of Dimes (Jenn Wasner) ♥Barboza
2016-10-22M. Ward ♥ w. Lemolo ♥Neumo's
2016-10-22Fort Frances ♥♥ w. VanLadyLoveSeattle Secret Shows
2016-10-22Carrie Newcomer & Gary Walters ♥Columbia City Theater
2016-10-22Blind Pilot ♥ w. Margaret Glaspy ♥The Neptune Theatre
2016-10-22Ingrid Michaelson ♥The Moore Theatre
2016-10-22Steep Canyon Rangers ♥The Tractor Tavern
2016-10-22Kenny WhiteSeattle Folklore Society
2016-10-21Billy Bragg ♥♥The Neptune Theatre
2016-10-21Jason Dodson ♥ w. Naomi Wachira ♥♥, Patrick Dethlefs ♥Conor Byrne
2016-10-21Sierra Hull ♥Kirkland Performance Center
2016-10-21Temple Canyon ♥Barboza
2016-10-20The W Lovers ♥ w. Band of Lovers, Debbie Miller ♥Fremont Abbey
2016-10-20Saint Claire w. My Cartoon Heart ♥, Leah T ♥Conor Byrne
2016-10-20Dan BernBallard Homestead
2016-10-19Paula Cole ♥♥The Triple Door, Mainstage
2016-10-19Norah Jones ♥♥Benaroya Hall
2016-10-19Brian Just Band ♥ w. TBA, TBAConor Byrne
2016-10-18Margo Price w. William Tyler ♥The Tractor Tavern
2016-10-18Sandra Delores SwanfeldtStone Way Cafe
2016-10-17Rachael Yamagata ♥♥ w. Pressing Strings ♥The Tractor Tavern
2016-10-17Andy Shauf w. Scattered CloudsThe Sunset Tavern
2016-10-16Box Set w. Micah SubarColumbia City Theater
2016-10-16Jamie Laval ♥Seattle Folklore Society
2016-10-15 & 10-16Donovan ♥♥The Neptune Theatre
2016-10-15Sponsored by Citizens' Climate Lobby: Tom NeilsonHouse Party on Capitol Hill (RSVP for directions)
2016-10-15Felice Brothers ♥♥ w. Aaron Lee Tasjan ♥♥, Shelby Earl ♥The Tractor Tavern
2016-10-15Marc Broussard ♥♥ w. Jenn Grinels ♥♥, Peter Aristone [[SOLD OUT]]The Crocodile
2016-10-15Kathleen ParrishStone Way Cafe
2016-10-14Johnnyswim ♥ w. Penny & Sparrow ♥The Neptune Theatre
2016-10-14Luluc ♥Kirkland Performance Center
2016-10-14Paul Byrom (of Celtic Thunder)Fremont Abbey
2016-10-13Our Dead Fathers w. TBA, TBAConor Byrne
2016-10-13Erika Wennerstrom (of Heartless Bastards) ♥♥ w. Petter Ericson, StakeeThe Tractor Tavern
2016-10-13 & 10-14Richard Shindell ♥♥ w. Lucy Wainwright & Suzzy Roche ♥♥The Royal Room
2016-10-11Tal Wilkenfeld ♥♥ w. Steven Taylor ♥The Triple Door, Mainstage
2016-10-11Sarah St. Albin w. Stacy H. Smedley, Derek EiselStone Way Cafe
2016-10-09Greg Brown ♥♥The Triple Door, Mainstage
2016-10-09The Northern Light (David Pollon) w. Wendy Bagnato, Nate ManuelStone Way Cafe
2016-10-08Rocky Votolato w. Chris Staples ♥The Tractor Tavern
2016-10-08Ryley Walker ♥Barboza
2016-10-08Brian Wilson presents Pet Sounds ♥♥The Paramount Theatre
2016-10-08Okkervil River ♥ w. Landlady, Julia Jacklin ♥♥The Neptune Theatre
2016-10-08Cathedrals XIII: Jeremy Enigk, Laura Gibson ♥♥ & Tomo Nakayama ♥Fremont Abbey (at St. Mark's Cathedral)
2016-10-08Brendan James w. Hannah Gill and The HoursSeattle Secret Shows
2016-10-08Curtis Eller's American Circus ♥Naked City Brewery
2016-10-08Daniel Blue ♥♥ w. Gabriel Wolfchild and The Northern LightThe Beery House
2016-10-08Nordic Fiddlers Bloc ♥Seattle Folklore Society
2016-10-07Susan Galbraith w. Justin Klump, TBAConor Byrne
2016-10-06 & 10-07Mandolin Orange ♥♥ w. Anna Tivel ♥♥ on 10-06; w. Leif Vollebekk ♥ on 10-07The Tractor Tavern
2016-10-06Lowman Palace w. Pony Hunt, Mindy Lind ♥Conor Byrne
2016-10-06 & 10-07The Devil Makes Three ♥ w. Lost Dog Street Band ♥The Showbox, Sodo
2016-10-05Eric Hutchinson ♥ w. Magic Giant ♥, Anya Marina ♥The Neptune Theatre
2016-10-05Jessica Hernandez & The Deltas ♥ w. Tancred ♥Chop Suey
2016-10-05Parsonsfield ♥The Sunset Tavern
2016-10-04Tegan and Sara ♥ w. ShuraThe Moore Theatre
2016-10-04 & 10-05Robyn Hitchcock & Emma Swift ♥ [10-04 SOLD OUT]Fremont Abbey
2016-10-04Jonatha Brooke ♥The Triple Door, Mainstage
2016-10-03Shelby Lanterman & Nell MaynardStone Way Cafe
2016-10-02Crystal Bowersox ♥ w. LenoreThe Triple Door, Mainstage
2016-10-02Carsie Blanton ♥♥ w. Chris Kasper ♥♥The Sunset Tavern
2016-10-02Tannahill Weavers ♥Seattle Folklore Society
2016-09-30 & 10-02Macefield Music Festival w. many artists/bandsConor Byrne, Sunset Tavern, Tractor Tavern, etc.
2016-10-01Bruce Molsky ♥Seattle Folklore Society
2016-10-01Star Anna ♥♥ w. Naomi Wachira ♥♥The Rendezvous
2016-09-30Z-ManStone Way Cafe
2016-09-29Drive-By Truckers ♥ w. Lydia Loveless ♥♥The Showbox, Pike Place
2016-09-29Openhouse w. M. Lockwood Porter, TBAConor Byrne
2016-09-28Foy Vance ♥♥Columbia City Theater
2016-09-28Barrow w. Alberta, Drew Martin ♥Conor Byrne
2016-09-27KT Tunstall ♥♥ [SOLD OUT]The Crocodile
2016-09-27Noah Byrd w. GuestStone Way Cafe
2016-09-26Laura Marling Live ♥♥The Triple Door, Mainstage
2016-09-24St. Paul and The Broken Bones ♥♥The Paramount Theatre
2016-09-24Eliza Gilkyson ♥Seattle Folklore Society
2016-09-24The Foghorns w. Bigfoot Wallace & His Wicked Sons, Moon Dial, Ezra BellConor Byrne
2016-09-24Chris King and the Gutterballs w. Julia Massey and The Five Finger Discount ♥, Ghost Town Whistlers ♥The Sunset Tavern
2016-09-23The Dustbowl Revival w. Rain City Ramblers ♥The Sunset Tavern
2016-09-22Matt Strutynski w. Skyler Mehal, Jerett SamplesConor Byrne
2016-09-21Steve Gunn ♥Barboza
2016-09-20Local Natives ♥ w. Charlotte Day Wilson ♥The Moore Theatre
2016-09-18Loudon Wainwright III ♥ w. Eliza RickmanThe Triple Door, Mainstage
2016-09-18Mary Chapin Carpenter ♥The Neptune Theatre
2016-09-18Gully w. Drew Martin ♥, Dante & The Mirrors ♥, Alberta ♥High Dive
2016-09-1750 Years of Folk FestivalSeattle Folklore Society
2016-09-17Sara Watkins ♥♥ w. Mikaela Davis ♥♥The Tractor Tavern
2016-09-17Cloud Person ♥ w. Spencer Glenn, Bullets or BalloonsConor Byrne
2016-09-16True Life Trio ♥Stone Way Cafe
2016-09-16Matt the Electrician ♥ w. Stefan Paul George ♥, Reed Turner ♥Fremont Abbey
2016-09-16Anomalon w. Sierra FerrellThe Beery House
2016-09-16Walter Salas-Humara w. X-Ray, TBAConor Byrne
2016-09-15Joseph Arthur ♥ w. Reuben Hollebon ♥The Triple Door, Mainstage
2016-09-15Tall HeightsThe Sunset Tavern
2016-09-14Sister Sparrow & The Dirty Birds ♥♥ w. Kolars ♥The Tractor Tavern
2016-09-14Deer Leader w. Dante & The Mirrors ♥, Micah SubarConor Byrne
2016-09-12Chris DarbyStone Way Cafe
2016-09-10Allison ShirkColumbia City Theater, Bourbon Bar
2016-09-10Lee Bob & The Truth w. Zach Fleury ♥, Diamond WolfConor Byrne
2016-09-09Mads Jacobsen ♥ w. Isaac Pierce ♥ w. Emery CarlConor Byrne
2016-09-08Conor Coughlan ♥Columbia City Theater, Bourbon Bar
2016-09-08Drew Martin ♥Columbia City Theater
2016-09-08Courtney Marie Andrews ♥♥ w. The Banner Days ♥♥The Tractor Tavern
2016-09-07 & 09-08Sweet Dreams, The Music of Patsy Cline (various women incl. Star Anna) ♥♥The Triple Door, Mainstage
2016-09-07Brian Fallon & the Crowes ♥ w. Chris FarrenThe Neptune Theatre
2016-09-06Ruthie Foster ♥ w. Laura Love ♥The Triple Door, Mainstage
2016-09-06Bobcat Rob ArmentiStone Way Cafe
2016-09-04Josh Garrels ♥♥The Neptune Theatre
2016-09-02 & 09-03Wilco ♥♥The Moore Theatre
2016-09-02Marie Danielle (11pm show)Columbia City Theater, Bourbon Bar
2016-09-02Three for Silver w. The Forlorn Strangers ♥, The Winterlings ♥The Beery House
2016-09-01Loch Lomond ♥ w. Planes on PaperThe Triple Door, Mainstage
2016-08-31Paul Benoit TrioThe Triple Door, Musiquarium
2016-08-31Ryan HutchensStone Way Cafe
2016-08-31Fort Loveless w. Bears and Other Carnivores ♥, Drew Martin ♥The Tractor Tavern
2016-08-30Cahalen & Eli ♥♥ w. Nell Robinson & The Jim Nunally Band ♥The Tractor Tavern
2016-08-26 - 08-28Seattle Acoustic Festival 2016!!! Featuring Tobias the Owl, March to May, Lana McMullen, The Winterlings, Faint Peter, Spencer Carlson, Animals of Grace and many, many more!All Pilgrims Church, 500 Broadway East
2016-08-26Mark Huff & Tom MelanconColumbia City Theater, Bourbon Bar
2016-08-25Lonesome Shack ♥♥ w. Hobosexual, DJ Indica JonesSeattle Secret Shows
2016-08-25Songwriter Night: Zealyn, Matt Wright, Tyson Motsenbocker & Mike Edel ♥Fremont Abbey
2016-08-24Karl Blau ♥ w. Little WingsThe Triple Door, Mainstage
2016-08-23Steve Forbert ♥The Tractor Tavern
2016-08-23 & 08-24Brandi Carlisle ♥♥ZooTunes
2016-08-23Tacos for the Arts w. GOODSTEPH, Drew Martin ♥Fremont Abbey
2016-08-22Mark Huff & Tom MelanconStone Way Cafe
2016-08-21Shawn Colvin & Steve Earle ♥♥The Neptune Theatre
2016-08-20Dawn and Hawkes w. Daisy O'ConnorThe Rendezvous
2016-08-20Oh, Jeremiah w. Marshall McLean BandSeattle Secret Shows
2016-08-19The Slocan Ramblers ♥♥ w. Strong Sun Moon ♥, StrangelyThe Beery House
2016-08-19Lord Huron ♥ w. Trampled By Turtles ♥♥The Paramount Theatre
2016-08-18Amy Helm ♥♥The Triple Door, Mainstage
2016-08-18Band of Horses ♥♥The Paramount Theatre
2016-08-17Jamestown Revival ♥ w. WilderadoThe Tractor Tavern
2016-08-17Ben Sollee ♥Barboza
2016-08-16Jay BrannanThe Tractor Tavern
2016-08-13Sarah Jarosz ♥♥The Neptune Theatre
2016-08-13Dream Dates Finale Concert: HOLLY ♥ w. Emma Swift ♥, Shelby Earl ♥Seattle Secret Shows
2016-08-12Ian Moore & Friends ♥The Triple Door, Mainstage
2016-08-12Tobias the Owl w. The Local Strangers ♥, The Banner Days ♥♥The Tractor Tavern
2016-08-11The National Parks ♥ w. The Almost Faithful, Jenn BlosilColumbia City Theater
2016-08-11The Baron Ward ♥Columbia City Theater, Bourbon Bar
2016-08-10Joshua James ♥ w. Timmy the Teeth ♥Seattle Secret Shows
2016-08-09Philip Celia ♥Stone Way Cafe
2016-08-0910 String Symphony ♥ w. March to May ♥, Drew Martin ♥The Sunset Tavern
2016-08-08Marissa Nadler ♥Barboza
2016-08-08Peter Wolf & The Midnight Travelers ♥♥ w. Kenny WhiteThe Triple Door, Mainstage
2016-08-08Jimmy Dias (of SF group, Love Dimension)Stone Way Cafe
2016-08-07James Wolfglen ♥Columbia City Theater, Bourbon Bar
2016-08-07Town Mountain ♥Nectar Lounge
2016-08-07Matthew Rieger w. Nick Foster ♥, Dillon WarnekThe Sunset Tavern
2016-08-07Mia HuberStone Way Cafe
2016-08-06Emily King ♥♥The Tractor Tavern
2016-08-06Gregory Alan Isakov and The Ghost Orchestra ♥♥ w. Andrea GibsonThe Showbox, Pike Place
2016-08-0610,000 Maniacs ♥♥The Triple Door, Mainstage
2016-08-05Peter Bradley Adams ♥Columbia City Theater
2016-08-05Nepal Orphanage Benefit: Jessica Dobson ♥ w. Bryan John Appleby ♥, Shay Carlucci Fremont Abbey
2016-08-05Fruit Bats ♥♥The Tractor Tavern
2016-08-05Julianne WurdenStone Way Cafe
2016-08-04Kacy & Clayton ♥ w. Lydia Ramsey ♥The Triple Door, Mainstage
2016-08-03The Secret Sea (Amit Erez) ♥ w/ Glasys (Gil Assayas)Stone Way Cafe
2016-08-03Lindi Ortega ♥♥The Triple Door, Mainstage
2016-08-02Graham Nash ♥♥The Neptune Theatre
2016-08-02Hurray For The Riff Raff ♥♥ w. Promised Land SoundThe Crocodile
2016-08-01Flogging Molly w. Frank Turner & The Sleeping Souls ♥, Chuck Ragan ♥The Showbox, Sodo
2016-07-30My Bubba ♥♥ w. Brian Chartrand ♥Seattle Secret Shows
2016-07-29Anna Tivel & Jeffrey Martin ♥♥ w. Dana Sipos ♥♥The Beery House
2016-07-29Nick Drummond (of the Senate) ♥ w. Whitney MongéThe Triple Door, Mainstage
2016-07-29Tyler Edwards w. Stefan Paul George & The Vices ♥, Kathleen MurrayThe Tractor Tavern
2016-07-28John Paul White & The Secret Sisters ♥♥The Tractor Tavern
2016-07-28Amber DarlandMagnuson Park
2016-07-27Arthur James w. Ethan J Perry & The Remedy Band w. Gabriel WolfchildThe Tractor Tavern
2016-07-26Robert Ellis ♥ w. Sam Outlaw ♥The Tractor Tavern
2016-07-26Kitchen Dwellers ♥Nectar Lounge
2016-07-25 & 07-26Adele ♥♥The Showbox (at Key Arena)
2016-07-24Richard BucknerColumbia City Theater
2016-07-23The Avett Brothers ♥ShoWare Center
2016-07-23Jim Lauderdale ♥The Triple Door, Mainstage
2016-07-23Annie Ford Band w. Vicious Petals, SantiamThe Sunset Tavern
2016-07-23Clint McCuneStone Way Cafe
2016-07-22 & 07-23Caleb and WalterThe Triple Door, Musiquarium
2016-07-22James CarpioStone Way Cafe
2016-07-21Byrne & Kelly ♥Fremont Abbey
2016-07-21Sarah Gerritsen ♥ w. Nick Droz, Natalie QuistConor Byrne
2016-07-21The Wailin' Jennys ♥♥Benaroya Hall
2016-07-20Parker Millsap ♥♥ w. Travis Linville ♥The Tractor Tavern
2016-07-20Sherwood ♥Nectar Lounge
2016-07-20Cian Nugent ♥ w. Bigfoot Wallace & His Wicked Sons, Sneaky BonesThe Sunset Tavern
2016-07-20Jeremy Sewer, w. Scott MX TurnerStone Way Cafe
2016-07-19I Draw Slow ♥♥ w. The Gothard SistersNectar Lounge
2016-07-19The Jayhawks ♥♥The Neptune Theatre
2016-07-19Julianne WurdenStone Way Cafe
2016-07-19Josh Eacrett w. Antonioni, Anthony Lee PhillipsThe Sunset Tavern
2016-07-18Francesca Blanchard ♥ w. Sarah ChristineThe Triple Door, Mainstage
2016-07-17Phillip Phillips ♥ w. Matt Nathanson ♥ZooTunes
2016-07-17Carson McHone ♥ w. David Luning ♥The Triple Door, Mainstage
2016-07-16Hayes CarllThe Neptune Theatre
2016-07-16Ursa MajorStone Way Cafe
2016-07-15Little Scream ♥♥Barboza
2016-07-15General Mojo's ♥ w. Industrial Revelation ♥, Heels to the Hardwood, Scarlet Parke ♥The Crocodile
2016-07-14 - 07-16Timber! Summer Outdoor Music FestivalTolt-Macdonald Park, Carnation WA
2016-07-14Ben Caplan ♥ w. Hilary Scott, Gabriel MintzThe Sunset Tavern
2016-07-14Chris Pureka ♥♥ w. Nathan Reed ♥Seattle Secret Shows
2016-07-13Christopher Parker ♥Stone Way Cafe
2016-07-13Margaret Glaspy ♥The Sunset Tavern
2016-07-12Slaid Cleaves ♥The Tractor Tavern
2016-07-12Rabbit Wilde ♥ w. Wood & Wire, Jon Stickley TrioNectar Lounge
2016-07-12Lucy Langlas ♥Stone Way Cafe
2016-07-12Fear of Men ♥ w. Puro Instinct, Ghost SodaThe Sunset Tavern
2016-07-10Smith House ♥, Paul Mauer & The Silence, Faint Peter ♥High Dive
2016-07-09Hanna DuffyStone Way Cafe
2016-07-08Smoke Tough Johnny w. Leo Rondeau ♥, TBAConor Byrne
2016-07-08Jens Lindemann, Michael Brockman, Jeff Kready & Chris Thile (classical, mostly) ♥♥The Triple Door, Mainstage
2016-07-08Mark Lanegan ♥♥ w. Sean Wheeler ♥The Neptune Theatre
2016-07-08Big Thief ♥♥ w. Luke Temple (of Here We Go Magic) ♥, IjiThe Sunset Tavern
2016-07-08Spencer GlennStone Way Cafe
2016-07-07Little Tybee ♥♥The Triple Door, Mainstage
2016-07-07Whiskey Shivers w. Deception Past, The Winterlings ♥The Tractor Tavern
2016-07-07Kaeli Earle w. Katie Kuffel ♥, Lana McMullen ♥♥The Royal Room
2016-07-03Nathaniel ChapmanStone Way Cafe
2016-07-02Lonesome Shack (blues) ♥♥ w. Pampa, Pete QuirkThe Tractor Tavern
2016-07-01Benefit for Orlando Victims: Local Strangers ♥ w. Jake Hemming & The Bereaved, Janell Kallander, etc.Conor Byrne
2016-07-01Nate Currin w. The Banner Days ♥♥Seattle Secret Shows
2016-07-01The Paperboys ♥The Tractor Tavern
2016-07-01The Black Lillies ♥♥ w. The Swearengens ♥The Sunset Tavern
2016-06-30Ghosts I've Met w. Planes on Paper ♥, Julia Massey ♥, Shenandoah Davis ♥The Crocodile
2016-06-30Sera Cahoone ♥♥ w. Naomi Wachira ♥Fremont Abbey
2016-06-30Esme Patterson ♥♥Barboza
2016-06-30case/lang/veirs (Neko Case/K.D. Lang/Laura Veirs) ♥♥ w. Andy ShaufZooTunes
2016-06-30Evan Egerer w. Devin Sinha, Kristina ValenciaConor Byrne
2016-06-29Birdy ♥♥Neumo's
2016-06-28Windfall (Char & Tim Seawell)Stone Way Cafe
2016-06-24Key Alfred Hillig ♥ w. The Winterlings ♥Fremont Abbey
2016-06-24Ben Watt ♥♥Columbia City Theater
2016-06-23King Khan & The ShrinesNeumo's
2016-06-23Star Anna ♥♥ w. Jason Dodson of the Maldives ♥, Whitney MongéThe Sunset Tavern
2016-06-23Beth Orton ♥♥ w. Emmy The GreatThe Triple Door, Mainstage
2016-06-23Deception Past w. Caleb & Walter, Abalone GreyConor Byrne
2016-06-22Western Centuries (featuring Cahalen Morrison) ♥ w. Michaela Anne ♥The Sunset Tavern
2016-06-22Vigilante SantosStone Way Cafe
2016-06-21An Intimate Evening with Good Old War ♥The Triple Door, Mainstage
2016-06-21Yukon Blonde w. The Zolas, Tyson Motsenbocker ♥The Sunset Tavern
2016-06-21Hart BothwellStone Way Cafe
2016-06-20Tanner LavalleeStone Way Cafe
2016-06-19Pat Hull ♥♥ w. Harlowe, Jack KnightHigh Dive
2016-06-19DeltazColumbia City Theater, Bourbon Bar
2016-06-18Luluc ♥♥Fremont Solstice Festival
2016-06-18Cataldo ♥♥Fremont Solstice Festival
2016-06-18Jeff Austin Band ♥ w. Home Sweet Home ♥The Tractor Tavern
2016-06-18The Weight (good Band cover band, with former members of the Band, Levon Helm Band and Rick Danko Group) ♥The Triple Door, Mainstage
2016-06-18Quickdraw String BandStone Way Cafe
2016-06-17Gregory PorterThe Moore Theatre
2016-06-17Massy Ferguson ♥ w. Nick Foster Band ♥The Triple Door, Mainstage
2016-06-16Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeroes ♥The Showbox (at Marymoor Park)
2016-06-16Heron Oblivion ♥ w. Boogarins, Low HumsThe Sunset Tavern
2016-06-15Lloyd Cole ♥♥Columbia City Theater
2016-06-15Della Mae ♥ w. Hallstrom ♥The Tractor Tavern
2016-06-15Daniel C Monte CalvoStone Way Cafe
2016-06-14Jacque Babb ♥ w. Lady Grace, Matthew Azrieli ♥, Diamondwolf ♥High Dive
2016-06-14Mountain NativesStone Way Cafe
2016-06-13Rabbit QuinnStone Way Cafe
2016-06-12Frazey Ford ♥♥The Tractor Tavern
2016-06-12The Way Down Wanderers ♥ w. Josh MundellColumbia City Theater
2016-06-12Carrie Rodriguez ♥The Triple Door, Mainstage
2016-06-12Henhouse Prowlers ♥ w. Ben Hunter & Joe Seamons ♥Nectar Lounge
2016-06-11Ball of Wax 44: The Lonely Coast & Annie Ford ♥ w. Virgin of the Birds, Amanda Winterhalter, Swooning, Kelly MorganFremont Abbey
2016-06-11Adia Victoria ♥♥ w. Sam Russell & The HarborratsThe Sunset Tavern
2016-06-11Chuck Ragan ♥ w. Chris Orlowski ♥The Tractor Tavern
2016-06-11Free Show! Doe Bay Fest Post Lineup Announcement Party: Jacob Miller & the Bridge City Crooners w. Crow Quill, Night OwlsConor Byrne
2016-06-10David Bazan ♥The Neptune Theatre
2016-06-10Tape Stacks w. Lydia Ramsey ♥, Honey Noble ♥The Sunset Tavern
2016-06-10Leah T and The Baked Goods w. Jazmarae Beebe ♥Conor Byrne
2016-06-10Devin Sinha w. Teresa CubbageStone Way Cafe
2016-06-09ings w. Ben Zaidi, Honey Noble ♥Fremont Abbey
2016-06-09Fiddle Showcase: Ballard Fiddlers w. Ben Hunter & Joe Seamons ♥, The Rain City RamblersBallard Homestead
2016-06-09Joe Purdy ♥♥ w. Garrison Starr ♥Columbia City Theater
2016-06-09 & 06-10Leroy Bell and his Friends ♥The Triple Door, Mainstage
2016-06-08Robbie Fulks w. Cami Lundeen ♥The Triple Door, Mainstage
2016-06-08San Juan w. Trevor Borden ♥, Bears and Other CarnivoresThe Sunset Tavern
2016-06-08The Fontaines w. Katie Kuffel ♥, Lana McMullen ♥♥, Asher Deaver ♥High Dive
2016-06-08Matt DaltonStone Way Cafe
2016-06-08Kevin Morby w. Jaye BartellThe Tractor Tavern
2016-06-07Jeremy Sewer, Jeff Campbell & Scott Mickelson ♥Stone Way Cafe
2016-06-07Dan Mangan ♥ w. Reuben & The Dark ♥The Sunset Tavern
2016-06-06Silversun Pickups ♥The Showbox, Pike Place
2016-06-05 & 06-06Bob Dylan ♥♥ w. Mavis Staples ♥Chateau Ste. Michelle Winery
2016-06-05Sarah Gerritsen & The Shadow Catchers ♥ w. Redwood Son, Bart Budwig's AmperbandColumbia City Theater
2016-06-04Tomo Nakayama ♥ w. Led To Sea, Whitney BallenThe Beery House
2016-06-04Cathedrals XII (various artists singing acapella) ♥Fremont Abbey (at St. Mark's Cathedral)
2016-06-04Sam Beam & Jesca Hoop ♥♥ with Marlon Williams ♥♥The Neptune Theatre
2016-06-04Julia Massey & The Five Finger Discount ♥ w. Jake Hemming and the Bereaved, Brett HamillConor Byrne
2016-06-04Horseshoes & Hand Grenades ♥♥ w. Rabbit Wilde ♥The Tractor Tavern
2016-06-03Missy Higgins ♥Columbia City Theater
2016-06-03Brett Dennen ♥The Neptune Theatre
2016-06-03 - 06-05The Lumineers ♥ w. Sleepwalkers (06-03 & 04), Isaac Gracie (06-05) The Showbox (at Marymoor Park)
2016-06-02Corinne Bailey Rae ♥The Triple Door, Mainstage
2016-06-01Lindstrom and The Limit w. Ghost Town Whistlers ♥, Devin SinhaThe Tractor Tavern
2016-06-01Kristen Ford ♥ w. Kristen Palmer, Allison Preisinger ♥The Triple Door, Mainstage
2016-05-30Yarn ♥The Tractor Tavern
2016-05-29The Stray Birds ♥♥ w. Evie Ladin ♥♥The Tractor Tavern
2016-05-29Tina Dico ♥♥The Triple Door, Mainstage
2016-05-29The Wind and The Wave ♥ w. Silver Torches (solo) ♥The Sunset Tavern
2016-05-28Zack Fleury ♥ w. Lizzy Gundersen ♥The Triple Door, Mainstage
2016-05-28Ellen Reed ♥Stone Way Cafe
2016-05-28Ole Tinder w. Denver, Lowman Palace ♥, StellaThe Sunset Tavern
2016-05-28Punk as Folk: The Bad Things w. Danbert Nobacon, The Mongrel Jews, Intuitive Compass, Strangely, BarnswallowConor Byrne
2016-05-27 - 05-30Seattle Folklife Festival 2016!!Seattle Center
2016-05-27Poor Man's Whiskey ♥, Polecat ♥Nectar Lounge
2016-05-26A Tribute to Woody Guthrie and His Month of Song ♥♥Benaroya Hall
2016-05-26Mts & Tunnels w. The Sam Chase & The Untraditional ♥, Bryan JonesConor Byrne
2016-05-26The Posies ♥ w. Spencer Carlson [SOLD OUT]Seattle Secret Shows
2016-05-26The Wild Reeds ♥ w. Stefan Paul George & The Vices ♥, Anna Tivel ♥♥The Tractor Tavern
2016-05-25Kris Allen ♥ w. Marie Miller ♥The Triple Door, Mainstage
2016-05-25Mads Jacobsen w. Garrett & The Sheriffs, Bobby's OarThe Tractor Tavern
2016-05-24Bob Dylan 75th B-Day Tribute: Basement Tapes (7:30 show; doors 6:30) ♥♥The Royal Room
2016-05-24Buddy Guy ♥♥Edmonds Center for the Arts
2016-05-24Brian Jonestown Massacre ♥♥Neumo's
2016-05-24March to May ♥ w. Wren ♥, Hell MaryThe Sunset Tavern
2016-05-23Josh Halverson ♥♥Columbia City Theater
2016-05-22Shel ♥♥ w. Katie Kuffel ♥The Triple Door, Mainstage
2016-05-22Bob Dylan 75th B-Day Tribute: Just Like a Woman (Seattle women singer-songwriters incl. Naomi Wachira, Tekla Waterfield, Star Anna, etc.) ♥♥The Royal Room
2016-05-21The Ruth Moody Band (Ruth Moody of the Wailin' Jennies) ♥♥ w. Eli West ♥♥Fremont Abbey
2016-05-21Hanz Araki, Colleen Raney & Cary Novotny ♥♥Seattle Folklore Society
2016-05-21Bryan John Appleby ♥ w. St Paul de Vence ♥♥, DaggerhandsThe Sunset Tavern
2016-05-21The Warren G. Hardings ♥ w. The Crow and The Canyon ♥♥, Rain City RamblersThe Tractor Tavern
2016-05-20Bob Dylan 75th B-Day Tribute: Highway 61 Revisited (early show) ♥♥The Royal Room
2016-05-20Bob Dylan 75th B-Day Tribute: Blood on the Tracks (late show) ♥♥The Royal Room
2016-05-20Diva Night: Jet Black Pearl ♥ w. Veronica Malki ♥, WonderThe Beery House
2016-05-20Eric Bachmann ♥ w. Barton Caroll ♥, LenoreThe Sunset Tavern
2016-05-20Kathleen Murray w. The Native Sibling ♥, David Wimbish (of The Collection)Fremont Abbey
2016-05-20two secret bands [SOLD OUT]Seattle Secret Shows
2016-05-19The Maldives ♥ w. Lowest Pair ♥♥Fremont Abbey
2016-05-19The Security Project (music of Peter Gabriel) ♥Columbia City Theater
2016-05-19Chris Pureka ♥♥ w. S ♥ (Jenn Ghetto of Carissa's Wierd)The Tractor Tavern
2016-05-19Andrew Bird ♥ w. John GrantThe Showbox, Pike Place
2016-05-19Joseph Arthur ♥ w. Lee Harvey Osmond ♥The Triple Door, Mainstage
2016-05-18Jeffrey Foucault & Laurie Sargent ♥♥The Triple Door, Mainstage
2016-05-18G. T. ThomasStone Way Cafe
2016-05-17Grant-Lee Phillips ♥The Triple Door, Mainstage
2016-05-16Alberta Cross ♥♥The Tractor Tavern
2016-05-15Sean Watkins ♥♥ w. Petra Haden ♥, Jesse Harris ♥♥The Tractor Tavern
2016-05-15Natalie DanaeStone Way Cafe
2016-05-14Lily and Madeleine ♥♥ w. Shannon Hayden, Brenda XuBallard Homestead
2016-05-14Turkuaz ♥♥ w. The Nth PowerNectar Lounge
2016-05-14Maria Dunn ♥Seattle Folklore Society
2016-05-14The Local Strangers ♥ w. Brite Lines, Human LadderConor Byrne
2016-05-14Sandra Dolores ♥ w. Peter Spencer, Tai ShanStone Way Cafe
2016-05-13Cate Le Bon ♥♥Barboza
2016-05-13The Travelin' McCoury's ♥♥ w. Ben Hunter and Joe Seamons ♥The Tractor Tavern
2016-05-12Damien Jurado & The Heavy Light ♥ w. Ben AbrahamThe Neptune Theatre
2016-05-12Rob Ickes & Trey Hensley ♥ w. Anna Tivel ♥♥Fremont Abbey
2016-05-12Quiet Life w. Ole Tinder, Edmund WayneThe Tractor Tavern
2016-05-11Lucius ♥♥The Neptune Theatre
2016-05-10Lou Doillon ♥♥The Triple Door, Mainstage
2016-05-10Julianna Barwick ♥Fremont Abbey
2016-05-07Joan Shelley ♥♥ w. Michael Hurley ♥♥Ballard Homestead
2016-05-07Vaudeville Etiquette ♥♥Neumo's
2016-05-06Kris Orlowski ♥The Crocodile
2016-05-06John Craigie ♥♥ w. Jason DodsonColumbia City Theater
2016-05-06Sarah ChristineColumbia City Theater, Bourbon Bar
2016-05-06Lee Bob & The Truth w. Shakey Blankets, Joy MillsConor Byrne
2016-05-06WesSp8 & The Apollo Proxy, w. Mts & Tunnels ♥, Seacastle ♥High Dive
2016-05-04Kate Lynne Logan ♥♥ w. Devin SinhaThe Triple Door, Mainstage
2016-05-04Ann Gates FiserStone Way Cafe
2016-05-03Aidan Knight ♥The Sunset Tavern
2016-05-02Ivan & Alyosha ♥♥ w. Lemolo ♥, Evening Bell ♥The Tractor Tavern
2016-05-02Katrina Charles w. Sarah PasillasThe Sunset Tavern
2016-05-01Pretty Broken Things w. Mimi Gilbert ♥, Handsome and Gretyl ♥The Sunset Tavern
2016-04-30Scott Law & Friends ♥♥ w. Rabbit Wilde ♥, Home Sweet Home ♥Nectar Lounge
2016-04-30Lindstrom and the Limit ♥ w. Tobias the Owl, March To May ♥♥The Rendezvous
2016-04-30Leanne Wilkins & The Weathered ♥ w. Sightseer, Kyle Alfred Hillig ♥Conor Byrne
2016-04-30Reilly & Maloney: Farewell Tour!Seattle Folklore Society
2016-04-29Rust On the Rails w. The W Lovers ♥, Darci CarlsonThe Sunset Tavern
2016-04-28Kris Delmhorst ♥♥Fremont Abbey
2016-04-28Oliver Franklin w. General Mojo's ♥Columbia City Theater
2016-04-28The Evergreen ShakersConor Byrne
2016-04-27Free Range Revival w. The Ballard AlpsStone Way Cafe
2016-04-26Joshua Radin ♥ w. Allison Pierce ♥The Triple Door, Mainstage
2016-04-24Steve Poltz w. Debbie MillerThe Tractor Tavern
2016-04-24James CarpioStone Way Cafe
2016-04-23Leroy Bell ♥Fremont Abbey
2016-04-23Ana Moura ♥Edmonds Center for the Arts
2016-04-23Head for the Hills ♥ w. Pert Near Sandstone, The Student Loan ♥Nectar Lounge
2016-04-238th Anniversary Celebration w. Past Performers "In The Round"Seattle Secret Shows
2016-04-23Redwood Son & The Renegades w. Sweet Kiss Momma, McDougallConor Byrne
2016-04-23John Gorka w. Lizzie WeberSeattle Folklore Society
2016-04-23Thomas HubbardStone Way Cafe
2016-04-22Wesley Stace (aka John Wesley Harding) ♥Ballard Homestead
2016-04-22Jonathan Warren & The Billy GoatsConor Byrne
2016-04-21Courtney Barnett ♥♥The Moore Theatre
2016-04-21Folklife Pre-Fest Party: The Warren G. Hardings ♥ w. Jacob Miller & The Bridge City Crooners, Ben Hunter & Joe Seamons ♥, Naomi Wachira ♥♥Nectar Lounge
2016-04-21Rhye ♥The Neptune Theatre
2016-04-21Fruition ♥♥The Tractor Tavern
2016-04-20Bonnie Raitt ♥♥The Paramount Theatre
2016-04-20Mount Moriah ♥♥ w. Margaret Glaspy ♥♥The Tractor Tavern
2016-04-17Paul McCartney ♥♥Key Arena
2016-04-16Heather Nova ♥ w. Chris Riffle ♥The Triple Door, Mainstage
2016-04-16Arlo Guthrie ♥♥The Moore Theatre
2016-04-16Bua - Traditional Irish Music!Seattle Folklore Society
2016-04-15The Lasses ♥♥ w. Jaspar Lepak ♥, WinnieBrave! ♥The Beery House
2016-04-15Laura Gibson ♥♥ w. Chris Staples ♥Fremont Abbey
2016-04-15Ian McFeron ♥ w. MoZoThe Triple Door, Mainstage
2016-04-15Lindi Ortega ♥♥ w. The WalcottsThe Tractor Tavern
2016-04-15Jay Nash w. GoldFordSeattle Secret Shows
2016-04-14The Show Ponies ♥♥ w. The T Sisters ♥, Lindsay Lou & The Flatbellys ♥The Tractor Tavern
2016-04-14Sharon Jones & the Dap-Kings ♥♥ w. Trombone Shorty & Orleans AvenueThe Moore Theatre
2016-04-13Woody Guthrie Tribute: The Crying Shame, Mikey and Matty ♥, Gerald Collier, Joy Mills BandThe Tractor Tavern
2016-04-13Laura Peterson ♥Barboza
2016-04-12George Clinton & Parliament Funkadelic ♥♥The Neptune Theatre
2016-04-12The Arcs ♥♥ w. Mariachi Flor de Toloache ♥The Moore Theatre
2016-04-12Pete Yorn ♥The Showbox, Pike Place
2016-04-11Katie Kuffel ♥ w. Arthur James, Emily DonahueThe Triple Door, Musiquarium
2016-04-10Gary Clark Jr. ♥♥The Moore Theatre
2016-04-10Nick Drummond w. Double Hang'tendreThe Tractor Tavern
2016-04-09Marco Benevento ♥ w. Mikaela Davis ♥♥The Tractor Tavern
2016-04-09Evening Bell ♥ w. Lowman Palace ♥, Ben Von WildenhausConor Byrne
2016-04-09Sam Baker ♥Seattle Folklore Society
2016-04-08Mouths of Babes ♥Empty Sea Studios
2016-04-08March to May ♥ w. The W Lovers ♥, Jackelope SaintsConor Byrne
2016-04-08Elephant Revival ♥♥ w. Mandolin Orange ♥♥The Showbox, Pike Place
2016-04-08Jackie Greene w. The Suitcase Junket ♥The Tractor Tavern
2016-04-07 & 04-08Community Songwriting WorkshopEdmonds Center for the Arts
2016-04-07The Ballroom Thieves ♥ w. Tall Heights ♥, Rory James ♥The Tractor Tavern
2016-04-07Peter Mulvey ♥ w. Tony FurtadoThe Triple Door, Mainstage
2016-04-07Brenda Xu w. Mama Doll, Katie Kuffel ♥Conor Byrne
2016-04-06Father John Misty ♥The Paramount Theatre
2016-04-04Shelby LantermanColumbia City Theater, Bourbon Bar
2016-04-04Leigh Nash ♥ w. The W Lovers ♥Columbia City Theater
2016-04-04The Jezabels ♥♥Barboza
2016-04-03Anders Osborne ♥♥ w. Sister Sparrow & The Dirty BirdsThe Neptune Theatre
2016-04-03Johanna Warren & Eleanor Murray, w. Kelsey SpragueKelsey Sprague Music, Warehouse Show!, SODO
2016-04-02Banner Days ♥♥ w. Courtney Marie Andrews ♥♥, Nick Foster ♥♥Fremont Abbey
2016-04-02Lissie ♥ w. Skrizzly AdamsColumbia City Theater
2016-04-02Katryn Claire ♥Seattle Folklore Society
2016-04-02Talisco w. The Weathered MachineSeattle Secret Shows
2016-04-02Johanna Warren & Eleanor Murray, w. Jeremy Sewer, Kelsey SpragueStone Way Cafe
2016-04-01The Lumineers ♥Columbia City Theater
2016-04-01Loudon Wainwright III ♥Edmonds Center for the Arts
2016-04-01Rabbit Wilde ♥ w. Spare Rib & Bluegrass SauceFremont Abbey
2016-03-31Charlie Parr w. guestsThe Tractor Tavern
2016-03-31Moondoggies ♥ w. COHONeumo's
2016-03-31Isaac Pierce & Ten Speed Music w. Pitchhouse, The Parade ScheduleConor Byrne
2016-03-30Birds of Chicago ♥♥ w. Raina Rose ♥Fremont Abbey
2016-03-30Jared & the MillThe Sunset Tavern
2016-03-29San Fermin ♥Neumo's
2016-03-29Joanna Newsom ♥♥ w. Robin Pecknold ♥♥The Paramount Theatre
2016-03-26Loreena McKennitt ♥♥The Paramount Theatre
2016-03-26Thao & The Get Down Stay Down ♥ w. Car Seat Headrest ♥The Neptune Theatre
2016-03-26The Crying Shame w. The Harmed BrothersConor Byrne
2016-03-26Simon Cornelis & FriendsNaked City Brewery
2016-03-25Nap Eyes w. Cian Nugent ♥Barboza
2016-03-25Sarah Neufeld, The Ridge ♥ w. EartheaterColumbia City Theater
2016-03-25Hot Buttered Rum ♥ w. Front Country ♥The Tractor Tavern
2016-03-25Greensky Bluegrass ♥♥The Showbox, Pike Place
2016-03-24Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band ♥♥Key Arena
2016-03-24AltanEdmonds Center for the Arts
2016-03-23Meiko & Marie Digby ♥ w. Jessie SirenThe Tractor Tavern
2016-03-23The Lil Smokies ♥ w. Trout Steak Revival ♥♥Nectar Lounge
2016-03-23Rob Crow's Gloomy PlaceBarboza
2016-03-21Greg Dulli ♥♥ w. Derrick BrownThe Triple Door, Mainstage
2016-03-20Levi Parham ♥♥Columbia City Theater, Bourbon Bar
2016-03-20The Konzelman Brothers w. Dillingham, Sarah EmersonColumbia City Theater
2016-03-20Scott YoderBarboza
2016-03-19Daughter ♥♥The Showbox, Pike Place
2016-03-19Stefan Paul George & The Vices ♥Barboza
2016-03-18Valley Maker ♥ w. ThousandsBarboza
2016-03-18Lemolo ♥ w. Abby Gundersen ♥The Triple Door, Mainstage
2016-03-17The Paperboys ♥ w. The Local Strangers ♥The Crocodile
2016-03-17Yonder Mountain String Band ♥ w. Polecat ♥The Neptune Theatre
2016-03-17Murder By Death w. The Builders & The ButchersThe Tractor Tavern
2016-03-16Chris Staples ♥ w. Ormonde, Andy FittsBarboza
2016-03-15Sarah Emerson & Dillingham ♥The Triple Door, Mainstage
2016-03-14Lunasa & Tim O'Brien ♥♥The Triple Door, Mainstage
2016-03-13Darlingside ♥ w. Caitlin Canty ♥♥The Triple Door, Mainstage
2016-03-12Christine Parker ♥ w. Lana McMullen ♥♥, Mike VotavaThe Beery House
2016-03-12Ben Otewell (of Gomez) ♥♥ w. Tom Rorem (of Lowlands)The Tractor Tavern
2016-03-12The Sweeplings ♥The Sunset Tavern
2016-03-12Ben Rector ♥The Neptune Theatre
2016-03-12The Foghorns w. Virgin of the Birds (from UK)Conor Byrne
2016-03-12Seumas Gagne & FriendsSeattle Folklore Society
2016-03-11Electric NoNo ♥ w. A Breakthrough In Field Studies ♥Conor Byrne
2016-03-11The Brothers Comatose w. The Easy LeavesThe Tractor Tavern
2016-03-10KEXP Benefit: Bob Dylan Cover NightThe Tractor Tavern
2016-03-10Ben Fisher w. Shelby Earl ♥Fremont Abbey
2016-03-10Takoma Records Guitar Masters: Peter Lang, Rick Ruskin, Toulouse Engelhardt ♥♥Columbia City Theater
2016-03-09Jane Siberry ♥ w. Mean MaryThe Triple Door, Mainstage
2016-03-09Underwood Stables: A Tribute to Woody GuthrieThe Tractor Tavern
2016-03-08Liza Anne ♥♥ w. Brite Lines ♥, YouthThe Sunset Tavern
2016-03-08Penny & Sparrow ♥ w. The Whistles & the BellsThe Triple Door, Mainstage
2016-03-08Allison ShirkThe Triple Door, Musiquarium
2016-03-07The Wainwright Sisters ♥♥ w. guestsThe Tractor Tavern
2016-03-07Run River North ♥ w. The Wild Reeds ♥The Triple Door, Mainstage
2016-03-06Ani DeFranco ♥♥The Neptune Theatre
2016-03-06Aoife O'Donovan ♥♥ w. Robert Sarazin Blake ♥Columbia City Theater
2016-03-06Jose Gonzalez ♥♥ w. yMusicThe Moore Theatre
2016-03-05Eleanor Friedberger ♥Barboza
2016-03-05John Prine ♥♥The Paramount Theatre
2016-03-05Craver Hicks Watson & NewberrySeattle Folklore Society
2016-03-05Seattle Awake Music Exchange Benefit: various artists (incl. Mikey and Matty ♥)Conor Byrne
2016-03-05Dead Winter Carpenters w. Rust On the Rails, Gipsy MoonNectar Lounge
2016-03-04Andersen East ♥ w. Dylan LeBlanc ♥ [SOLD OUT]The Tractor Tavern
2016-03-03Lake Street Dive ♥♥The Neptune Theatre
2016-03-03Joseph ♥ w. Corey Kilgannon ♥Columbia City Theater
2016-03-03Marty O'Reilly ♥ w. Smooth Hound Smith, Vaudeville Etiquette ♥♥The Sunset Tavern
2016-03-02Your Sweet Action w. J.P. Hennessy, Kristen PalmerHigh Dive
2016-03-02Made of Boxes w. Radar, Gabe MuchThe Sunset Tavern
2016-03-01John Moreland ♥ w. Lilly HiattThe Tractor Tavern
2016-03-01Jaspar Lepak ♥ w. Alice Howe ♥The Triple Door, Mainstage
2016-02-29Family Mansion w. Northern Allies, Quinell, Charlie FinnThe Rendezvous
2016-02-28Bobby Long ♥ w. Silver TorchesThe Tractor Tavern
2016-02-28Lachlan Willis w. Kristina Valencia, Danny Wilkinson, Farrah NuffHigh Dive
2016-02-28San Juan w. James Anaya & the Current, Garrett Lamp (of Stubborn Son)The Sunset Tavern
2016-02-27Oh Jeremiah ♥ w. Tyler Edwards ♥Seattle Secret Shows
2016-02-27Star Anna ♥♥ w. Jason DodsonNaked City Brewery
2016-02-27Freakwater w. Jaye Jayle, Drunken PrayerThe Tractor Tavern
2016-02-27Ball of Wax: various artistsConor Byrne
2016-02-25 - 02-28some GREAT singer/songwriters!!! at Wintergrass!! Wintergrass!! Wintergrass!!Wintergrass 2016
2016-02-26Basia Bulat ♥♥Barboza
2016-02-26Deadphish Orchestra Ft. Jeff Austin Band ♥ w. The Student Loan (Led Zep bluegrass style)Nectar Lounge
2016-02-26Sam Outlaw w. Whitney Rose, Ole TinderThe Sunset Tavern
2016-02-26Faint Peter ♥ w. Tobias the Owl, The HasslersThe Rendezvous
2016-02-25Eilen Jewell ♥ w. Country Dave and the PickersThe Tractor Tavern
2016-02-25An Intimate Evening With Ricki Lee Jones ♥♥The Triple Door, Mainstage
2016-02-25Owen ♥ w. BirthmarkFremont Abbey
2016-02-25Indigo Girls ♥The Showbox, Pike Place
2016-02-25Aaron Lindstrom and the Limit ♥ w. Supposably, PhotonsThe Sunset Tavern
2016-02-24An Intimate Evening With Ricki Lee Jones ♥♥The Triple Door, Mainstage
2016-02-24Vance Joy w. Elle King ♥, Jamie Lawson ♥The Paramount Theatre
2016-02-24Striking Matches ♥Columbia City Theater
2016-02-22Nell Robinson & Jim Nunally Band ♥The Triple Door, Mainstage
2016-02-20Rabbit Wilde ♥ w. The Warren G. Hardings ♥, Crow and the CanyonNectar Lounge
2016-02-20Reid Jamieson Band ♥Seattle Folklore Society
2016-02-18The Infamous Stringdusters ♥ w. Nicki Bluhm, Della Mae ♥The Neptune Theatre
2016-02-17Jolie Holland & Sam Parton ♥♥ w. Invisible Familiars ♥The Triple Door, Mainstage
2016-02-13Hearts On Fire: A Valentine's Showcase of Country DuetsConor Byrne
2016-02-12Show Your Love for Folklife BenefitConor Byrne
2016-02-12Motopony ♥ w. The Maldives (Trio) ♥, Vaudeville Etiquette ♥♥Nectar Lounge
2016-02-12Emmet Cahill w. Emily Ann PetersonFremont Abbey
2016-02-11Griffin House ♥Columbia City Theater
2016-02-09The Round: Lana McMullen ♥♥, Sophia Duccini, Debbie MillerFremont Abbey
2016-02-08Ryan Montbleau Band ♥The Sunset Tavern
2016-02-06Stephen Kellogg ♥ w. Brooks HubbardColumbia City Theater
2016-02-06The Von Trapps ♥ w. March To May ♥The Triple Door, Mainstage
2016-02-06Lowlands ♥ w. Diamond Wolf, Alice Howe ♥Conor Byrne
2016-02-06The DebutonesSeattle Folklore Society
2016-02-05Kris Orlowski ♥The Sunset Tavern
2016-02-04Vicci Martinez ♥♥ w. Will Jordan, CraymerNectar Lounge
2016-02-04Kris Orlowski ♥The Sunset Tavern
2016-02-03Julia Holter ♥Columbia City Theater
2016-02-01Gabriel Kahane ♥♥ w. Brooklyn Rider (weird booking, extraordinary classical musicians) ♥♥The Tractor Tavern
2016-02-01The Wood Brothers ♥♥The Moore Theatre
2016-01-31Marlon Williams ♥♥The Tractor Tavern
2016-01-31Samantha Crain ♥ w. The Local Strangers ♥, ColorworksThe Sunset Tavern
2016-01-30Jaspar Lepak ♥, Ian McFeron ♥, Matt Price & Tai ShanSeattle Folklore Society
2016-01-30Fruition w. McDougallThe Tractor Tavern
2016-01-30Korby Lenker ♥Seattle Secret Shows
2016-01-29Jessica Lea Mayfield ♥♥ w. Matt BateyFremont Abbey
2016-01-26The W Lovers ♥ w. Cedar TeethThe Tractor Tavern
2016-01-23The Naked Sessions #9: Peter Case ♥Naked City Brewery
2016-01-23The Lil' Smokies ♥ w. The Crow, The CanyonThe Tractor Tavern
2016-01-22The Local Strangers ♥ w. March To May ♥, Ian McFeron ♥Columbia City Theater
2016-01-22Daniel Rateliff & the Night Sweats ♥The Neptune Theatre
2016-01-21Star Anna ♥♥ [cancelled... :( ] w. Electric NoNo ♥, Julia Massey & The Five Finger Discount ♥High Dive
2016-01-21Skates! ♥ w. Verlaine, Royal Holland ♥The Sunset Tavern
2016-01-20Cahalen and Eli ♥♥The Triple Door, Mainstage
2016-01-16Valley Maker w. Brite Lines, OrmondeThe Tractor Tavern
2016-01-16Stelth Ulvang ♥ w. Nick Jaina, Shenandoah Davis ♥Columbia City Theater
2016-01-15St. Paul de Vence ♥♥ w. Banner Days ♥♥The Triple Door, Mainstage
2016-01-15The Maldives (accoustic) ♥ w. The Winterlings ♥, HarmFremont Abbey
2016-01-14Jonathan Edwards ♥♥ w. John StatzThe Triple Door, Mainstage
2016-01-13Tribute To Woodie Guthrie (various artists)The Tractor Tavern
2016-01-09The Blackberry Bushes Stringband ♥ w. Cahalen Morrison & Country Hammer ♥, Joy Mills Band ♥The Tractor Tavern
2016-01-08Karl Blau Benefit (various artists) ♥Black Lodge
2016-01-08Young In the City ♥♥ w. Chris Staples Band ♥, Silver Torches ♥The Sunset Tavern
2016-01-08The Cloves ♥Fremont Abbey
2016-01-08Sarah Gerritsen & Nick Foster ♥The Triple Door, Mainstage
2016-01-07Beatles Cover Night w. Black Whales ♥♥, Vaudeville Etiquette ♥♥, etcNeumo's
2016-01-07The Motels ♥ w. Star Anna ♥♥The Triple Door, Mainstage
2016-01-07Seacastle w. Temple Canyon, Boots to the MoonThe Tractor Tavern
2016-01-05Patti Smith ♥♥The Moore Theatre
2016-01-04Patti Smith ♥♥The Moore Theatre
2016-01-02Alela Diane & Ryan Fancesconi ♥♥ w. Vikesh KapoorThe Triple Door, Mainstage
2016-01-01Camper Van Beethoven & CrackerThe Crocodile
2015-12-314th Annual Artist Home New Years Eve PartyConor Byrne
2015-12-31Rabbit Wilde ♥ w. The Massy Ferguson Duo ♥M-Bibe
2015-12-31La LuzNeumo's
2015-12-30Happy Orchestra (free show; various artists)Conor Byrne
2015-12-26Edmund Wayne ♥ w. Home Sweet Home ♥, Echo RavineThe Tractor Tavern
2015-12-23Happy Orchestra (free show; various artists)Conor Byrne
2015-12-20David Bazan ♥ w. Andy FittsThe Tractor Tavern
2015-12-20A 75th Birthday Tribute Concert to Phil Ochs (various artists)Columbia City Theater
2015-12-19Smokey Brights ♥ w. Cataldo, Planes On Paper ♥The Tractor Tavern
2015-12-19Noah Gundersen ♥ & GuestsFremont Abbey
2015-12-19Mark O'Connor's An Appalachian ChristmasThe Moore Theatre
2015-12-18Bootleg Sunshine ♥The Tractor Tavern
2015-12-18Tekla Waterfield and the Sweet Nothings ♥Columbia City Theater
2015-12-17These Young Fools w. Imaginary Lines, Everson PinesColumbia City Theater
2015-12-16Patchy Sanders ♥ w. Steep Ravine ♥, Spare Rib & the Bluegrass SauceThe Tractor Tavern
2015-12-16Happy Orchestra (free show; various artists)Conor Byrne
2015-12-15Death Cab for Cutie w. The Helio SequenceThe Showbox, Pike Place
2015-12-15Patterson Hood w. Thayer SarranoThe Tractor Tavern
2015-12-15J Fernandez w. Will Sprott, AndyColumbia City Theater
2015-12-14Okkervil River w. Black Sheep boyColumbia City Theater
2015-12-13Jared & The Mill w. Brumby, Jake Hemming & the Bereaved, Alec LytleThe Tractor Tavern
2015-12-12The Moondoggies w. The Maldives ♥The Tractor Tavern
2015-12-12The English Beat w. The InterruptersThe Showbox, Pike Place
2015-12-12Israel Nash w. Anthony D'AmatoThe Crocodile
2015-12-11The Maldives ♥ w. The MoondoggiesThe Tractor Tavern
2015-12-11Della Mae ♥ w. Mipso, The Warren G. Hardings ♥Nectar Lounge
2015-12-10Downpilot ♥ w. The Demon Rind, Lowman PalaceThe Tractor Tavern
2015-12-10Coyote w. Aaron Semer, Michael WohlConor Byrne
2015-12-09Happy Orchestra (free show; various artists)Conor Byrne
2015-12-09Corb Lund and the Hurtin' Albertans w. The Ganges River BandThe Tractor Tavern
2015-12-08The Maine ♥ w. The Technicolors ♥The Crocodile
2015-12-08Patterson Hood w. Thayer SarranoThe Tractor Tavern
2015-12-06Taylor John Williams w. Rory James, WonderColumbia City Theater
2015-12-05The Del McCoury Band ♥The Triple Door, Mainstage
2015-12-04The Shook Twins ♥ w. Rabbit Wilde ♥, John CraigieNectar Lounge
2015-12-04Tom Waits Tribute Night (various artists)Conor Byrne
2015-12-04Motopony ♥ w. Lowlands, Sporty LeeThe Tractor Tavern
2015-12-03The Winter Round (Fremont Abbey Artist 10th Year Celebration) ♥The Triple Door, Mainstage
2015-12-03The Good Lovelies ♥Edmonds Center for the Arts
2015-12-03Puscifer ♥The Paramount Theatre
2015-12-03David Wax Museum ♥The Tractor Tavern
2015-12-03Lindstrom and the Limit ♥ w. Katrina Charles, Devin SinhaColumbia City Theater
2015-12-03Ball of Wax #42 (various artists)Conor Byrne
2015-12-02Bobby Bare, Jr. w. Star Anna ♥♥The Tractor Tavern
2015-12-02Happy Orchestra (free show; various artists)Conor Byrne
2015-12-01Ezra Furman ♥, Guy Blakeslee, ScarvesThe Tractor Tavern
2015-12-01Abby Gundersen ♥ w. Noah Gundersen ♥ etc.Fremont Abbey
2015-11-27Lonesome Shack (blues) ♥♥ w. Evening Bell ♥, Mindie Lind ♥The Sunset Tavern
2015-11-25Jane SiberryThe Triple Door, Mainstage
2015-11-24Stuart McLean & The Vinyl Cafe ♥ Christmas Show [CANCELLED]The Paramount Theatre
2015-11-22Tomo Nakayama ♥ w. Betsy Olson, Emi MeyerThe Triple Door, Mainstage
2015-11-21Hot Buttered Rum w. Poor Man's WhiskeyNectar Lounge
2015-11-20Pimps of Joytime ♥♥ w. Con Brio ♥, Home Sweet Home ♥Nectar Lounge
2015-11-19Blitzen Trapper ♥The Neptune Theatre
2015-11-17Paper Kites ♥ w. Old Man Canyon ♥The Crocodile
2015-11-14Ryan Bingham ♥♥The Neptune Theatre
2015-11-14Paperbird ♥The Sunset Tavern
2015-11-14Glen Hansard ♥♥ w. Aoife O'Donovan ♥♥The Moore Theatre
2015-11-14Abbey Arts Ten Year AnniversaryFremont Abbey
2015-11-13Richard Thompson Trio ♥♥The Neptune Theatre
2015-11-13Head for the Hills ♥ w. Trout Steak Revival ♥♥Nectar Lounge
2015-11-13City and Colour (Dallas Green) ♥ w. Hurray for the Riff Raff ♥The Paramount Theatre
2015-11-13The Good Life ♥ w. Big HarpThe Crocodile
2015-11-13Hayes Carll ♥ w. Aubrie SellersThe Triple Door, Mainstage
2015-11-13David Ramirez ♥ w. Liza Anne ♥The Sunset Tavern
2015-11-13Bryan John Appleby ♥Columbia City Theater
2015-11-12Gaelic Storm ♥The Tractor Tavern
2015-11-12Chris Thile ♥♥Edmonds Center for the Arts
2015-11-12Jeffrey Foucault ♥♥The Triple Door, Mainstage
2015-11-12Fund Raising Dinner for Abbey ArtsHilliars Taproom Backroom
2015-11-11Chris Thile ♥♥Kirkland Performance Center
2015-11-11Chris Smither ♥The Tractor Tavern
2015-11-11David Ryan HarrisThe Sunset Tavern
2015-11-10March To May ♥ w. Whitney LymanThe Triple Door, Mainstage
2015-11-07Ken (Stringfellow) and Holly ♥♥Seattle Secret Shows
2015-11-06St. Paul de Vence♥♥ w. David Berkeley ♥♥, Anna Tivel ♥♥Fremont Abbey
2015-11-06Here We Go Magic ♥♥ w. Big Thief ♥♥The Sunset Tavern
2015-11-06Dead Winter Carpenters w. Pert Near SandstoneNectar Lounge
2015-11-05Tom Hamilton's American Babies ♥The Tractor Tavern
2015-11-05Johnnyswim ♥The Neptune Theatre
2015-11-05Deep Sea Diver (Jessica Dobson) ♥ w. Sisters , BleachbearThe Crocodile
2015-11-05DBUKThe Sunset Tavern
2015-11-04Hey Rosetta! ♥ w. Yukon BlondeThe Crocodile
2015-11-04David Simonett (of Trampled by Turtles) ♥The Tractor Tavern
2015-11-03Mat Pond PA ♥ w. Laura Stevenson ♥, CompletionsThe Tractor Tavern
2015-11-03Launch Party for Abbey ArtsEvo Fremont
2015-11-02Leon Bridges ♥♥ [SOLD OUT]The Neptune Theatre
2015-11-02In The Valley BelowThe Crocodile
2015-11-01Patty Griffin ♥♥The Neptune Theatre
2015-11-01Shakey Graves ♥The Moore Theatre
2015-10-30Natalie Prass ♥ w. Promised Land SoundNeumo's
2015-10-30Fruition w. the Warren G. Hardings ♥The Tractor Tavern
2015-10-30Dom Flemons (of Carolina Chocolate Drops, formerly w. Rhiannon Giddens)Seattle Town Hall
2015-10-29Heartless Bastards ♥ w. SlothrustNeumo's
2015-10-29Rabbit Wilde ♥ w. The Lil' Smokies ♥Nectar Lounge
2015-10-29Mac DeMarco ♥The Moore Theatre
2015-10-29Ben Caplan and the Casual SmokersConor Byrne
2015-10-28Kristin Hersh (of Throwing Muses) w. Jason Dodson (of The Maldives)Nectar Lounge
2015-10-27Florence and the MachineKey Arena
2015-10-25Sean HayesThe Tractor Tavern
2015-10-24Goodness (Carrie Akre)The Tractor Tavern
2015-10-23Delta Rae ♥Neumo's
2015-10-23Dar Williams ♥♥Benaroya Hall
2015-10-23Nick Drummond w. Nathaniel TalbotBallard Homestead
2015-10-23Little Wings ♥The Sunset Tavern
2015-10-23Givers ♥The Crocodile
2015-10-22Rachael Yamagata ♥The Crocodile
2015-10-22The Barefoot Movement ♥Conor Byrne
2015-10-21The Brothers Landreth w. Donovan WoodsThe Tractor Tavern
2015-10-20William Fitzsimmons ♥ w. Jake PhillipsNeumo's
2015-10-18Joan Armatrading ♥♥Edmonds Center for the Arts
2015-10-18Alt-J ♥♥ w. San Fermin ♥Key Arena
2015-10-17Brandi Carlisle ♥♥The Paramount Theatre
2015-10-17Wild Child w. Max Frost, Flower PunksThe Crocodile
2015-10-16Brandi Carlisle ♥♥The Paramount Theatre
2015-10-15Roger McGinn ♥♥Benaroya Hall
2015-10-15The Honey Dewdrops ♥Conor Byrne
2015-10-14Madisen Ward and the Mama Bear ♥♥Columbia City Theater
2015-10-14Dave Rawlings Machine ♥♥The Neptune Theatre
2015-10-14CHVRCHES ♥♥The Paramount Theatre
2015-10-13Wind and the Wave w. The Local Strangers ♥The Sunset Tavern
2015-10-13Ragged Union: Picking on ZeppelinNectar Lounge
2015-10-13Civil TwilightThe Crocodile
2015-10-11Greg Brown ♥♥The Triple Door, Mainstage
2015-10-10The Lone Bellow ♥♥The Neptune Theatre
2015-10-10Martin Sexton ♥♥Edmonds Center for the Arts
2015-10-10Horse Feathers w. River WhylessThe Tractor Tavern
2015-10-08Fraser A. Gorman ♥♥The Sunset Tavern
2015-10-08Charlie ParrThe Tractor Tavern
2015-10-07Spirit Family Reunion ♥ w. Barna Howard ♥♥The Sunset Tavern
2015-10-07Ry Cooder, Sharon White & Ricky SkaggsThe Moore Theatre
2015-10-07Angel Olsen ♥♥ w. Alex CameronNeumo's
2015-10-07Lera Lynn ♥♥ w. Brian WhelanThe Triple Door, Mainstage
2015-10-06The Milk Carton Kids ♥ w. Pharis and Jason Romero ♥ The Moore Theatre
2015-10-06Rufus Wainwright ♥♥The Showbox, Pike Place
2015-10-06Dale Earnhardt Jr Jr ♥ w. Hippo CampusNeumo's
2015-10-05The Gloaming ♥♥Benaroya Hall
2015-10-05Death Cab for Cutie ♥The Paramount Theatre
2015-10-04Neil Young ♥♥WaMu Theater
2015-10-04Death Cab for Cutie ♥The Paramount Theatre
2015-10-04Shawn Mullins w. Chuck CannonThe Triple Door, Mainstage
2015-10-04Macefield Music FestivalThe Tractor Tavern
2015-10-03Macefield Music Festival: Jesse Sykes & the Sweet Hereafter ♥♥ w. Mikey and Matty♥♥, Evening Bell ♥The Tractor Tavern
2015-10-03Death Cab for Cutie ♥The Paramount Theatre
2015-10-03Catfish and the Bottlemen ♥The Neptune Theatre
2015-10-03Singer/Songwriter competition, various artistsAmerican Music, 4450 Fremont Ave N.
2015-10-03The Braids ♥Lo Fi
2015-10-03Macefield Music FestivalConor Byrne
2015-10-02Tobias Jesso Jr ♥The Neptune Theatre
2015-10-02Ramblin Jack Elliot ♥♥ w. Courtney M. Andrews ♥♥Ballard Homestead
2015-10-02Macefield Music FestivalThe Tractor Tavern
2015-10-02Macefield Music FestivalConor Byrne
2015-10-01The Fratellis ♥The Neptune Theatre
2015-09-30Paul Weller ♥♥The Neptune Theatre
2015-09-29Joe Jackson ♥♥The Neptune Theatre
2015-09-29Holly Miranda ♥ w. Gracie and RachelThe Sunset Tavern
2015-09-29Conor Oberst & M. Ward ♥♥ w. The Felice Brothers ♥♥The Moore Theatre
2015-09-29Chris Cornell ♥Benaroya Hall
2015-09-29The Helio Sequence ♥The Crocodile
2015-09-25Madeleine Peyroux ♥♥The Triple Door, Mainstage
2015-09-25Polecat w. Vaudeville Etiquette ♥♥, World's FinestNectar Lounge
2015-09-25Plastic Horse Records ShowcaseConor Byrne
2015-09-24The Oh Hellos ♥The Neptune Theatre
2015-09-24Madeleine Peyroux ♥♥The Triple Door, Mainstage
2015-09-24The Shams ♥♥ w. The Wages of SinColumbia City Theater
2015-09-24The Low Hums w. Fountains, Great Spiders ♥The Sunset Tavern
2015-09-24Shane Tutmarc w. The Demon Rind, Billy Joe HuelsConor Byrne
2015-09-23Emily WestThe Triple Door, Mainstage
2015-09-23Each and All ♥ w. St. Kilda, Like LightningThe Sunset Tavern
2015-09-22Lindi OrtegaThe Triple Door, Mainstage
2015-09-22Colin Stetson & Sarah Neufeld w. Ryan 'Lone Wolf' SawyerColumbia City Theater
2015-09-21Coeur de Pirate w. special guestsNeumo's
2015-09-20Karla BonoffThe Triple Door, Mainstage
2015-09-20Jaspar Lepak ♥ w. Devin Sinha, Tekla Waterfield ♥M-Bibe
2015-09-20Dan Bern ♥ w. Dave McGraw & Mandy Fer ♥The Tractor Tavern
2015-09-19Local Strangers ♥Seattle Secret Shows
2015-09-19Carbon Leaf ♥ w. Lowlands ♥The Crocodile
2015-09-19Heels to the Hardwood w. Cedar TeethConor Byrne
2015-09-18Marc BroussardThe Crocodile
2015-09-18Ball of Wax #41Conor Byrne
2015-09-17Luluc w. Shelby Earl ♥The Sunset Tavern
2015-09-17Front Country ♥ w. Warren G. Hardings ♥Conor Byrne
2015-09-17Reggie Garrett ♥♥ w. Jim Page, Sam WeisColumbia City Theater
2015-09-17Cheryl Wheeler ♥The Triple Door, Mainstage
2015-09-17Arc Iris ♥ w. OK SweetheartFremont Abbey
2015-09-16Judith Owen ♥♥Columbia City Theater
2015-09-16Joey Cape w. Laura Mardon, Walt HamburgerThe Sunset Tavern
2015-09-13Loch Lomond ♥ w. Edna Vasquez ♥♥, Whitney Ballen ♥The Tractor Tavern
2015-09-12Noah Gundersen ♥♥The Neptune Theatre
2015-09-12Stefan Paul George ♥Conor Byrne
2015-09-12Jennifer CastleThe Sunset Tavern
2015-09-11Lowland Hum w. The Collection, Kathleen MurrayFremont Abbey
2015-09-11Jazmarae Beebe w. Be Calm Honcho ♥, Great Spiders ♥Columbia City Theater
2015-09-10The Mynabirds (Laura Burhenn) w. Bad Bad Hats, Fine PrinceThe Sunset Tavern
2015-09-10Tekla Waterfield ♥The Triple Door, Musiquarium
2015-09-10Rabbit Wilde EP Release ♥Fremont Abbey
2015-09-10Matt Wertz w. Samsel & the SkirtThe Triple Door, Mainstage
2015-09-09Jackie Greene ♥ w. Lauren Shera ♥Neumo's
2015-09-09Richard Lloyd (of Television) ♥Columbia City Theater
2015-09-09Music of Patsy Cline w. various local artistsThe Triple Door, Mainstage
2015-09-09Brandon Lorrekovich w. Devin Sinha, Raven ZoeHigh Dive
2015-09-08Music of Patsy Cline w. various local artistsThe Triple Door, Mainstage
2015-09-05 - 09-07some great singer/songwritersBumbershoot 2015
2015-09-06Emily Donohue w. Arthur James, Kathleen MurrayThe Crocodile, Back Bar
2015-09-04Renegade Stringband ♥ w. Dodgy Mountain Men, Tekla Waterfield ♥Conor Byrne
2015-09-03Hallstrom ♥ w. Home Sweet Home ♥, Cracker FactoryThe Sunset Tavern
2015-09-03Echo Ravine w. A Weekend at The Feelies, Jeremy WingfieldConor Byrne
2015-09-02John Nolan w. Mychal Cohen (The Weather), Chris Cunningham (Ravenna Wood)The Sunset Tavern
2015-09-01Courtney M. Andrews ♥♥ w. Nick Foster & Jazmarae Beebe ♥, Tobias the OwlThe Tractor Tavern
2015-09-01Clay Erickson w. Steven Marrinier, Xolie MorraHigh Dive
2015-08-30Thee Oh SeesThe Crocodile
2015-08-30Over the RhineThe Triple Door, Mainstage
2015-08-29Steve Earle & The DukesThe Neptune Theatre
2015-08-29Rocky Votolato (w. full band)The Crocodile
2015-08-29Over the RhineThe Triple Door, Mainstage
2015-08-29John Reischman and John MillerEmpty Sea Studios
2015-08-29Cathedral Pearls ♥ w. The EcholarksConor Byrne
2015-08-29Another Perfect Crime w. Mutiny MutinyThe Rendezvous
2015-08-28David Bazan ♥Seattle Secret Shows
2015-08-28The Blackberry Bushes Stringband w. Warren G. Hardings ♥The Tractor Tavern
2015-08-28Julia Massey & The 5 Finger Discount ♥ Conor Byrne
2015-08-28Fernando Viccionte, The Riffbrokers, QUINNHigh Dive
2015-08-27Jazmarae Beebe w. ParzivalM-Bibe
2015-08-27Star Anna ♥♥ w. Blackheart, Honeymoon, My Cartoon HeartThe Crocodile
2015-08-27Smoke Perkins w. Daisy, Like LightningColumbia City Theater
2015-08-27Alana's Last Night, Corner Laughters, Debbie Miller, & YetConor Byrne
2015-08-25Stefan Paul George ♥The Tractor Tavern
2015-08-25Meiko w. Stefan Paul George ♥The Tractor Tavern
2015-08-25Kristin Chambers ♥ w. The W Lovers ♥The Triple Door, Mainstage
2015-08-23Watkins Family Hour ♥♥The Tractor Tavern
2015-08-22The Weather w. Black Whales ♥♥, NAVVINeumo's
2015-08-22The Crying Shame w. Colt Kraft Band, Lowman PalaceThe Sunset Tavern
2015-08-22Watkins Family Hour ♥♥The Tractor Tavern
2015-08-21Tess Jubran w. Jon Pontrello, Sam WattsM-Bibe
2015-08-21The Tape Stacks w. Weeknites, FaintlyConor Byrne
2015-08-21Danny Newcomb & the Sugarmakers w. Massy Ferguson ♥The Tractor Tavern
2015-08-21Byrne & KelleyBallard Homestead
2015-08-21The Tallest Man On Earth ♥♥The Moore Theatre
2015-08-20Bad Party, Drew Victor, HallwaysConor Byrne
2015-08-19Leanne Wilkins and the WeatheredThe Triple Door, Mainstage
2015-08-18The Wicks w. Grace & TonyThe Tractor Tavern
2015-08-18Shelley Segal w. Faint Peter ♥The Triple Door, Mainstage
2015-08-15Whiskey Shivers ♥ w. Rats in the Grass, McDougallConor Byrne
2015-08-15Surprise headliner w. The Mama Rags, The BGPSeattle Secret Shows
2015-08-14Patrick Sweany w. The Hollers, The WitnessConor Byrne
2015-08-13T Sisters ♥ w. Washover Fans, The Lowest Pair ♥♥ The Tractor Tavern
2015-08-13Star Anna ♥♥ w. Whitney MongéM-Bibe
2015-08-12Wolf Alice ♥Neumo's
2015-08-12Freedy Johnston ♥ w. Leslie DinicolaThe Tractor Tavern
2015-08-12Carrington MacDuffie, Jon Emery, Jerry Lewis, Norm BowlerHigh Dive
2015-08-11The Ballroom Thieves ♥The Sunset Tavern
2015-08-11Singer/Songwriter ShowcaseThe Triple Door, Mainstage
2015-08-11Carson Grubb Band, Elliott Blaufuss, Raven ZoeHigh Dive
2015-08-11American Aquarium w. The Swearengens ♥The Tractor Tavern
2015-08-09David Bromberg Quintet w. Adrien RejuThe Triple Door, Mainstage
2015-08-07Jason Isbell ♥♥The Moore Theatre
2015-08-05Shane Koyczan & The Short Story Long ♥The Triple Door, Mainstage
2015-08-05CornmealNectar Lounge
2015-08-04Singer/Songwriter ShowcaseThe Triple Door, Mainstage
2015-08-04Joan Shelley ♥♥ w. Tomo Nakayama ♥The Sunset Tavern
2015-08-03Korby Lenker ♥ & Jesse TerryMary's House Party!
2015-08-02Open House, Yikesu, Shane Shalib, Brian Pi'ikea VasquezHigh Dive
2015-08-02Korby Lenker ♥ w. Jesse Terry, Zarni de WetColumbia City Theater
2015-08-02Jackson Brown ♥♥ Chateau Ste. Michelle Winery
2015-08-01The Cloves ♥ w. Sister Speak ♥Seattle Secret Shows
2015-08-01Kasey Chambers ♥The Tractor Tavern
2015-08-01Jackson Brown ♥♥ Chateau Ste. Michelle Winery
2015-07-31Sunderheed w. Specters, Big Splash ChampionConor Byrne
2015-07-31Brite Lines w. Lowlands, Fine PrinceColumbia City Theater
2015-07-31M. Lockwood PorterColumbia City Theater, Bourbon Bar
2015-07-30Wild Rabbit w. Crow and the Canyon, The BattlefieldConor Byrne
2015-07-30Vetiver w. Sam Amidon ♥♥The Tractor Tavern
2015-07-30The Lowest Pair ♥♥ w. The Downtown Mountain BoysKenmore Summer Concerts
2015-07-29Emmylou Harris ♥♥ & Rodney CrowellZooTunes
2015-07-28Steve The Giant, Liz Crowley, Billy ValentineHigh Dive
2015-07-28Marian CallThe Rendezvous
2015-07-28Chris Riffle ♥ w. DarcatThe Triple Door, Musiquarium
2015-07-28Breathe Owl Breathe w. Shenandoah Davis ♥ & Sean NelsonThe Tractor Tavern
2015-07-28Eric from Cataldo, Vote RoderickColumbia City Theater
2015-07-27Father John Misty (KEXP Home Event)Columbia City Theater
2015-07-26The Side Project ♥ w. Nolan GarrettThe Triple Door, Mainstage
2015-07-26Arthur James ♥ w. Emily Donohue ♥, Tyler Edwards, AlkiColumbia City Theater
2015-07-26"Sweet Harmony Soul" Mavis Staples w. Patty Griffin ♥♥ZooTunes
2015-07-25The Wild Reeds ♥♥ w. Le Wrens ♥♥, CohoConor Byrne
2015-07-24Stefan Paul George ♥ w. General Mojo's Key Project ♥Conor Byrne
2015-07-23The Banner Days ♥♥ w. Tai Shan M-Bibe/Top Floor Sessions
2015-07-23Jazmarae Beebe w. Scarlet Parke, Heather ThomasThe Sunset Tavern
2015-07-23Jake Nannery w. Sightseer, WeiswaldConor Byrne
2015-07-22Daniel Blue (of Motopony) ♥♥ w. Lizzie WeberBallard Homestead
2015-07-21Singer-Songwriter ShowcaseThe Triple Door, Musiquarium
2015-07-21Melissa Etheridge ♥♥ZooTunes
2015-07-21Sam Lee ♥♥ w. Brenda XuFremont Abbey
2015-07-20Rickie Lee Jones ♥♥The Neptune Theatre
2015-07-19Animals of Grace ♥Mary's Garden Party
2015-07-18The BothThe Crocodile
2015-07-18La LuzTimber! Music Fest, Carnation
2015-07-17The Ramblin' Years w. Foghorns, Sam RussellConor Byrne
2015-07-17The Cloves w. Alessandra RoseThe Triple Door, Mainstage
2015-07-17Cahalen Morrison & Eli West ♥♥Timber! Music Fest, Carnation
2015-07-17Jon, Josiah & Charity (The Head & the Heart)Timber! Music Fest, Carnation
2015-07-16Sera Cahoone ♥ w. The Far WestKenmore Summer Concerts
2015-07-16Mustered Courage w. TBAConor Byrne
2015-07-16Eleni Mandell w. Courtney M. Andrews ♥♥Fremont Abbey
2015-07-16Alela Diane ♥♥Timber! Music Fest, Carnation
2015-07-16YvesTimber! Music Fest, Carnation
2015-07-16Evening Bell ♥Timber! Music Fest, Carnation
2015-07-16Emma Lee ToyodaTimber! Music Fest, Carnation
2015-07-16Lonesome Shack ♥♥Timber! Music Fest, Carnation
2015-07-15The Modern Relics w. J.P.HennessyThe Sunset Tavern
2015-07-14Steeleye Span & Maddy Prior ♥The Triple Door, Mainstage
2015-07-13Charline's Broken Leg Benefit: Radar w. The Kings, Patrick NehodaThe Sunset Tavern
2015-07-12Jonatha Brooke ♥♥The Triple Door, Mainstage
2015-07-12Indigo Girls ♥ZooTunes
2015-07-11the Appleseed Cast w. Coaster, ADJYThe Sunset Tavern
2015-07-11The Von Trapps w. Anna Tivel ♥♥The Triple Door, Mainstage
2015-07-11Lyle Lovett ♥Chateau Ste. Michelle Winery
2015-07-10honeyhoney w. Palatine Ave, Andrea PetermanThe Tractor Tavern
2015-07-10Trails and Ways w. Eastern SouvenirsThe Sunset Tavern
2015-07-10John Dillon w. Colt Craft Band, PampaConor Byrne
2015-07-09Tuba Skinny w. The Deslondes, Lonesome Shack ♥♥The Tractor Tavern
2015-07-09The Delines w. Camerado, Joy MillsConor Byrne
2015-07-09MASZER w. Goodbye Heart, FountainsThe Sunset Tavern
2015-07-08Tekla Waterfield ♥ w. Jon CooneyThe Triple Door, Mainstage
2015-07-08March to May w. Tomo Nakayama ♥M-Bibe/Top Floor Sessions
2015-07-08Cheryl Crow ♥Chateau Ste. Michelle Winery
2015-07-08Ancient River w. Powers, WeeedThe Sunset Tavern
2015-07-05The Waifs ♥The Triple Door, Mainstage
2015-07-03Robin Trower ♥The Moore Theatre
2015-06-30Laney Jones and the Spirits ♥ w. Pierce & ThompsonThe Triple Door, Mainstage
2015-06-29Anna and Elizabeth w. Eli West ♥♥The Triple Door, Mainstage
2015-06-28The B-52s ♥ZooTunes
2015-06-27St Paul de Vence ♥♥ w. Planes on Paper ♥Conor Byrne
2015-06-27Polecat ♥ w. The Wages of Sin, The Hill DogThe Tractor Tavern
2015-06-27Meklit Hadero ♥The Triple Door, Mainstage
2015-06-26Zach Fleury w. Nick Foster BandThe Triple Door, Mainstage
2015-06-26The Swearengens ♥ w. The Souvenirs, JackrabbitThe Tractor Tavern
2015-06-26The Fat Kids w. Breaks and Swells, My Brothers and IConor Byrne
2015-06-26Shana Cleveland and the Sandcastles w. Michael HurleyColumbia City Theater
2015-06-25The Local Strangers ♥The Triple Door, Mainstage
2015-06-25Shakey Blankets w. Caleb and Walter, Red Heart AlarmConor Byrne
2015-06-24Michael Feuerstack w. Brenda Xu, Tobias the OwlColumbia City Theater
2015-06-23Television ♥The Moore Theatre
2015-06-23Spencer Glenn w. Naomi Wachira ♥, Whitney Lyman ♥The Sunset Tavern
2015-06-23Jolie Holland ♥♥Fremont Abbey
2015-06-20Julia Massey ♥Solstice Festival, Fremont (Stage at 34th & Stoneway)
2015-06-20Deep Sea Diver w. Brite Lines, Black Whales ♥♥The Sunset Tavern
2015-06-20Ball of WaxConor Byrne
2015-06-19Weather Machine w. Orchestra D'Incroyable, McDougallConor Byrne
2015-06-18Tofte w. Tom Eddy, Preachers WifeConor Byrne
2015-06-18La Luz w. Gazebos, Tierra MagosThe Sunset Tavern
2015-06-17Joe Stevens w. Pretend SweetheartsEmpty Sea Studios
2015-06-17Ingrid Michaelson ♥The Paramount Theatre
2015-06-15Rhett Miller w. Annalisa TornefeltThe Tractor Tavern
2015-06-13The Wrens ♥, Courtney M. Andrews ♥♥Columbia City Theater
2015-06-13Marty Balin ♥The Triple Door, Mainstage
2015-06-13Home Sweet Home ♥ w. Lanford Black, TarverdanConor Byrne
2015-06-13A Prairie Home CompanionChateau Ste. Michelle Winery
2015-06-13Fremont Water Fest Ballard Homestead
2015-06-12Emily Kinney ♥ w. Dylan GardnerColumbia City Theater
2015-06-12Buzzbrump w. Airport Way, ScienceConor Byrne
2015-06-11Sufjan Stevens ♥♥The Paramount Theatre
2015-06-11Golden Idols w. Armadillo Hotel, ColorworksConor Byrne
2015-06-11Eilen Jewell ♥The Tractor Tavern
2015-06-10Sufjan Stevens ♥♥The Paramount Theatre
2015-06-09Ron Sexsmith ♥♥ w. Alice Phoebe Lou ♥The Triple Door, Mainstage
2015-06-09March to May, Wren, Hierophant (Singer Songwriter Showcase)The Triple Door, Mainstage
2015-06-09Mandolin Orange ♥♥The Tractor Tavern
2015-06-07Tommy Simmons w. Kara Hesse ♥, Tim RoseThe Triple Door, Mainstage
2015-06-07Kate Copeland ♥ w. General Mojo's Key Project ♥, Scarlet ParkeColumbia City Theater
2015-06-06Blackheart Honeymoon w. The Goodwives, Nevada Backwards ♥Conor Byrne
2015-06-05The Western Red Penguins w. Wooky, Asher DeaverConor Byrne
2015-06-05Hamilton Leithauser ♥ w. Jack & Eliza ♥The Tractor Tavern
2015-06-04The Solvents w. Wind Burial, Moon DialConor Byrne
2015-06-02Joseph Arthur | Jill SobuleThe Triple Door, Mainstage
2015-05-30Cathedrals X (various local artists)St. Mark's Cathedral
2015-05-30Bob Scheider (Austin Folksinger)The Tractor Tavern
2015-05-29Vaudeville Etiquette ♥♥Nectar Lounge
2015-05-29Fiddle Showcase w. the Ballard FiddlersBallard Homestead
2015-05-28Star Anna ♥♥The Tractor Tavern
2015-05-28Mariee Sioux w. Kacey Johansing, etc.Fremont Abbey
2015-05-26Frazey Ford ♥♥The Tractor Tavern

Recurring Events in Greater Seattle Metro Area

By 'recurring events' I mean shows that are set to occur on a regular basis. These might include open mics or showcases, and typically happen weekly or monthly, usually on a specific day of the week.

Open Mics are shows where anyone can stop in and play, time allowing; although there's usually a pre-show deadline for signing up. Showcases, on the other hand, are performances by one or more selected artists who've been chosen to play for the occasion either by the proprietor, a panel of judges, or what have you. If a showcase features artists playing the styles of music I'm tracking on this site, and occurs on a regular basis, then I'd like to include it in this section. Sometimes a particular artist has an arrangment with a venue to play at the venue on a regular basis. When it's the kind of music I'm tracking here, I'll try to include these performances in this section as well.

By 'Greater Seattle Metro Area', I mean Issaquah and points westward to Puget Sound and then Kent and points northward to Edmonds. The region I'm including may get bigger over time... If there are recurring events that you think should be included here, but haven't been, please shoot a message to me, either on this site's Comments section, or send an email to!

Ballard Brothers (Ballard Bar & Grill)The Scratching Post Open Mic2nd & 4th Wednesdays, 6:30pm sign-up, show starts 7:00pm
C&P Coffee CompanyOpen Mic2nd Thursdays, 7:00 - 9:00pm
Columbia City TheaterCrash The Glass (all women/non-binary artists)3rd Thursdays, 7:00pm, Bourbon Bar
Columbia City TheaterTuesday Night Music Club (open mic)Tuesdays, 7:30pm, Bourbon Bar
Conor ByrneBluegrass JamMondays, 8:30pm
Conor ByrneOpen MicSundays, 7:30 sign-up, show starts ~8:00pm
Crossroads Mall, Food CourtVictory Music open mic1st Thursdays, 5:45 sign-up, show starts 6:00pm
Couth BuzzardOpen Mic (music, poetry, dance, etc.)Wednesdays, 7:30pm
Couth BuzzardSongwriters In Seattle Showcase1st Saturdays, 7:30pm
The DenSongwriters In Seattle Showcase3rd Saturdays, 7:30pm
Fremont AbbeyOpen Arts Mic1st & 3rd Tuesdays, 7:30 sign-up, show starts 8:00pm
Grumpy D's Coffee HouseVictory Music open micWednesdays, 6:15 sign-up, show starts 6:30pm
Grumpy D's Coffee HouseSongwriters In Seattle ShowcaseLast Sundays, 2:00pm
Luther's TableVictory Music open micTuesdays, 6:45 sign-up, show starts 7:00pm
Skylark CafeOpen Mic NightWednesdays, 7:30 sign-up, show starts 8:30pm
Soulfood CoffeehouseSongwriters In Seattle Showcase3rd Fridays, 8:00pm
Stone Way CafeWIDE Open MicTuesdays & Thursdays, 6:45 sign-up, show starts at 7:00pm
Thumbnail TheaterFriday Night Open MicFridays, 6:30 - 7:15pm sign-up, show starts at 7:30pm


This section is intended to present some featured items that seem relevant to SSWL: interviews with artists, maybe reviews of albums or reviews of shows. We'll see...
If any of you have requests for such features, you're welcome to suggest them in the comments section of this site, or send your suggestions by email to me at  Thanks!


The Planes On Paper Interview, January 2018

Planes On Paper is a band based in Yakima, WA, headed by singer-songwriting duo, Jen Borst and Navid Eliot. Their songs are characterized by lovely, lyrical melody lines and poignant, well-crafted lyrics. Don't believe me? Try this out: Television (accompanied by Josiah Johnson of The Head and the Heart). If that doesn't churn the wellsprings of emotions for you, I think you should check your pulse. I saw them first at Conor Byrne in Ballard about two and a half years ago, and I've been an ardent fan ever since. They have a couple of EPs out that are both remarkable collections of beautiful original songs, and available on Amazon: The East End Session (2014) and The Ruins (2015).

SSWL: Where did you guys come from originally? What were your respective musical backgrounds? What were your first instruments? When did you each begin playing guitar?
Navid: I'm from Seattle, and Jen was born in Sunnyside, WA, and grew up in Yakima. We've both been making music since we were 6 or 7 years old, both plunking around on the piano and playing wind instruments in school and community orchestras, normal kid stuff. In middle school, I picked up the guitar and started playing in bands; Jen started singing in bands in '08 and started playing guitar and writing in '09.
SSWL: (to Jen) Wow, only nine years on guitar... have you found it hard to pick up? I'm asking cause I'm trying to learn guitar now, but sounds like you had a childhood background playing other instruments...
Jen: It is a challenging instrument, and honestly I play well enough that it's become a useful writing tool for me, but it's not a coincidence I don't play guitar at our shows.

SSWL: How did you two meet? When? I read somewhere on-line, Jen, that you were interviewing some musician for a local newspaper story and he/she said to you, "Now if you want to interview someone who's REALLY talented, you should be interviewing THAT fellow" (referring to Navid, who happened to be hanging out too)... Is there truth to this?
Jen: Yeah, that's about how it happened, although we didn't really talk to each other at that meeting. At the behest of the local paper, I was working on a feature that centered around Yakima's apparent boom in music: we went from a town with not much happening, to having a decent singer songwriter at every winery, every Friday night. My partner and I went to interview one of Yakima's longtime songwriters, who informed us "you should really be talking to Navid." Navid walked over and said, "nice to meet you," and then left. He and I caught up online to talk about the article, and eventually, making music together.
SSWL: Can you guys say just a bit more about how you came up with a decision to play music together? I'm interested in how the idea of working together came up. Did you just start by trying out singing a few songs together just for fun?
Navid: We ended up scheduling a photo shoot for the article they were working on, and at that photo shoot Jen said, "you should have me sing harmony with you sometime." I told her, "I have a show tonight, and I'll set up a mic for you." She came to the show and we talked on stage about what songs both of us might know, then we sang them together. Folks were fairly impressed, myself included. A few weeks later, I was at Jen's birthday party and there was a guitar getting passed around. I sang one of my songs, and she picked it up halfway through, and was singing a harmony part by the time I got to the second chorus, and that pretty much sealed the deal for me.

SSWL: Your latest EP, 'Ruins' came out in 2015. Wow it is a beauty. When will we be graced with another recording? That fantastic song, Television, needs the company of some others. Will it be on another EP, or maybe an LP?
Navid: Thank you! Television is near and dear to us, and I'm actually looking across the table at a promotional copy of the LP that has that song on it. We're calling the record "Edge Markings," and it's being released in late April/early May by a nice little label in Portland, OR. It's 10 songs, recorded in Northern California in a house overlooking the beach, and it sounds like it.
SSWL: That's GREAT news!

SSWL: Do you each have "day" jobs? If so what are they? Can you each comment on some of the travails of fitting the rest of life around the work you want to do on your own music and performance schedule?
Navid: Our "day jobs," so to speak, are actually just the art and music we make separately from one another. Jen is a painter and photographer and I freelance as a guitarist and bassist for a handful of bands, as well as playing a glut of solo shows and giving theory/songwriting talks at a few schools every month.
SSWL: (To Navid) What are your other bands right now?
Navid: I currently play bass in "Shallow Lenses" and "A View of Earth From The Moon," and am an on-again, off-again bass player and guitarist for Shelby Earl. I also spend a fair amount of time being a live-show substitute bassist and guitarist (when someone in the band gets sick or can't get a night off work), and a recording guitarist for folks that need some fingerpicking. I also lend the occasional eccentric electric guitar part, as is the case with a new Cumulus album I'm looking forward to the release of.

SSWL: Is there a typical song-writing process that you guys go through? Do words for lyrics come into your minds first, and then you try to find a melody? Or the other way-round? Or both? Any tips for encouraging the muse to visit you?
Jen: I always write the lyrics first, usually with at least a fragment of the melody in mind. I either flesh out the changes at the piano, or have Navid write them on guitar, and make the lyrics fit.
Navid: I usually start with a melody, but I do both. Sometimes I have a set of lyrics for a very long time before I have any idea what to do with them. I generally try to finish the song completely before I share it with Jen, and let her make her edits. I like collaborating, but there's something in my mind that makes it hard to collaborate too early in the writing process; it's really cool to have someone who can finish your sentences, but I like to try to impress Jen too, because I think she writes so well, so I try not to let her hear things until I'm proud of them.
SSWL: What was your process for 'Television' in particular?
Navid: Television was a lot of teamwork. Definitely lyrics came first, or at least the first verse and chorus, then I started writing the music. The song is about both a literal broken relationship as well as the metaphorical broken marriage that is American politics, and it was a particularly challenging song to write, because we really wanted to keep both narratives alive, and not steer the listener too far towards either. The lyrics to Television, like the lyrics of everything else we write, were edited approximately 1.5 billion times, because I'm always thinking that I'm not saying things right. In this case, Jen's role was essentially telling me how to fix things that we both had a problem with, and also telling me to stop over-analyzing and nitpicking the parts that were good.

SSWL: Have you guys found social media useful in making community, getting gigs, making professional contacts. Do you have any advice for other bands/artists on how to work with social media?
Navid: Social Media is a gift and a curse. On the one hand, we've all got an amazing advertising platform at our disposal. On the other hand, now a band not only needs to have a writing voice in their music, but also a writing voice for social media that splits the difference between "artist who makes art and doesn't really care if you appreciate it, because all art isn't for everyone," and "used car salesman." They are some bands whose music I find decent, but whose social media pages have repelled me to the point that I don't believe their music is genuine anymore. My advice is to not treat telling people about your craft like a "going out of business" sale at a strip mall rug shop.
SSWL: Ha, so true... excellent advice!

SSWL: Who are some of your favorite contemporary musical artists to listen to outside of the Washington music scene? Could you each give a couple examples?
Navid: Shane Alexander from LA is a songwriter and guitarist I really love, and I've been covering his song "Skyway Drive-in" since the moment I heard it. Christopher Paul Stelling from Asheville (by way of NYC and Florida) is tremendous in the way he commands his instrument. We've spent some time on the road with both men, and I'm lucky to have been able to learn from their approach to the guitar, as well as count them as friends.
Jen: I really like everything about Kelly McFarling, Gregory Alan Isaacov, and Sylvan Esso right now.

SSWL: Could each of you come up with a list of 3 songs that you feel have been really essential in the development of your own musical sensibilities and to your own music? Or maybe especially crucial to you at a formative time? And say a little bit about each of your three songs...
Navid: Playing the A major Sonatina by F. Moreno Torroba probably had a more profound effect on my ideas about melody and harmony than anything else. Lyrically, every song by Bob Dylan released between 1962 and 1970, probably bears equal weight.
Jen: I'm not sure about three songs specifically, but Counting Crows was a band that I really thought arranged all their music to suit the lyric writing really perfectly.
SSWL: Just a comment: speaking of early Dylan, one of my favorite original songs out of the early 60's folk-revival is 'Blues Run the Game' by a guy named Jackson C. Frank (read the Wikipedia article on him if you don't know about his tragic life). It so happens that Counting Crows do a really sweet cover of that song:

SSWL: Just one more question if I may: where does your name, "Planes On Paper", come from?
Navid: Sure! It refers to planes in the mathematical sense. Trying to sum up your most deeply held feelings and opinions in song is the same sort of abstraction that occurs when you try to represent a three dimensional object using sets of two dimensional planes. It's a nod to the challenges of songwriting.
SSWL: Hah, glad I asked! Thanks so much to both of you for taking the time for this interview.


The Mastersons Interview, August 2017

The Mastersons are Chris Masterson and Eleanor Whitmore, a husband/wife duo currently based out of Los Angeles, active in the alt-country scene, and regular playing members of Steve Earle's band. They have a beautiful new LP just released this May, Transient Lullaby, on Red House Records and available for purchase from their web-site:



Q: Your web-site says very explicitly "Don't bother asking The Mastersons where they're from..." Well, heh, please accept my apologies up front... :) According to Wikipedia, you both grew up in Texas. Yes? Where from? Do you each feel that growing up in Texas contributed to your musical direction?
Chris: I was born in Raceland, Louisiana, and my family moved to Houston when I was 3. Growing up in Houston definitely provided a great musical upbringing. My parents took me to many blues, country & folk gigs and there was no shortage of great players to watch and learn from. Eleanor is from Denton, Texas, another musical hotbed. Even though both of us are anglophiles there will always be southern elements in our music.

Q: You spent some time in Brooklyn (also according to Wikipedia). How was that as a home base and a place to do country music? Was it exciting and/or inspiring to work there?
Chris & Eleanor: New York is one of the best cities in the world. We lived there for 5 years and enjoyed every minute of it.

Q: There's been an explosion of enthusiasm for folk, folk-rock and alt-country around the world, certainly here in the US, in Canada, in Europe and Great Britain, and elsewhere. Which is great for you and great in and of itself. But it also must mean that there's an explosion of competition for that space. What's it like to work in those genres in that regard? Do you feel that competition?
Chris: I don’t think the words, 'art' and 'competition', belong in the same sentence. We just try to write the best songs we can, record them as best we can, then get in a van or a tour bus and go play them for anyone that’ll listen. In the end, I hope we’re making music that ages well and our hats are off to anyone that is succeeding with a similar endeavor.

Q: You both had separate careers as supporting musicians. How did you meet; how did you decide to start making music together? Just wondering when/where you found that your music really clicked.
Chris & Eleanor: We met at a festival in Steamboat Springs CO 11 years ago. Music is what first attracted us and we’ve done it since the first weeks of our meeting.

Q: I wonder about the transition from being a musician earning money other ways, to playing music full-time, making your money from it. That's sometimes a really difficult transition for musicians. How did it happen for you two? Was it difficult? Do you have any advice for folks who might be considering taking that step?
Chris: I may be the wrong person to ask for this as I’ve been lucky to have made a living with a guitar for my entire adult life. I had about an 8 month period at around 22 where I worked in a guitar shop in Houston but other than that I’ve been able to piece a living together with gigs, sessions and tours. It’s hard work and not for the faint of heart but I love it.

Q: It's almost a cliché now to bring up the significance of social media in the music world today. But for fans and also budding musicians, could you share some thoughts on what kinds of social media engagement you've found to be most helpful in promoting your work. What would you recommend for other musicians who are just starting out?
Chris: It ultimately starts and ends with songs. That’s what I’d concern myself with the most. Obviously we all have to coexist in a world where everyone is walking around tethered to a mobile device (depressing). We jump online when necessary but are grateful to have a couple of folks that help us with that.

Q: This next question was suggested to me (in more or less these words) by my old singer-songwriter friend, Steve Wilson: What are two songs/works of music that you feel have been essential to you; one from the styles of music you consider your own, the other from an idiom outside your own work. When I say "essential to you", I mean: things just would have been much, much worse for you, musically, if this song hadn't come into being”
Chris: Hearing Emmylou Harris & Herb Pederson sing “If I Could Only Win Your Love” is pretty amazing.
Eleanor: Dvorak Symphony No. 9. The recurring motifs and use of suspension made a huge impact on me and motivated me as a player and a future orchestrator.

Q: To wrap up, here's a question from our mutual friend Barry: What are 2 favorite stringed instruments, one that you own still and one that you don't own anymore, but wish you did?
Chris: Eleanor has a couple of great Martins, a ’38 017 that she got from her dad and a ’61 018-T tenor. As for instruments I wish I still had, it would either be my ’51 Gibson ES-5 or ’55 Strat that sold a long time ago.

Thanks a ton to Chris & Eleanor for this interview, and to Barry for putting this together.

The Masterson's Facebook page is here:

There's a lot of music you can check out on that page and on their web-site (link above), and plus you can see the Mastersons live here in Seattle at the upcoming Steve Earle show at The Neptune Theatre, August 15th. I'll be going for sure; hope all of you can make it!

I welcome any comments, suggestions and advice you may have. Especially, suggestions of upcoming shows I may have missed on my list, about the format of this site, suggestions for new features or comments about past shows. Happy listening!

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SSWL: Mission, Goal, Idea

April 6, 2016

Not too long ago, I discovered a vast treasure trove of music — in the genres of contemporary folk, alt-country, americana, "new" grass and indie folk-rock. It was about one-and-a-half or two years ago. The music had been brewing and churning for over 25 years (I date the resurgence to the mid-80's, with the work of a few folk-singers and early alt-country artists), and it's been boiling like crazy in the last 15 years. For me, though, it was a brand new passion: I'd discovered all these wonderful singer-songwriters and bands in a virtual explosion of artists playing in these styles.

I wanted to keep track of when there would be shows with this kind of music in Seattle... whether local, regional, national or international acts. I'd fallen in love with this music, and I wanted to see as much of it live as I could. And Seattle is a great place for seeing this music live. But how to keep track of all the performances of this music here in town? So, there's the The Stranger... and I do love The Stranger. It's a super arts & entertainment weekly... a great cultural resource generally. But they just aren't into this particular kind of music. Not much... Not really. They just aren't. And that's okay, really. Really it is.

But then, what can you do? Well, you have to sift through all the web-sites of venues that book artists that play this kind of music, and filter out all the many kinds of shows that don't fit this set of styles. And you have to do this everytime you want to see who's going to be playing at which place, or to track down some artist that you saw would be playing soon... And this is NOT EASY!!

So, assuming that there are a lot of other Seattle-ites who like this kind of music, I decided it would be a valuable service to reduce the burden for others, and provide one place where people can go to find this information without everyone having to do the same sifting, culling and sorting — to put together an on-line calendar of live music in these genres; so we would all have a "one-stop shop" for who's playing when and where.

I've found it incredibly useful, just for myself. I hope that if you like this kind of music, you'll find it useful too.

Added December 11, 2016
I'd love to hear your comments. There's a comments section on this site (click on the Comments tab above). You're welcome to make suggestions for improvements to the format of the site; suggestions of shows that I've overlooked. Even if the show is over & done with! I'll still list them in the Past Shows section (in which case, I put the listing in blue, because I'm sad not to have included them on the calendar). Also, if you're on Facebook, you can check out the SSWL Facebook page! Search @singersongwriterslive. The SSWL FB page is not meant to replace this web-site, but If you are on FB, feel free to leave comments on that page as well, with any sort of suggestions or questions you have about SSWL. Thanks.

Added May 1, 2017
I now have a dedicated e-mail address that you can use if you'd like to reach out, but don't want to have it on the public comments section here. So let's summarize:


Feel free to make a comment about the site, suggest a show you think I should put on the calendar, mention a past show that I did fail to put on the calendar (but only shows since the inception of SSWL, please!!):

I really do look forward to hearing from you! Long live live music!!